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Community Discussion: Best Buy Trade-In Promotion

Starting on April 6th, Best Buy (a large electronics retailer) will be running a trade-in promotion that allows you to get $100 off a new Chromebook by handing in an old Windows XP machine.

I'm creating this pinned thread because we're seeing a lot of conflicting reports, bad information, and unhappy customers across social media already.

I'm asking that all success stories, failure stories, and promotion discussion be centralized in this thread. This should hopefully help to keep the facts straight, while also keeping the community feed clear of duplicate posts.

I will be updating this post as well to clarify important points as they are reported.

Official promotion landing page:

→ http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Computing-Promotions/Windows-XP-Trade-In-Offer/pcmcat327400050019.c?id=pcmcat327400050019

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I've got 2 windows laptops, both with Vista! Doh! 
It wont be long before vista is on the chopping block!
Maybe they'll offer this deal for Vista when I'm ready to upgrade my Acer C720. 
Anybody know if you can trade in non-functioning laptop? Screen doesn't work. 
I believe it has to be fully functional. 
I traded my gateway xp laptop in. The girl wasn't sure how to do it but it went under recycled. 
I traded in an old Sony laptop -- which wasn't on their online list, by the way -- for the $25 gift card and $75 credit. There seemed to be some variability in knowledge about the promotion at the store I went to. I didn't pick up a Chromebook, yet, though; I'm going to wait a couple of weeks to see what new models (cough, cough, Samsung, Asus) might show up.
Does anyone have a link to the "official list" of computers they will accept? I don't see it on the promotion page.
Plan: take one of my stored xp machines in for $100 best buy credit. Called best buy in Michigan and was told that they would not accept an XP desktop but would a laptop. I took am old, xp laptop (charger required) and they checked it over and gave in store $75 bar code and a $25 gift card. We walked away with a new c720 chromebook for $99 + tax. I would call that a partial success as I originally planned to give away an old xp desktop.
+Craig Tumblison it was a partial of the total. $199 minus $75 store credit = $124 and I was taxed on that amount. FYI: laptop pc was compaq nc6300 and I was given $25 best buy gift card for it.
Turned in a dell 700m notebook with XP (not found in BB online trade in lookup) got the 25$ gift card and 75$ voucher, purchased a Acer c720p. Success! 🙌
Turned in a very old Dell Inspiron.  Got the c720.  Tax was only calculated on the $99 after discount price.  Wanted an Asus chromebox but they had no idea if and when they would get it in.
Good to hear people are having success. I have an old laptop with xp somewhere.... I believe it works.... I may have to give this a shot.
I got rejected on trying to trade in a desktop. 
I think all my spare computers are running Windows 7. Ugh. Would love to jump on this promo.
I have an old Acer Aspire One netbook running XP in the closet.  I noticed +Brian Schell already tried to use one of those.  Here's my thought: the promotion page says that this offer supersedes the the trade-in values on the estimator tool on the normal trade-in page.  I think I might try anyway.
Can't you just load XP onto these old Vista or Win 7 machines? I've got a couple of older machines but the cases are worth more than $100. I wonder if I can build a machine out of all the worst parts I can scrounge.
Ian Ray
They do 3 per customer yea? Let's say I took 15 laptops with me with 4 passengers and drove 150 miles to the nearest best buy... do I have to use all the $75 coupons that day?
I think the coupons are good through 5/3. The fine print on the site mentions it.
I'm not sure if you need to use them in store or if there is a limit to how many you can stack during a single usage.
Can someone create a sticky thread for putting chromium on your rejected best buy machine? Thanks. 
Mine is a net top that works fine. Would be a nice chromebox clone! 
I had a Vaio PCGFXA53 with XP that I tried to GIVE AWAY to friends or relatives and no one wanted it. Best Buy gave me a total of $123.00 credit and I bought an HP Chromebook 11. $167.10 including tax. The Vaio is not on the trade in list.
While I think each store can set its own policies on this it makes no sense that they would expect units to be on that trade in list. I believe that list is to set values on their normal trade in program. XP machines are going to be generally so old as to be valueless and so have not value beyond a promo such as this.
I am curious who is funding this promo. It's clearly not MS or you wouldn't have choices of Mac and certainly not Chromebook. hahahaah
I had to go to two Best Buy's to get the deal. Even though the laptop I traded it wasn't on their list, the manager OK'd it and pushed it through.
The Geek Squad and manager at a store in Irving, Texas were totally clueless about the promotion. Told me that netbooks aren't laptops even though their own trade in web page lists a "Dell Inspiron Mini Netbook with Intel Atom Processor" under laptops. The managers attitude and lack of knowledge about the promotion and the products he sells was appalling. He told me I could trade in an Apple computer, a windows computer or a Chrome Book for $25 off on anything. Seemed to think that ChromeBooks run XP. Wouldn't read the page I brought from their website.
Had a phone conversation with the manager, if I go back over there he says we can get it done.
Ok, went back and got my Dell netbook traded in for a brand new Acer C720. Looks like the problem is that the Bestbuy system that issues the credit doesn't honor the part of the promotion that says"This offer supersedes trade-in values provided by the estimator tool on our Trade-in page". The manager and I both apologized for our earlier behavior and all is well. I can be a little pushy when I know I'm right. :-)
+Jim Savage Thanks for outlining your experience, it may prove very helpful to anyone else finding themselves in a similar situation.
traded for an acer chromebook yesterday has to be fully functioning xp laptop they even make sure the battery works too also you dont get $100 you get $75 computer credit and $25 gift card
+Felipe Ricardo I couldn't find my charger cord, so I ordered one from Amazon for 8 bucks.  It should be here today.  Once I am able to fire mine up and wipe it, I'll take it in and let you know.  

