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Igniting creativity & inspiring mindfulness
Igniting creativity & inspiring mindfulness

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Why It's Essential to Blaze a Fresh Trail Between Playing It Safe and Taking Risks

We each have a unique way of playing it safe or taking risks with our life choices and self-expression.

Often we let the level of risk we choose in life to define us without ever looking deeper into why, or fail to reset the balance between risk and safety into something more inspiring and empowering.

On my latest blog post, I talk about how the way we choose to take risks or play it safe are closely related to the reward we expect, vs the pain to get there, and why that needs to change.

I also share insights on how to blaze a fresh new trail between playing it safe and taking risks to break our heart open and live from a more authentic, intuitive place of self expression, rather than letting fear or outdated beliefs rule our life.

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Speak of yourself in ways that will vibrationally affirm and support you.

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Explore the Roots of Your Creative Evolution

When you think about it, each day is a step in our creative evolution. Between what we learn and release, what we practice diligently and pursue with passion, the talents we celebrate and the ones we ignore, and more, there are a variety of factors to play with and combine.

Each day also offers a chance for us to step into more of what we want, feel, and wish to express, which leads to our unique path of creative evolution.

On my latest post, I talk about the ways our creative energy is inspired, builds and then releases, sort of like a thunderstorm in spring, and how those insights and experiences shape our self-expression and creative path ahead.

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What flowers and colors inspire you? #creativity 

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Creative Opinions, Which Ones Are You Taking To Heart And Why?

There will always be people who have creative opinions about what we do.

While we aren't able to stop them from sharing their opinions about our creative work with us, what they say is not nearly as important as how we take it to heart - and why.

On my latest blog post, I talk about using how you feel to get to the truth of something bigger in the roots of what we believe about our abilities and ourselves.

I offer tips on how to do a "gut-check" when listening to other's creative opinions to help you move through the energy in a way that enables you to learn, grow or release outdated beliefs -and heal. I also share a quick little story of something that happened to me early in my freelance writing career about the way I held my ground against someone's creative opinion - and how it paid off.

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Your heart matters. 🔥 Ulli Stanway
more Heart Rehab for superheroes

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Stillness is the Key Creative Step You May Be Missing

The energy we spend "pushing through life" starts to take it's toll when we never balance it out with a bit of stillness.

When we expand this habit over lots of moments in your life, our "inner tank" is always low and we just get used to living that way.

On my latest post, I talk about why stillness is absolutely essential in a pace of life that is always moving without a break. I also share a story about how doing daily yoga has helped me moved into stillness more readily, even once I step away from the yoga mat.

In addition, I share a few inner questions that can help you re-prioritize focus, listen more deeply and honestly, and re-energize with the most powerful creative tool of all - stillness. All of these aspects have a huge impact on creative voice and self-expression.

How do you make sure to have a little stillness in your day?

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Focus Before Fire Turns Creativity Into An Unstoppable Force

Each project, concept, collaboration, hobby, personal connection or idea scribbled into the margins of a journal is a beginning expression of creativity in its rawest form. The energy of each "potential" feels amazing when we allow ourselves to dream about how far each one can reach. When possibilities feel so freeing and open, it’s easy to see creative energy as a wild card with no boundaries, no limits.

This is perfect for brainstorming, coming up with innovative inventions and for seeing beyond the physical into possibilities in the ether.

Yet, there comes a time when the potency of creativity begins to dim because it doesn’t have a true focus, even if that focus is pure play.

On my latest blog post, I talk about why having a clear focus for what we want to create helps us put real power behind our ideas, turning them into a driving force for transformation.

I also offer some simple tips to help clear the cobwebs and help you focus a little fire behind your ideas to turn them into a red hot flame!

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