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As with any drug related offense, men and women charge with misdemeanor or felony marijuana crimes run the risk of negatively affecting the following:

-employment status, military careers, or academic opportunities;
-prohibition from attending your child’s school or recreational activities;
-ineligibility to have your record sealed if convicted of the offense;
-ineligibility to expunge your record if you are put on probation; and
-if convicted a mandatory two (2) year Driver’s License suspension.

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Can You Sue if You Didn't Wear a Seat Belt and you are involved in an accident?

The short answer: Yes. Longer response...

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I've absolutely noticed an increase in Austin DWI arrest involving crashes or collisions. According to data from the Texas Department of Transportation, alcohol was a factor in 30 percent of crashes in Travis County last year. From 2011 to 2015, the number of deadly accidents in Central Texas that involved alcohol went from 53 per year to 63. An increase of almost 19 percent over 5 years. #dwi   #austincriminaldefenselawyer   #dui   #criminaldefenseattorney  

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#Vehicular #Manslaughter and a #Dui  can land you in quite a bit of trouble with the law due to the serious consequences.  Not only can you face jail time but it can also affect your job. Getting in touch with an experienced #attorney  can help you. 

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Domestic violence charges under Florida law are taken extremely seriously and can result in harsh punishments. Unfortunately, it is possible for a person to falsely accuse their spouse of domestic violence to get ahead in a divorce or child custody hearing. It is important to remember that a charge does not necessarily mean a conviction will follow and an experienced defense attorney can fight these charges on your behalf.

The Law Office of Germain & Coulter understands how to aggressively defend against these serious accusations and will fight hard for favorable outcomes such as case dismissal. #domesticviolence   #Melbourne  

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A recent string of bizarre incidents in the Sunshine State can be attributed to the increasingly popular synthetic drug known as Flakka. The substance is usually made overseas from countries such as China and Pakistan and available on the streets for $5 or less a vial. The active ingredient in Flakka, alpha-PVP, is currently on the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration’s list of substances that are likely to be abused. While some reports of the substance were reported in other states, Florida seems to be the state where the drug is most prevalent. #Flakka   #Florida  

We are pleased to announce that attorney James Coulter was recognized by the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys as a 2015 10 Best Criminal Law Attorney for Client Satisfaction. All of those recognized demonstrated strong attorney relationships and reputation among their clients. Congrats James!

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Shimeek D. Gridine, who received 70 years in prison without parole for an attempted murder he made at that age of 14, will receive a new sentencing hearing, ordered by the Florida Supreme Court. In 2010, the federal court barred sentences of life without parole for juveniles who are convicted of non-homicide crimes. In Gridine’s case, the court ruled that his sentence “is unconstitutional because it fails to provide him with a meaningful opportunity for early release based upon a demonstration of his maturity and rehabilitation.” This is among one of the four related decision by the Florida Supreme Court on juvenile sentencing. 

On Thursday, the Florida court also stated that a 2012 ruling that said juveniles who commit murder cannot automatically be sentenced to life without parole will be applied retroactively and defendants could apply for reconsideration. #juvenilesentencing   #Florida  

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Our attorney, Mark Germain, was interviewed on WFTV Channel 9 about a recent police-involved shooting case.  

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