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See how the world searched in 2012. Google's annual Zeitgeist video is up! 
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A lot of great things happened this year. 
Pawan M
Eventful year. 
Actually it's was free to watch
hehe its the juncture where hell broke loose nkt!
Loved the muzic and the rendering of events - "The search is on..."
i did not even think about watching this because it would just encourage them to create another wasteful stunt that accomplished nothing.
2012 the year of Advanced Tech n today we have such a great network where everyone must stand up  together and linked.. Be positive and be as humanity and show kindness to those who really needed help most.. or share the news worldwide against those who deserved to be punished but within the justice can reach.
rly great vdo. but why woud they want 2 show all the peopl who died?
I am supposed to be in the video. I mean; people searched for me. ε(๏̯͡๏)з 
I'm amazed that they had something in there that I saw in real life - Pistorius' 400-m triumph, as well as noting the contribution of the awesome 2012 London Olympics, and (briefly) Chelsea's famous triumph, as well as Felix Baumgartner and... I could go on for ages.
Excellent work as always.
Sorry, most ppl never saw these vids. Realistically, in the U.S., this would have merit if it was a 3 minute video recapping Jersey Shore 2012
Give me more of the guy jumping from space.
+Glen Warr To quote Kennedy, "not because they are easy, but because they are hard". Which to me means we do these types of things because its human nature to challenge ourselves and do the unthinkable. 
something as complex as THE EMOTIONS  can not be beaten there for the zeitgeist is a bunch of bulshit
Soso... feel like an Google ad, failure...
+Benjamin Wong it basically IS a Google ad. a very good one in my opinion and also shows just how much has happened this year, been a year to remember i would say
what the whole thing? +Matt meenink 
i watched the Felix jump as live as it could be. the rest, i missed mostly although i did watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics and Euro 2012 where Spain were declared Winners
2012 was a beautiful year with a lot of changes is it really going to end? 
PLEASE pretty please don't tell anyone that I've done this before-Its our BIG SECRET-I WISH!
This feat was an amazing accomplishment by a team of engineers, designers, scientists, manufacturers, and specialists of all types. It wasn't just a crazy "stunt" by one crazy/brave individual. If astronauts ever have to "bail out" at extreme altitudes, this project was a huge step in the research & development of pressure suits and safety technology. I remember the Olympics, too, as being spectacular.
This kind of stuff will end up in textbooks of the future.
What a year! Hope we don't go out with a bang on the 21st I've just started to live life to the fullest and the future doesn't look promising or bleak it just looks undecided in which direction this world will go. So hears hoping for more leaps and bounds for these videos to be made for years to come.
I just.. Want to stop for a second.. And say.. I love you Google.. 
Nothing special until u find what is the real things in mars
google makes such great video :D
I'm very PROUD  of you have a WONDERFUL 2013! To ALL who made this possible life has DREAMS that do come TRUE-TAKE CARE CAUSE SOMEONE CARES!
Have a wonderful Xmas and a Happy New Years 2013!
I'm alive and its 2013  I'm still living in Kalihi on tne island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii.
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