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Google[x] released +Project Glass yesterday. What would you like to see from Project Glass?
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That's Sci-Fi. The thing is, it was totally unbelievable just a decade ago... but today, it's not so far. It's nearly "here". I would like to see the exact same things from the video.
I'd like to see what sort of "muting" features it has. My concern would be that I'd forget to turn it off while driving or riding a bike. Ideally it would be able to see how fast the background around me was moving and offer to shut itself off.

Of course, the Google driver less car solves a lot of those problems as well.
Integration with the capabilities of Google Goggles, and ability to push stuff that's more heavy duty to phone or tablet.
Good battery life.
Bluetooth or direc wifi connection to a smartphone (the glasses should "only" include a camera, sound, displays, gyrosensor).
More than just that tiny screen in the picture.
Actual glasses functionality.

Very fascinating. I'd certainly love to try it. My two big concerns would be the cost and that they could be very dangerous to/from those who will not turn them off while driving.
Manual (non-voice) input. Perhaps a trackpad-like sensor on the arm of the glasses that can register taps and scrolls. Tap to start voice-input or tap input. Scroll up or down, tap again, double-tap to exit.

It would probably look like were slowly scratching your head from a distance.
Also, it sort of looks like this is the case, but what if the little lens/display wasn't directly in front of your eye, but instead a little above, maybe at a slight angle. Only a little bit of the display (the lower end) is present in your normal vision, say, occupying the top 10% of you field of vision. This part could show only basic stuff, like the turn signal in Navigation, or the time, or a notification. The rest of the display, including more detailed information, resides in the other area of the display, which is above your normal field of vision, requiring you to look up, without turning your head upwards. I think this should help the whole issue of it obscuring one's vision, cos you see all this information only when you look upwards.
I am fine with the screen being full lenses that can also hold prescription. If it is in the full field of my view, I want to see the games that arise for these. Such as the one zombie apocalypse game that encourages you while you are running. If I could see the zombies, it would be slightly more motivating.

I have been waiting for these for years. I cannot wait for my chance to own a pair.
I would like to see project glass paired with some sort of kinect type technolgy small enough to fit into a moto actv type watch, I want augmented reality, but also augmented hologram type technology.
Anyone think of how much wifi/cell radiation would be going directly to your head with these? The device would need to be connected nearly the whole time you are wearing them. I would hope for A LOT of shielding on these if Google expects them to be worn a good chunk of the day.
It's scary.... Google is scaringly getting more into your life.
I think it has the opportunity to be the ultimate travel/tourism/discovery companion. The gaming potential is also beyond enormous.
Integration with other Google Products. For example, for the work (+Google Docs) and recreation (Google Music).
Can't wait to see how people drive using these things. Great, just great.
I haven't read about all the features. But, I'd want an active video record that by hitting a button you could save video file of the last 30 seconds you saw. Multiple presses saves further back. Could be great for insurance claims & crime investigation. Prob mostly be used to create YouTube content though
I'd love to see all the features demoed on TED by the SixthSense project: : phone in your hand, clock on your wrist, photos on wall, reviews on products, tags on people, etc... but instead of using a video-projector, the Google Glasses would use AR to give the impression that these info are projected on a surface (that way the displayed content would remain private to the Glasses wearer). I love the actual demo with floating items and notifications but I think virtually projected stuff would add some more depth, at least for some use-cases.
How about people who need to wear glasses?
I would like to see those glasses when I look into my mirror. Also real footage of everyday use rather than marketing oriented edited scripted videos
If Google wants someone to test the glasses in cold weather, I'd volunteer to beta-test these in the winter here in Minnesota :)
how cool would it be if you could log into your google account via retinal scan the moment you put them on
I will wear these. Please make them!
Voice recognition - because if there's not a dedicated microphone which would make it look really geeky, then it's going to pick up all kinds of external noise and other people's voices unless it can filter that out and recognize/focus on yours.
Let's get them out this year and I'll be thrilled
Not sure how to become a beta tester on this but i very much would like to be. Perhaps my unwaivering loyalty to Google products will help - which google should already know about with cross-product data sharing.
This definitely needs the ability to "clip" onto any glasses so that the unit can be used with all/most types of frames. I'm so excited about this!
IT'S SOOÖ COOOL . I wish I could try this soon . :-)
reminds me so about the Apple Newton ad around 1990 .... ;o)
Noh Haz
I want one...
I cannot wait for Beta testing when it begins please consider me for testing. I have been a loyal google follower from the beginning and I am moving others over from Apple products as much as I can everyday!
I wanna be a tester I think this is a great idea but I hope you are planning to put sunglass lenses in them
I WANNA TEST FOR IT O_o i still have my chrome book!!
Noh Haz
As long as it doesn't require a chip to be implemented in my body I'm in for testing :D
Id love to be a tester.  Anyone no how to get signed up?
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