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Welcome to the age of Agile Creativity. Speed and flexibility are key for agencies to gain an edge in the next decade of digital. By borrowing a page from the tech industry playbook, agencies can get even faster, smarter, and more efficient.

To get the conversation started about Agile Creativity, we're hosting a panel at One Club's Creative Week in New York City on Monday. More info on the panel here:

Watch the video here:

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Are you going to record and make this panel available on demand? I find the concept of Agile Creativity very interesting... unfortunately there is no way I can make my way to NYC to see this panel live.
Done. I will be looking out for a notification email that the content is out there. Can't wait!
Sandbox is not creative, Google Drive is more creative!!
Beware of Google Drive security & privacy issues: Once you install Google Drive, people can access to your Gmail & other Google services by clicking client's "Visit Google Drive on the web" without require password to log in even you have log out.
+Kenny Chong I am sure that the Google Apps for Business/Edu accounts have a more narrow TOS when it comes to privacy/ownership. As for authentication by the Google Drive client, did you check with a network sniffer to see the authentication headers before posting this?
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