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+Chevrolet teamed up with street artist Jeff Soto in the world's first street-art-car collaboration. Chevy's paint-spraying robot car creates graffiti that's beyond man's capabilities.

What other innovative stunts could Chevy do to show off the Sonic?

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And you wonder why the government saved them from bankruptcy.
like the garbage laying in the street when he left - guess we need a robotic street cleaner?
So Chevy wants to sell their Sonic to artistic, robot geeks who deface private property...awesome!
shoot... I know what I want for Christmas!
I don't get why this is such a big deal. It's a car: four wheels, runs on dinosaur juice. The robotics are cool, but they have nothing to do with the car. It's marketing folks, nifty, but it's still just a car.
cool car, i hope it can clean the place after too :)
Unless it's his wall, it's not art, it's vandalism.
Amazing street art. I will be checking into Jeff Soto's art work more.
aw man listen to you downers, just appreciate the damn thing
Some of you all are so depressing. OF COURSE THEY PICKED UP THE TRASH >_> And if it's someone else's is art, get used to it.
Tt Boyd
Is Duncan Crone bleeding if so that scary. if not i'm sorry
It's makeup from a photoshoot, no worries Boyd :)
Tt Boyd
oh ok so sorry about that
Tt Boyd
I don't know sorry
+Joseph Crutcher it's vandalism. If he was painting some wall in the medium sized city I live near and was caught by police in the act, he'd be charged. And his punishment might be cleaning walls like when they caught another 'artist' not that long ago.
I want to throw paint on the wall, too, and without being caught, LOL!
lol...its a 'persona' car...this is the same car that did a kickflip, went skydiving, bungy jumping, etc. kinda silly. but the art is cool. and to the sad folks that think its 'vandalism', they should poke their head outside. Corporate America is vandalizing my neighborhood with signs, billboards, and other crap I don't want to see that is not creatively inspired. Verizon doesn't own the corner, but they can put a guy flippin their sign out on the corner all day? I dont want to see that...I want to see the bboy on the corner, or the cool creative art of a graf writer
+Kevin Slater +sean parmenter unless the city provided permission for the artist and for GM to advertise in the area. GM would pay for the "ad" space. Then it is not considered vandalism and the point is mute.
21st century robo art. cool.!:)
Dear Chevy... you are not hip, you are not cool... Stop trying.
shame robot car is not yet able to create on its own, it would be fun to see painted people on the street)
This is bad ass guy i give a props in your innovation to the young out there trying to pursue their DREAMS which are beyond ones mind now a days. Keep up the good work just know that their are young ones looking up to you
if you r not being hated on is when u should worrie cause now you aint on your job
call the police cause this cost money to remove
BeCa m
Whoa Facebook language here!
So, +keenan maurice, do you have much luck with that approach? because I really want to be a 'masta playa' like you with the ladies. I mean, to hell with that 'getting to know them' and 'respectful language'. All overrated, right?
it is true ..... here it is to be like facebook hehehe
+Chevrolet would impress me by producing a dependable vehicle!
LOL "omg it's a robot!"

Wow, that was a really lame idea.
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