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Give a hug, take a Coke. A new campaign from +Ogilvy & Mather features the Coca-Cola hug me machine. Look for more of these gesture-based machines to pop up across Asia in the upcoming months.
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Great use of technology to bring a smile to peoples faces.
encouraging affection in physical form for a consumer product with a sweet reward is the wrong path for humanity.
everything is nice, but what if someone decides to empty the machine?
I will totally hug you for a coke. :3
+Luc Asbury Especially when it's dirty sugar water you're receiving. It's a candy bar in a can being presented as a suitable addition to any meal.
liquid candy bar in a can. Thats a way to think of it. A rust remover that doubles as a refreshing beverage, and last ditch low blood sugar rescue. And you can have one all for the low low price of 'a hug'.
In no way should any believe that the cost of one drink would just be a hug. Put your money in then look like a desperate fool. 
That's sort of cool. ...And sort of creepy at the same time. Why are they giving Coke away for a hug anyway?
wow im not really sure what to say about this lol but its interesting lol
If somebody would hug me I'd buy them a coke.
nice, a creative way to put a smile to someone's face.
Surprised one of the first people to stumble upon the machine didn't hug it until it was empty. Also agree with the kinda creepy comment - show me physical attention and I reward you with a prize...not too sure about that marketing concept.
Hug me; I'll give you diabetes II :)
yea seriously i dont even drink that much pop and expecially coke
idk personally i would hug some1 4 a coke...and this is just a machine
Hazel W
Nice! Creative way to tie Coke with fun!
hug it hard enough it mite pop out more coke
Try to hug it,.and the prize is me,.haha just kidding<<!,.
Unprotected COKE Hug will give you Cancer
Coca-Cola causes cancer
big hug 4 coke, yea we should
how many people does it take 2 hug this machine
i have to get one of those in my skool ill hug it every 30 seconds
lol hyper squirrels oh and how does this help some1's campaign thas BS
I want one... but How dill understand me slap it with my back of my hand?
there nuthin wrong being hyper
I wonder why they came up with this idea? Will overweight people struggle to hug properly therefore fighting obesity by not giving them a free coke?
idea is cool!!!!it chills if they place cocacola models in place of machine.double dhamaka........he he he
What does it give birth to if you give it a high five?
Saw this at a Wharton conference - very interesting...
Nice gesture, one hug can give lil warmth, now one hug give u a bottle of coke......................seems nice
i want a coka-cola
No todo es negocio, también nobleza. Muy creativo. 
Lyssa b
OMG want to hug that thing so bad!
I eat my little sister until she screams
That definitely takes marketing to a new touchy feely level. But I think it is super creative. Why not give a warm feeling, have fun and drink a coke. If we are going to die from something, it might as well be with a smile.
i would have a heard time hugging it, all I think of is germs all over me. lol at least if I put in a dollar I only have to put my finger on it. :)
Clever way to make more kids love soft drinks and spend money on buying them!
Sort of creepy. Put a Ped-O-Bear logo on the front for the full effect.
a dollar bill probably has more germs on it :)
I really don't want to hug a machine that anyone and everyone is also hugging
not the only thing you hug to get coke...
Yay, their viral advertising campaign worked. Nothing is free. Coke is crap.
really hugin a coke machine you don't know what pll but on that thing
100+ comments and no one noticed the sign on the machine is written in English and it's supposed to be in an Asian country?! HAHA Classic elitist approach Coke- good job! :-(
(But seriously, the idea is cool)
Good idea but ppl gonna empty this box in like 5 mins. Plus it's a regular Coke ("make me fat" Coke) - So I wouldn't hug this box.
@ Chad Owsley maybe you don't know that there are a number of countries in Asia with their official or second language as English. This video is of SIngapore where official language is english. Anyways, nice concept certainly :)
next thing they will hug is a pillow in hospital
that is awsome, all yo have to do is hug it, I want one of those in my house!!!
This thing would never work in the states, emptied ASAP.
here's the catch.
you need to hug a machine to get it. CREEPY!
Pedobear at the controls inside the machine
great marketing, still colored sugared water thinned with air :-)
OH MY!!! Washington too! How about all over the world? :D I LOVE Coke! Bring it too Seattle, WA PLEASE!!!
what happens if you give it kiss?
clever marketing
I'm assuming this is in japan? all the crazy, yet cool, techy inventions are in japan.
most beautiful hug which you make feel happy
so nice we need that on U.S
Hug for a coke? What about those woman's underwear dispensers in Japan?
I guess anything to get people to drink so, huh?
This is amazing. Why can they not have this down the street from me...ever?
Message Received. Coca Cola needs to pay for hugs.
Grant B
i wish that i could do that
that is pure vile. Coke is poison and they're rewarding children who hug a machine with it...wake up.
A timelapse of one of these machines in a highly populated area would make for one funny video.
that would be good if my school had that...
First thought...oh kewl...Second thought gee they look like gerbils being rewarded for doing what they were told...HMM. LOL!
