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Even if you're tech or design savvy, spend a few minutes on

The website details how to achieve great design and uses quotes, video, infographics, & an infinite scroll to outline tips and resources for non-designers.
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so much info on design... great share!
anyone click the "this is not a source" link at the bottom?
your welcome dear on open the better thing for you open might strong power open by your gernaly .link at the bottam
totally a designer's wish to rule, nice insight tho..
Wow, so there's like, no female designers to speak of? Oh wait, one of them inspired their layout. That's adorable.
For an article on design, the layout could do with a bit of work. Some dubious font decisions made too.
For an article on design, it lacks originality. There are tons of information about the same apple-braun/objectified stuff already..
Great post! Looks like the Google teams need to 'dogfood' a little more on this.
of course you will (sucker)
Luis L
Nice article - now let's apply the UI principles to G+ and see if we can get a useful, beautiful, simple, clean, unobtrusive design.
So is Apple going to sue Braun for copying their trademark look before they even came up with it? :)
i have iPhone 4..... and i got for 2 days now the samsung galaxy ... i can see the different. :) And i love much more the Galaxy
+pinya colada have you noticed battery life difference in iPhone4 and Galaxy. I have been using Galaxy for almost 3 months and very disappointed in battery life.
Ajit Singh, Yeah that true, but im not lazy to use charger :) with the car etc.. is the best smaller problem.. for the Galaxy.....
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