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For her series “Shake“, pet photographer +Carli Davidson photographed curious portraits of dogs shaking off water. Use a fast shutter speed and you can capture all kinds of strange expressions on your dog’s face.

More pics:

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I name thee canine species as "thy sloppy head" LOL so cool!
could apply to people as well. . .
Thanks for tonight's nightmares :P
seeing those dog faces made me laugh hard
I think this is how I look in the morning.
Actually and literally Laughing Out Loud!!
I'm not sure this was the best album for Google+ to bring up a "Help people tag you in photos" dialog box over ...
+Austin Bailey I've emailed that to you before :) Bre should do a series of dogs doing this on the website, ha!
Those are great and very funny thanks for sharing.
I would love to see a St Bernard in this type of picture
epic face, epic face, epic pants
you really have to be that of a great photographer to capture such scenes....lolzzz
really interesting !! and funny
If you drew/painted these pictures, no one would believe that dogs really looked like this. So funny!
Smita H
Gr8 pics!!....................go on!!
Looks like:
1. Aliens.
2. Hit by a shotgun
3. strange illnesses.

But though it all: great captures.
Look like those dog's in Resident Evil
those are some ugly dogs
i hate dog spit
Be cool to add some other breeds, this one has so much jowls he's on the exremely funny side! Almost horribly so...Keep it going Carli!
This is the reason why i still hate dogs...the owner's think they are cute when they go defensive, but the victim of the bite, see's something else.
thats cuteeeee!
and really funny
cute! What type of camera was that???
Ahh ~ Nothing like the "Hound of Heaven" having a bad day!
Weird but funny unique and quirky. Anybody else smiling at there computer screen?
hahahahaha, So cool, so great, thanks for sharing..
this may be the most awesome concept ever.
so funny
just like some one punch in the face
why would you ever take a picture of that? i can't imagine that ever sounded like a good idea. i could see taking pictures of a furrier dog doing this because the fur would look cool and the water would stream out in all sorts of directions. sorry, but fat rolls flapping around are anything but picturesque.
lol they look so messed up and adorable >w<
i remember the first time i saw this....
See all dogs are deformed one way or another.....some of them you just have to slow down and find them haha
Alan Ng
super ugly !!
they should comes out under the category of the world
Are you sure these are the portraits of dogs?
Super cool....modern art via doggy istyle....
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