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#killthekcup There's enough discarded K-cups to circle the earth 10.5 times!

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Do you know anyone who is guilty of using coffee pods? The inventor of the coffee capsule has come out to say he ‘feels bad’ for environmental damage. While coffee pods are convenient, environmentalists say this convenience comes at too great a cost to the environment. “Nespresso has sold an estimated 28 billion capsules worldwide and counting – that’s about 28 million kilograms of aluminium, much of which may be sitting in landfill.” Read the story here:

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Is it possible to save money on coffee, without resorting to instant? Brisbane's WeekendNotes recent article about the Cappuccino Price Index highlights the burgeoning costs of a cup of coffee in Brisbane. Sitting on an an average of $3.61/cup, coffee is as much a passion as a daily requirement and sometimes hourly requirement for most people. Saving money on coffee isn't impossible. See for yourself at

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1994, marks the year Jura completely reinvented the automatic coffee machine with the IMPRESSA 500, allowing for the perfect cup of coffee at the touch of a button to become an individualised process and revolutionising the market. This was the first step on the road to 20 years of innovation in the premium segment and brand development in 50 countries.

So why Jura coffee machines for your office?
Jura has always put enjoyment of the perfect specialty coffee, excellent design and intuitive operation at the very heart of everything it does. Coffee is as intrinsic to the office workplace as pens and computers. Functionality and efficiency is reliant on ensuring that their is constant flow of coffee in the office always.

What makes Gilkatho different is our passion for coffee extracted from freshly ground coffee beans. There is no denying how far some people will go to finding their favourite coffee. Luckily for owners of Jura coffee machines, you won't have to walk far.

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The Simplest Operating Concept.

"I really enjoy using our Jura coffee machines, it is extremely easy to use! And the coffee is always delicious!"

Featuring the TFT colour display screen with rotary selection, clear arrangement of buttons and recognition for second ground coffee.

The Jura Professionals Range provides you with the simplest operating concept!

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Redesigning your office or kitchen. Jura has won numerous world wide awards for their coffee machine designs. The finesse of their design is accentuated by the cup illumination in amber and white, sound machine design and multi-award winning design of the structure and modern lines of the models. The latest home models include the Impressa A5 available with red or platinum panels. Order yours today at or find it here:

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Looking for the perfect espresso? Jura GIGA X9c will create the perfect espresso with a touch of button.

Patented, variable brewing chamber between 5 g and 16 g
Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System
Multi-level high performance ceramic disc grinders
Intelligent preheating

All these elements are combined to create the perfect espresso with machine precision.

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Keep it Fresh and Cool this Summer.

Try at home Freshpresso. The perfect light and fruity drink for summer.

You'll Need:
45ml Espresso (try Mink Cappuccino)
Vanilla flavoured syrup
200 ml orange juice
crushed ice.

Place ice, vanilla syrup, orange juice and espresso in a blender and blend till smooth.

Pour into a tall glass. and decorate the Freshpresso with a vanilla pod and a piece of orange peel.

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Perfect speciality coffee with milk at the touch of a button.

Height-adjustable dual spout with separate coffee and milk pipes
Patented fine foam technology
Two cappuccinos at the same time
Two black coffees at the touch of a button.

Experience the latest Jura GIGA X8. Follow the link to find more:
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