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This lamp is controlled by an +Android phone. How long do you think it will take until smartphone apps replace light switches?
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As soon as it becomes viably cheap.
wow.. i guess 48 hours? so we may have this app for next smart phone?
To me that is the future. Using your phone to control household items...maybe even your Google Car that drives itself. :)
Certainly an interesting start with this kind of technology!
well, back in 1998 some guy at my school could turn on and off his lights, start the oven etc via a webinterface of his server.... can't see the great innovation in making it mobile.
I don't know if it will replace them, but it will certainly augment them.

It would be too dangerous to get rid of switches altogether.
And what says that smartphone will be more perennial than light switches?
as long as it takes for an app to be created that can sense which room you are entering and turn the light on for you without you having to touch your phone - otherwise it is just easier to flip the switch on the wall.
And frankly, there is already voice or noise activation for light, this for years but we still rely on switches... Why worry to use a smartphone for light?
For me it'll happen as soon as that bulb launches :)
I have automation set up and can do this with my android phone. It won't replace light switches.

1. Decide to turn a light on
2. Look around for your phone. There it is on the end table at the opposite side of the room.
3. Get phone.
4. Turn phone on
5. Open app that controls lights. Hope you don't accidentally hit the wrong icon or widget and have to go back and try again.
6. Scroll through to the lighting device you want to control.
7. Turn device on or off.

Or this:

1. Decide to turn a light on
2. Go to switch and turn light on.

Voice control might be a good way to short cut the process - unless you don't want to disturb someone.
Great, but whats inside the cup/lamp? Is it Philips or just three super LEDs?
+Robert Le Blah hits the nail on the head, the phone will never replace the light switch, but it will, and in fact already can, supplement the light switch.

Automation systems from URC, Crestron, Elan, et al. can tie into android devices already, the major obstacle is the price point - most are around $300-500 per switch, plus a main control system.

The really cool part with these systems is not the ability to turn on and off one light, it is the ability to do all of them, and automate them with scenes and timers.

For example:
- When I go to bed, I can hit an "all off" on my phone, and turn off every light in the house, except my outdoor security lights.
- When I go on vacation, I can set timers so that the different lights I would normally use turn on and off as if I were home, making it appear as if someone were actually home.
- I can set custom delays so that when I turn a light of in a room, it delays, then slowly dims, giving me a chance to exit while I can still see where I am going.
i don't want my phone to replace my light switches. i might want it to work together with my light switches. 
Sooner rather than later if companies and governments bothered to invest in things like this, and reduced prices to make more things more affordable for the average person in the general public. Until then, a long time. That's if we pass and survive 2012, that is! ;)
Ladies and gentlemen just think of smartphone as a "switch" not a switch!
what if the app goes berserk and my house looks like a rave? ;)
It might not replace immediately but could add to it :) smartphones have our IDs and (light?) preferences, the lights could automatically adjust to a level that is acceptable by most people in the room. With the obvious 'Reading mode!' at a distance of a button :)
Where can I find one of those btw?
Also... good application, calculated average of the mood colour of everyone in the room hehe :)
I should also mention Control4, whose light switches are a good bit cheaper than the other systems. Last I was aware, they retailed for $99 each, and their central control systems started at $499.
They had some limitations in terms of total switch numbers, however, which I don't know if they have improved.
thats cool. phones should be centralized controllers for homes.
Domotics sounds like the big thing :)
Never. Now a system that takes controls from an android app, or voice command etc maybe.
I guess it wont take very long until we see voice controlled systems wich can manage stuff around your house.

I just hope the manufacturers will come up with a somehow "universal" control-center-thing, at which you could hook up your devices to, to be controlled.
+Daniel Jordan Wow i didn't know that. Kind of awesome. Stille i would ve cool to have small mics around the house so you wouldn't have to activate Siri or evi, everytime.. :-)
Forever if we're lucky. I'm a strong believer in manual overrides. I'm fine with smartphone apps augmenting light switches, but not replacing.
+Jam Bra i've seen things which lets your plants tweet when they need water.. You're lazy if you need that sort of stuff :-P
Sometimes it's faster and/or more convenient to just get up and flip the switch :-P But I think the technologies will do some mixing.
I want manage my laptop with #Android =)
I cant wait till i can control everything in my house :)
home automation... it has already happened in many homes
My current light switches never need recharging. I just push the side that sticks out from the wall and prest-o!! Lights!!! You'll never hear me yelling "Honey! Where's my phone charger? I need to turn the lights on, my phone is dead, and I can't see a bloody thing!!"
Well done, Damien! Do they have an app out yet that yells,"Honey, where's my phone charger?"
I have two apps on my Android. One controls the lights in my house and other controls the lights and heat at my cottage. The light switches are smart switches made by X-10, and they work very well. From anywhere I have 3 or 4G or Wireless. Gotta love android
That's pretty cool, but is there any increased efficiency in this? Are you using LED's and saving energy somehow?
that looks mildly radioactive
I would never pay a phone company additional money just so I could turn on my appliances at home.
John The increased efficiency is achieved by having the heat at the cottage set at 7 deg. C. Just enough to keep the pipes from freezing. I am able to turn the heat up to 21C from anywhere so that it's warm when we get to he cottage. Most of my switches are dimmer switches. By dimming the light to 50% you reduce hydro cost by the same amount and increase the life of the bulb also by the same amount. By adding dimmable LED lights you can increase efficiency even more.

Nick I have an X-10 system at the cottage and a Secant system at home. I control lights at home with my cell because I have kids that don't know what a light switch is. All of my lighting is automated anyway. For example: My porch light comes on with a magnetic door contact and shuts off 1 minute later but only between dusk and dawn.

David I don't have a data plan on my phone,but with 3g or 4g you could go that route. My cell has WIFI. I connect my home network so it doesn't cost me any extra cell phone charges.

Curtis you can do this from an Iphone depending on what type of system you are trying to control.

Aaron, I'm really not a comedian. I install home automation systems, mostly HAI (Home Automation Ind.) They are a very high end product that can automate lighting, Home audio and theatre as well as a full security system.

Hope this answers all your questions.
David, sorry I missed your Hangout. Catch you another time
Perhaps some of us are missing the point. The intelligence is built into the lamp controller as well as the phone. It isn't the intent to control the light with the phone, it just demonstrates on a very small scale the future possibilities. How about walking into a room with android intelligent wall switches that you just wave your hand over and the light comes on. Or perhaps when you switch your TV on to watch a blueray disc and the Android TV setting automatically turns the home theatre lighting down. Voice control is already here. With android built into lights appliances and TVs the sky just might not be the limit.
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