I would rather they paid their workers fair wages, and end their racist policies.
does it give more if we crush it
Can't have a Coke Cola without peanuts in it. They need to have a huggable Planters machine next to it. Then bring them to the USA and see what happens! YUM! ROFL ;-)
Too bad it's rewarding these kids with something that's not so huggable.
this is awesome turning a memory of rage into love
Well It Looks Like They Found There Life Mine Wanted To Call My Friends Hoes :/
Is that in NUS?? Wow, that's in NUS!! Where can I find that??
I do drink it everyday and I like the concept.
I don't drink soft drinks, but that is very cool!
free drinks wooooooooooohoooooo!
so cool but i dont like coke !!!!!!
I don't see anything wrong with encouraging a little hug as long as the machine dosn't want a long term relatoinship lol. there's so much violence in the world we could use a some love in our daily lives to bad were hugging computers for pop instead of hugging each other for support
hug me all you like, but please deposit another (inside local price here) before I dispense another coke!
P.S.: DO NOT TILT.I can injure or KILL you :)
Wow! I wish I hade something like that!
Wow coka cola you are comin up with such awsome Ideas
haha - it's a start... maybe they could start giving you a reason to hug it beyond free death....

product relationship campaigns and cause-based products
I'm too fat to hug it!.. Drank too much soda my whole life...
i want that!!!!!!!!!!!!
You give it a hug, it gives you diabetes and rotten teeth.
I wish I could have that machine in my college :)
Coca cola does such a good job on these machine-commercials!
Why would these not start in Atlanta?
Lovely commercial. at a time i tot it was real. or is it?
First the machines pretend that they love us and want us to hug them. Before you know it, Jeff "Joker" Moreau will plug in EDI (aka the overlord) and all the machines will require us to be on our knees! It's been foretold people! I, For One, Welcome Our New Computer Overlords!
S Anne
This is brilliant, but in America the need to put a treadmill on it. Run a mile for a coke!
although a funny idea this just subconsciously programs our minds to like and buy a beverage that isn't entirely healthy to you just to get some people money.
Will it give u 2l if u f**k that machine. PEPSI RULESSSSSSSS
with so much hate in the world, aren't we supposed to be hugging ourselves, instead of hugging machines? or better still they would have used it as a campaign against racism by rewarding two different races hugging the machine at the same time?
e zayed
I like it 😊
with so much hate in the world, aren't we supposed to be hugging ourselves, instead of hugging machines? or better still they would have used it as a campaign against racism by rewarding two different races hugging the machine at the same time?
When I was a carnie we used coke to get the grease out of out clothes. Before you ask, yes...I have all my teeth. ;)
Coke has succeeded ! look at all the comment's+shares
O mah gosh I would totally hug a coke machine for free soda!! :D
I think the important thing is that the coke is free.
When can we see this in the states? I love me some coke.
i bet it asks you for a coin first then for a hug. free coke? come on.
Hug the machine that poisons you, kiss the hand that kills you.
i would love to have one!
cooooooooool!!!!!!! i want one!!!!!
I think that this is a FANTASTIC IDEA!!!
Pity that only producers of such shit as coke are rich enough to invent and introduce a machine like this.
coke removes rust from metal
How 'bout we start hugging some people instead of some machine. At least you get a smile and a hug back instead of a coke.
But the idea was a start.
Many a deceased pop star had to sing for their coke... so a quick hug isn't too much to ask I reckon :-)
u know now i want to hug it :D
Ana Kad
Cool idea!!!!!! Where is this?????
I wanna hug a vending machine!!!!!
This is awesome. Coke is one of the few brands that can pull off such a thing and pull it off so well.
is this in a high school I think this clip is soooo cute
so, u dont have to pay for it? Awesome, Im in
step back ill run kik it
This repeats my understand that sexy girl has a Coke body shape. This machine should accept men only :)
Filthy! I don't want to touch all that greasy plastic after people are sweating all over it. Gross!!
I would also want to have a free coke.....from my fridge!!!!
thats so cool wish we had one in aucland
just make sure you get there before the snot-ridden sick kid down the block!
Cool. I'll hug a Machine for a Coke and a smile. Lol
I am going to post a hug me sign on a flat wall....
how about a meth amphetamine "hug" machine? it would be healthier
thats so aweosme i would lover to do that and get a free can of pepsie
Is this real... I want one really bad
that is sooo can the machine feel ur hugs, and i wish we had that in america!!!
Hahaha it's funny
first hug i've ever seen that will rot teeth and decrease bone density among other health problems
I know allot of things ( better things ) to hug, a kitten or a puppy , or a child
pretty cool, I just can't imagine how crowded these machines will be especially during summer
Rob A.
I should buy one of those! Very useful......
Hmmm... if somebody wants to know what fake affection for materialistic needs means, this is the perfect example! Both parties are doing the same.
bob bob
cool free pop!!!!
Jajajajajajajaja.... Yo quiero!!, está muy fino n_n
At some point...i thought they were trying to steal the machine.....
Most consumed beverage in the world ,I could just imagine how much attention it craves B-)
this made me sad my grandmother just died and she loved coke she even had coke flower arrangements at her funeral :(
i mean this in a totally non-racist way... but the asians make this commercial.
That would be cool if they had that were I live
Jeebus. I've heard of getting customers to embrace brands, but this is ridiculous.
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Guys, Coca cola have won ... look at all this free marketing!! Even the bad comments are good for them, they get noticed!!!
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