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This face mapping video is so sci-fi cool but you'd never know it was advertising a phone until the end. Do you agree?
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Great video but I still wont purchase their cellphone.
Welcome to the future of fast change artistry LOL. Right, no mention till the very end and no clues
The Future Now.Your phone if do so choose. Face Recognition. Awesome!
I caught it at 0:26 when the Android GUI shows up on the sides, but after that it just seemed like a surrealistic music video.
i don't like the "surprise ending" ads where they give you a bunch of random crap that has nothing to do with the product and then tag their name on the very end (eg: "football football football football football -- buy our fishing rod")
if an ad showcases the ad designers more than the product itself, i do not feel inclined to buy the product.
Looks like just a Dual SIM-Phone. Dual like virtual plus reality? Get it? Me neither. But if they pay good artists, fine with me.
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