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Criminal Cuteness
So cute, it's wrong.
So cute, it's wrong.

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Dog Pile on Cat | When Puppies Attack!

Secret society of gladiators revealed in new CC undercover report!

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Scientists predict the Cutopolypse could occur within the next five years.

Details inside.

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Ubuntu blogger +Rosa Guillén captured by a known cuterilla, gardens smashed. Government officials were quoted saying: "They are too cute! There is no hope!"

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Cross-species crime lords hold critical meeting to discuss their next wave of cutetastic infiltration. Police frustrated that the law does not permit them to break up this deadly coalition.


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Do not be fooled by that innocent looking face.

This vagabond is cute and dangerous. We have an extensive record of his crimes, ranging from purring without a license, to rubbing feet with tail raised, to mewing after midnight. If you should encounter this fugitive, exercise extreme caution, and do not approach on foot!

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This cat is on our most wanted list for acts of cruel and unusual cuteness.
Dat eyez...

(Had to use a bajanism :D)

+Dryade Geo
+Joshua Bell
+Kat Meredith

My 3 cat-owned friends :)


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Developing Story:

Sadistic cat stuns world with acts of brutality, inflicting cuteness on innocent masses.
So cute it hurts.  :)

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Kitten threatens to use powers of cuteness for world domination if demands not met by Monday.

Details inside.
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