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Do you know of a Community Ninja? Get our attention if you do so that we can feature them in a new Google+ series that highlights all those fabulous people and companies who are set on making Google+ a better place. 
Are You a Community Ninja?

We’re bringing a new term to the Google+ Your Business world. Community Ninjas. You rarely see them, but these are the people behind the scenes at some of the top companies worldwide, making Google+ a better social experience for everyone.  They are the ones creating awesome hangouts, comment-inducing posts, and sizzling photos.  

We're inviting them to come out of the shadows to reveal their master skills for you. Each week, we will be featuring a new Community Ninja, someone who deserves to be recognized for their innovative contribution to their company’s Google+ Page and their general awesomeness. They will be receiving proper ninja gear to complete their look. 

Learn from them, hone your own skills, and when you’re ready, show us why you are a Community Ninja. Or if you’re ready to rock that ninja headband, share what you think is special on your company’s Google +Page (i.e. hangout, post, photo) with hashtag #ninjaplus

If you think you have spotted a Community Ninja and would like to nominate them, share their Google +Page with hashtag #ninjaplus. 
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I hear there's a community ninja in my area.  But I've never seen him.
Community Ninja: +Stephanie Van Pelt. She generates plenty of content around general going-ons on the Internet, and has made very thoughtful and thought-provoking posts.
+Daniel Price Thank you for the mention! I have to let you know though - I'm not here representing any business or brand pages. I use this for personal reasons, but love a good thought-provoking debate. :)
Estou tendo problemas para registrar a minha ideia!

logo depois que eu escolher os produtos é um erro. Ela tem um limite de produtos? Limitar texto em minha idéia?

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