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We would like to update you on the status of the evacuation that took place on March 2, 2017.

First, the children were never in danger and the Emergency Evacuation Plan was implemented flawlessly!

Second, the Hanover Township Fire & EMS, the PA EPA, the Northampton County Emergency Management Agency, various HVAC companies, and an independent air quality testing company have conducted an in-depth evaluation of the air quality inside and outside the building and have found nothing hazardous in the air for both areas.

Third, the Colonial Regional Police Department has launched an investigation into who has been reporting the alleged air quality issues in the Travel Impressions offices. Today, the television stations were contacted before Emergency Management Personnel were notified of the issue.

Fourth, any questions regarding about what is being done to insure these types of evacuation don’t occur in the future, please feel free to contact Dawn LaMura of NAI Summit, the property manager. Her email address is and her direct telephone number is 610-871-1684 and request that she respond to you promptly. We encourage you to demand that she responds to your concerns, in fact you may want to consider demanding a meeting with her to address your concerns. See email below.

Finally, the center will open as scheduled at 6:00 am on Friday, March 3, 2017.

A special thank you to Richard Sanchez and the staff of the Best Western Hotel in Bethlehem for providing the children and staff of Creative Kids Club a safe place to stay when we needed to be evacuated from the center on March 2, 2017!

We would like to take this opportunity to review with you the chain of events that occurred yesterday. The procedure that we followed yesterday was outlined in the Emergency Evacuation Procedure that was provided at the time a child is enrolled.

At 11:45 AM yesterday morning, we were order to evacuate the building by the Hanover Township Fire & EMS Departments because of a suspected gas leak in the complex where Creative Kids Club is located. During this evacuation, all infants had their coats and hats on as well as being wrapped in blankets and placed in cribs and rolled out in front of the center. At 12:00 noon, Hanover Township Fire & EMS Departments advised us that we were cleared to return to the building because no gas was detected in our suite. Since we were not instructed to activate our Emergency Evacuation Plan, we considered the evacuation as a fire drill and proceeded with our normal routine.

At 12:55 PM yesterday afternoon, the Hanover Township Fire & EMS Departments ORDERED us to activate our Emergency Evacuation Plan. Hanover Township Fire & EMS Departments summoned two buses to transport the children to the temporary location that was indicated in the Emergency Evacuation Plan. Natasha Steltz, center director, supervised the evacuation of the children in the infant room. All infants were placed in their coats and wrapped in blankets to be placed in port-a-cribs and transferred to the buses. The buses that were summoned by the Hanover Township Fire & EMS Departments were heated at all times. Infant Car Seats that were left at the center for the children were also transferred to the bus. Once on the bus, infants that had car seats were placed in their own car seats and covered with blankets. Food and supplies for all infants and children were also transferred to the bus as part of evacuation procedure.

At 1:00 PM, Mr. Dugan contacted the regional director of the Department of Human Services (Gina Lynn) and advised her that we needed to evacuate the center. The regional director instructed Mr. Dugan to follow the plan and keep her posted throughout the day. Mr. Dugan was told he had to stick close to Fire/EMS command center and designated Grady Hills as the liaison between himself, the staff and children on the bus.

Once all the children were accounted for on the the bus, the staff commenced contacting parents, using cell phones, to notify parents that we were moving the children to the Best Western Hotel and they should come to pick-up their children. During this process, a representative of Hanover Township Fire & EMS Department instructed the staff to stop calling parents and wait for further instructions. At that point, a majority of the parents had already been contacted; however, because we were contacting parents in alphabetical order (according to last name) we had not yet reached your name on the list. Mr. Dugan was not aware that these instructions were given to the Creative Kids Club staff aboard the bus. Mr. Dugan immediately overturned the Fire & EMS Departments instructions and ordered the staff to continue contacting parents. While on the bus, because of the warmth, the children's jackets were removed , but blankets were kept on them for added warmth. No child was out in the freezing cold for 3 hours.

Things were further complicated by the Fire & EMS Departments' decision to hold the buses until the paramedics had time to check all the children and staff on the bus; once the paramedics completed their assessments we were advised that we were going to remain on the bus and not move because of possible environmental contamination in the complex. During the time the children were on the bus they were fed and had their diapers changed as needed. At all times, the safety and well being of all the children were our top priority. At 3:20 pm the Fire & EMS Departments gave the all clear.

In addition, just prior to the evacuation, our state compliance office - Cindy Koder, completed an unannounced inspection and found us to be in total compliance with DHS regulations.

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