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Igniting creativity & inspiring mindfulness
Igniting creativity & inspiring mindfulness

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Focus Before Fire Turns Creativity Into An Unstoppable Force

Each project, concept, collaboration, hobby, personal connection or idea scribbled into the margins of a journal is a beginning expression of creativity in its rawest form. The energy of each "potential" feels amazing when we allow ourselves to dream about how far each one can reach. When possibilities feel so freeing and open, it’s easy to see creative energy as a wild card with no boundaries, no limits.

This is perfect for brainstorming, coming up with innovative inventions and for seeing beyond the physical into possibilities in the ether.

Yet, there comes a time when the potency of creativity begins to dim because it doesn’t have a true focus, even if that focus is pure play.

On my latest blog post, I talk about why having a clear focus for what we want to create helps us put real power behind our ideas, turning them into a driving force for transformation.

I also offer some simple tips to help clear the cobwebs and help you focus a little fire behind your ideas to turn them into a red hot flame!

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Open up to that true #creative flow! : D 
Your ability to thrive can be accessed when you allow stillness to permeate your being.

#PanacheDesai #inspiration #thrive

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Yes! Listen up #empaths! : ) 

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Patiently Nourish What is Ready to Emerge or Cycle into a New Stage

We are on the brink of spring in the US which always sparks thoughts and excitement about what’s about to emerge in nature. The fresh sweet-smelling air, tweeting birds, budding trees and plants inspire us to do the same; to come out of our slumber and create anew.

Despite this spark of seasonal transformation, it’s important to remember that the energy of all of the seasons – winter, spring, summer and fall – resides within us and can be accessed at any time to instigate change.

To connect with and utilize this ever-present energy, it’s essential to tap into intuition and nourish certain seeds based on their unique “season”. This is how they emerge to the next part of their life cycle.

On my latest blog post, I talk about the creative life stages of our ideas and projects and the best ways to honor, trust and let go in order for them to move to the next stage of development.

#emerge #transformation #selfexpression #mindfulness #creativity

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Awakening to Our Inner Creative Force and Natural Pace

There is something so beautiful about connecting with our true inner creative force and allowing it to speak through us.

When we get the kiss of inspiration it’s a feeling like no other, and its touch is an opportunity for us to bring an idea or spark into reality.

Yet, it's easy to lose touch with inspiration energy as soon as it visits when the mind jumps to obstacles, "rules", deadlines and comparisons with others in the outside world. As a results, we lose touch with our own natural creative pace or rhythm and get a bit out of sync.

On my latest blog post, I talk about how the swan reminds us to awaken our personal creative force through self-discovery and patience, and to find our unique flow as we transition from seeing ourselves as the "ugly duckling" into a beautiful, confident, capable swan.

I also offer tips on how to get back in touch with you own natural pace and alignment.

How do you stay in tune and on track with your inner swan?

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: D Smile! 
Like concentric circles stretching outwards in a pond, you never know how far the ripples of your kindness will extend.

#PanacheDesai #kindness #smiles

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The Heart Knows, The Mind Follows Its Lead

There is always a push to choose between the guidance of heart and the mind, as if one is better than the other.

However, when we align with one of these aspects more strongly, we reveal something much more important - the areas in which we truly want to grow.

On my latest blog post I talk about the push to label yourself a heart-centered or a mind-oriented, why everyone is actually both, and how to tap into the wisdom they share as a team.

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