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Most single moms want a secure relationship but struggle with the fear of picking the wrong man again. I provide VIP 1-on-1 coaching and more affordable group coaching. That way, they can stop struggling with the overwhelm of dating and finally feel at home in the relationship they always wanted.

Stop the overwhelm:

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I am now accepting applications for my new love child:

Rewrite Your Love Story
Uncover and Release The Beliefs That Have Been Generating Your Old Love Story and Create Your New Narrative Of Happy, Healthy Love

This is my signature process that I do with each and every one of my clients to reset their love life! And this course in particular is perfect for my single moms!

If you have been scared to allow love into your life....

Or you are tired of choosing the wrong men and you don’t want to make the same mistake again...

It’s time to rewrite your love story!

This is THE COURSE where I basically teach you how to do it!

Women who flourish in love have done the work to release themselves of any old resentments from their past relationship so that they are confident, radiant, and magnetic to the new love that comes flowing into their lives!

It’s time to evolve beyond the woman you were when you created your old relationship and fully trust yourself to love again.

This course is what I built my career as a coach on. It is at the core of what I LOVE to teach!

And this course allows you to reset your love life so that you can align your actions and choices with your most radiant self and deepest truth.


I personally think it should be required curriculum for all single moms because this is about releasing any negative feelings and clearing the pathway for you to create happy, healthy and passionate love. It is designed to liberate everyone affected by the divorce so that you, your ex, and your children can flourish and thrive in life and love.

Here’s what some past clients have said...

"With Crista’s help I rewrote my love story. She helped me realize that, in order to get what I want, I have to understand who I am. With her help, I was able to see myself clearly and honestly, and from that place, I started to make progress. I just celebrated my one year anniversary with the love of my life. Crista helped me become the person I needed to be to make that happen." Chris, Chicago, IL

"Crista helped me work through some important issues after my divorce. Crista saved me so much time that I would have wasted if I did not do that important introspective work. After going through Crista’s program, I found a great guy. His son and my daughter get along and we are becoming a nice little family. Thank you, Crista!" Amaya, Austin, TX

"My favorite part of the process was that Crista did an excellent job identifying the sources of problems in my love life. Before this process, I didn’t have a strong understanding of my actions. I feel much more aware now of my positive and negative tendencies and am better equipped to handle them. She will give you the tools you need to be a happy, healthy, and sexy person in your love life." Chris, Austin, TX

It's time to become clear about the specific skills and capacities you can now cultivate that will ensure you are making powerful relationship choices for your future and to finally embrace that amazing man that loves you and is a great role model for your children.

Mark your calendars for the following dates and times:

July 12, 2018 7:00 PM – 9:00PM CST

July 19, 2018 7:00 PM – 9:00PM CST

July 26, 2018 7:00 PM – 9:00PM CST

August 2, 2018 7:00 PM – 9:00PM CST

August 9, 2018 7:00 PM – 9:00PM CST

Space is limited. Only 10 spots available. Just Go AND Apply HERE:

This course is only $795 and I am offering a 20% discount to anyone who applies before this Friday (June 29, 2018).


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After 9 years of working in the dating and relationship industry I know one thing for sure:

Our past romantic relationships affect our current reality and can actually prevent us from attracting LOVE!

Let me help you get past the stuckness (yes, I make up words sometimes).

If you want more help on your journey to find love, attend my free webinar, "Ready For Love? 3 Secrets to Open Your Heart to Love Again” on FRIDAY June 22. It's ONLINE and LIVE and FREE.


It will make dating to find a relationship a whole lot more grounded and enjoyable.

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Don’t "take a break" from dating...

Take a break from believing that dating is hard.

Take a break from believing that dating is confusing.

Take a break from believing that dating is overwhelming.

Take a break from believing that dating is conditional on you being "in the right place" or "being in the mood" or the planets being aligned in some kind of way.

Love gets to flow into your life because you exist.


Now that we dropped the mic, I want you to attend my LIVE free webinar "Ready For Love? 3 Secrets to Open Your Heart to Love Again" this Friday. It's FREE (hurray!) and it holds my 3 best secrets for helping my clients remove the blocks that are holding them back from easily attracting the partner of their dreams.

