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Gurovich, Berk & Associates
Best Criminal Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA
Best Criminal Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA


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Expert group of criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles. Experienced federal criminal lawyers in Los Angeles, CA.
Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers
355 South Grand Ave, #2450
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Tel: (213) 385-155
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Do not let a DUI here in Los Angeles ruin your life. Its LA and you NEED a car. We are one of the County's top DUI/DWI defense lawyers and we will aggressively protect your rights of transportation. Please feel free to give us a call 24 hours a day and let's work on keeping your freedoms.

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Although Counterfeiting refers to the act of illegally printing money or currency, counterfeiting may refer to producing fake documents (Government Seal), clothing and other goods.
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Federal healthcare Fraud involves many entities such as medical offices, Hospitals, diagnostic facilities (IDTF’s), laboratories, medical supply companies, pharmacies, home health care agencies and adult day care facilities.
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Tax evasion is the act of avoiding paying taxes or limiting paying taxes through illegal ways.  Usually this involves filing a false tax return, tax evasion, filing false documents, failure to collect employment or sales taxes, failure to pay taxes, and failing to file a tax return. #FederalTaxEvasion #FederalTaxEvasionAttorney #TaxEvasionAttorneyLA #TaxEvasionLawyerLA  

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The crime of forgery is the making of a false signature without authorization, a false document, or unauthorized alteration of an existing document, without the authority to do so for the benefit of the person being accused of the forgery.
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If you have been charged or under investigation in Federal Court for a Identity theft, please call us to set up an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION.
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A qualified Criminal Defense lawyer can educate you as to your options, assist you in making critical life altering decisions, investigate the factors that led to your arrest, skillfully examine law enforcement personnel, and litigate the criminal case.
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Ponzi Scheme Attorney Los Angeles
Ponzi scheme is a description of an investment operation where unusually high profits are paid to investors out of the money paid into the investment plan by new investors, as opposed to legitimate profits generated by business activity.
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