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Helping you think, speak and act more clearly on criminal justice
Helping you think, speak and act more clearly on criminal justice

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Boris Johnson to seek control of CPS and court system in London

Boris Johnson wants to secure control of the courts and the prosecution service, a move which would put London’s mayor in charge of the criminal justice system in the capital. The plans would see a New York-style system, where its mayor holds to account those responsible for investigation and arrest, through to charging, prosecution and sentencing.

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Police to get internet data powers

The Anti-Terrorism and Security Bill will oblige internet service providers (ISPs) to retain information linking internet Protocol (IP) addresses to individual users.

Police are to get powers to force internet firms to hand over details that could help identify suspected terrorists and paedophiles. Home Secretary Theresa May said the measure would boost national security.

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Police predict fresh crisis as cuts threaten one in six jobs

As a results of a new round of deep public spending cuts, senior officers have warned that after the general election more than 34,000 police jobs - one in six of the total - are expected to go.

The expectation that police will face a 20% cut in funding is based on grant reductions recommended by the police watchdog, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC).

The president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, Sir Hugh Orde has said official projections show that a further 20% cut in Home Office funding would inflict much greater damage on frontline policing that has been seen so far. He also warns of serious implications for the statutory responsibilities of the police and for their role in safeguarding the most vulnerable in society.

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Police need more money to fight cyber-crime

Money is urgently needed from the Government's £860 million National Cyber Security Programme to plug big holes in the police's ability to combat cyber-crime, which is now reaching crisis levels.

A recent report has found 70% of UK police analysts believe they dont have the skills and tools to effectively combat cyber-crime. “The UK has reached a ‘tipping point' on cyber-crime and tackling the challenges is now urgent,” the report reads.

It is predicted that the time they will spend analysing cyber-crime over the next three years will treble.  The ‘Cybercrime Tipping Point' report, which was published on Monday, says these figures “present a stark warning” and “highlight the immediate challenge of transforming training, tools and ways of working in the new digital landscape”.

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This weeks blog is now available at;

It can be a common refrain that ‘nothing works’ when it comes to rehabilitating offenders, but aUS paper published this spring, claims that a critical mass of evidence to the contrary has been gathered over the last 20 years. Encouraging findings from programmes in the fields of psychology, criminal justice, sociology and public policy suggest that evidence-based intervention is working. 

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Cabinet reshuffle and Criminal Justice
With a general election now just 10 months away, this reshuffle has been widely lauded as a move to make the Conservatives ‘‘look young, female friendly and relevant’ in an attempt to win over dissenting voters. The Economist neatly visualises David Cameron’s ambition to refresh Cabinet by making it more representative of society (less pale, stale and white) below.

Commentators have suggested that the real winner from the reshuffle is George Osborne - who is strengthening his position to become next party leader by weakening potential rivals Michael Gove, Owen Paterson) and by expanding his base of personal patronage (Truss, Morgan).

The main criticism levelled at Mr Cameron is that he is putting ‘presentation ahead of substance’ by pushing forward those who will be able to promote the Conservative manifesto instead of those with the competence and experience to work and lead in government departments - and that ultimately Britain’s government will be poorer for it.

#CabinetReshuffle #CriminalJustice #GeneralElection #Government

Hundreds of suspected paedophiles arrested

Following a six-month nationwide investigation led by the National Crime Agency, over 600 people including doctors, teachers, care workers and former police officers were arrested this week on paedophilia offences and over 400 children were safeguarded.

#Crimeprevention #NationalCrimeAgency #Policeofficers

With Jeremy Wright promoted to Attorney General, Andrew Selous, a low profile MP with a background in insurance, was appointed Parliamentary undersecretary at the Ministry of Justice, with portfolio of prisons and rehabilitation.

#JeremyWright #AttorneyGeneral #AndrewSealous #MinistryOfJustice #Prisons #Rehabilitation
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