Let's get that love flowing,

P.S. Register here to claim your spot:

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The next GUY has nothing to do with the last GUY.


Sometimes we fall into the trap of getting stuck on old patterns...

Old patterns from our ex....

Old patterns from our childhood...

And then we play out these old sad stories again and again.


We may be scared to open our hearts to love again...

Feeling stuck!

But did you know that you have the power to evolve past this old pain and past the old painful patterns?

FACT: To create a happy relationship for your future, it’s beneficial to work on releasing bad memories of hurtful experiences from your past.

You have a beautiful opportunity to take this broken situation and create something beautiful for everyone involved, including your children.

It’s all about intention.

What intention can you create?

Try this one on: I am ready to move beyond past painful patterns and wake up to MY POWER, MY WISDOM, MY STRENGTH, and to create the relationship and life I deeply desire.

You see....

As this burden is lifted, we are free to create what we truly want to experience: to fall in love in a happy, healthy way.

When you make peace with your past relationship/s, you get the love you want. I cannot preach this enough.⠀

So many of my clients came to me to hurt, angry, and had no idea what to do to reverse it.⠀

But I told them....

"You CAN heal from your past relationship and find inner peace and forgiveness."

So I co-created a program to help you get started. It's called The "Jumpstart Your Heart" process and in 5 weeks you get to truly let go, forgive your partner, and create a beautiful future in love that you may not think is possible in this moment. I created this process because I love you and I love myself, and we all deserve to be in a healthy and loving relationship.⠀

Are you curious to open your heart to love again? Learn more about this process in my webinar: "Discover the 4 Truths Single Women Need to Unlock The Full Potential of Having a Long-Term Committed Relationship.” It’s free to watch.

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Last week I was on the phone with so many single moms. They were telling me their story on what it’s like to date as a single mom, challenges they bump up against, and their sincere desire to have a fantastic partner to share life with.

Take Kate, for example. Her son is 4 years old and is raising her son all on her own.

She wants someone to share her life with, to build with, grow with, and to help one another. She wants someone to be on a team with. She’s looking for a man to love her son who is a really good role model.

BUT...what she REALLY wants...

is to just have an adult conversation with someone other than single moms where they just talk about their kids.

She said, "Being a mom is a part of who I am, but not solely who I am."

And even though her son is at an age that she feels more comfortable leaving him, there’s something that has been holding her back.

She said, "You know when you first meet someone and they want to see you all the time? I struggle with that. How much time am I willing to give up with my son? I really value time with my son. During the week it is so routine. It’s the weekend where I can do the quality stuff with him and I feel torn giving up that time with him."

"I feel like I am being a bad mom. My son needs me. I should not leave him."

But then she got to this place on the call where she declared, "I am a person too!"

She has become so over-identified with being a mom that she lost herself. She lost herself to the point that she is needing to reclaim herself again.

She then realized, "It’s good for my son (and for me) to be away from him. I know this may sound bad, but I don’t want to spend every waking moment with him. Does this sound bad? But I need adult interaction too. I need that mental break and he needs that break from his mom too."

By the end of the call with me she declared, "I am ready to date! I didn’t realize how many excuses I had in the way. I thought they were valid! Thank you Crista!"

If you are like Kate and you feel like you are "being a bad mom" by dating to find love, let’s talk. Mama needs love too!

Sign up for a complimentary "Find Love" Discovery Session with me. This is an enjoyable, caring chat where you tell me all about what’s working and what’s not working in your dating life.

My goal is to help you walk away with clarity about your next step – whether or not that involves working with me.


Get your session here:

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If a laugh and a smile can have men feel like he is in the presence of the most beautiful thing on earth, why not use that to your advantage on your journey to find love?

That's why I coach my clients to make eye contact and smile wherever they go. This is the Universal sign for availability and approachability.


that's why I coach my clients to be in alignment with their happiness. Because when you are in alignment with your aliveness, you are smiling and enjoying life so much more....which in turn leads to more laughter! And more dates!

It's not the dress, the lipstick, the mascara that has the profound impression, it's that genuine laugh and smile.

Allow the men in your life to make you laugh.

It's so dang beautiful!


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