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In Paris, people will do whatever it takes to fit into a parking space. +Ford Motor Company capitalized on this opportunity to publicize Active Park Assist, a Ford Technology that helps even the worst drivers park their cars effortlessly.
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Wow - what a creative campaign! These ad guys are so imaginative.
Cool technology, but Ford isn't the only car company with it.
Brilliant! +Howard Kwong they may not be the only ones with it but they definitely capitalized on some great #marketing in an interactive, public and rewarding way!
hahaha... good Idea! I love this kind of publicity! just like the TNT Drama in Belgium a couple of weeks ago :p
I believe Toyota/Lexus was the first to develop this technology in 2003, which Ford is copying it nearly 10 years later.
+T. J. Brumfield, does Toyota offer it on the Corolla? Everyone copies each other if it's a good idea. Making it affordable is noteworthy.
Toyota's version was also cited for working very poorly, whereas +Ford Motor Company has one that works brilliantly.
Why on earth has this appeared on my homepage? I don't even drive!
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this technology require roughly 6 feet of space in front of the car and behind it in order to function? finding parking spaces with that much room is a bit of a tall order in Paris.
wow it's awesome.
Funny, you think they would just surrender right away.
huh? Terrible drivers! They don't give a fuck about the cars. They get an another for being a bad driver.
Haha! Such a good pub stunt I almost want to buy a FORD for my next car!
It is a commercial. You get to crazy for nothing.
Wow this technology is verry good for some stupid drivers out on the street a lot of time i park my car and return and c damage on my car if they could fit this on every car it qiuld me fantastic lol love this good idea.
If he is so bad at parking imagine getting out
+Gabriel Walsh Depends on the manufacturer... VW only require 1.1 meters longer than the car total. So 55cm in front and 55 cm behind. VW park assist also does side-by-side reverse park as well as reverse parallel park.
I know its a commercial but the parking space suddenly increased once the ford was used. You have to be a really terrible driver not to fit in the space shown at the end but it was obvious that the cars couldn't fit in the initial parking spaces!!
+Mohammed Umar Sheriff Because they're classed as "Assist Systems" The driver is stil ultimately in control of the vehicle. The brake and accelerator have to be controlled by the driver to make the system function.
Did they give him the car for REAL? That's the world we live in, the evilest driver gets the prize...
This is so very true. People will do just about anything. I asked a Parisian, and he said "What else are bumpers for?".
I love it,I planning to go to Paris someday I wiil kepp this in mind.:)
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