+Brian Schell AWESOME!  This is good news indeed!
I purchased the HP 11 in conjunction with this deal. I love this thing. I've owned the Series 3 so I know how capable it is. I also had the C720P (sold that to upgrade to the Chromebook 2 13.3). I purchased this 11 as a laptop for everyone at my small business to use. It was a purely aesthetic choice as the C720 would have been the best bang for buck.
Took in my 11 year old IBM thinkpad X31 (no docking station or external battery included...current battery lasts for 10 minutes on full charge) and got the  $75 computer credit and $25 gift card.  Trying to make a decision between the HP 14 and the Acer C720P (currently has additional $50 discount) or wait until the beginning of May, like +John Heckendorn, to see if any other CB's show up.  
Tried trading in a desktop yesterday and I was turned away ;(
I traded in an old Gateway Solo (wasn't on their list so they entered it in as recycle) that I had for an emergency back-up device and picked up the $199 Acer C720. My 1st Chromebook.  I really like it and my son is going to use it for his classes since his high school uses Google Docs.  

As a result, I want a Chromebook now too.  I'll be picking up a 2nd C720.
SUCCESS!  I traded in my Acer Apire One today.  They were out of the C720, and that was all it took for me to snag the white C720P.
So far, I've taken in 3 old XP laptops. The first one, the customer service person didn't now how to process it, and then couldn't find it on the trade in list. They ended up getting two other people involved, and the last person they asked had to go and find the instructions.

I found out that they aren't supposed to be looking for the laptops in the Trade In screen, but it's supposed to be handled as a recycle, and apparently they is an option for the XP Buyback under the recycle screen.

I haven't taken more than one machine at a time, but I do have 3 $75 coupons and 3 $25 gift cards. The fine print does say that you can turn in 3 computers per person per day.

I have verified that I can only use 1 coupon per upgrade purchase, but since the gift cards are just Best Buy gift cards, I can combine them.  I think I might be able to pick up at least one more XP machine, maybe a couple more, and I'm going to keep taking them back until they say I can't.  My goal is to pick up my second Chromebook and not have to pay anything out of pocket. Either way, if I can't find anymore XP laptops to trade in, I'll only be out $50 plus tax on the C720.
That's awesome +Chris Collins! Are these your old computer or are you getting them from thrift shops?
+Kevin Wheat I work in the IT dept and I have always picked up the ones they have recycled out. Usually, I fix the ones that need a little TLC and re-purpose them for family members and friends who are needing a laptop, but don't require the latest and the greatest.

I have two more Dell D630's that have the Vista COA, and I found out that I can just switch the hard drives with Dell D620's and update a driver or two, and we're good to go. The D620's were shipped with the XP COA. I'm going to talk to my step-dad to verify which model I gave him, and if it's the D620, I'm going to set him up with a D630  and turn in the D620.  

I also unloaded whole bunch of working and non-working OLD HP 6120's to a friend of mine so he can sell them as parts on his eBay store. I'm going to get with him and see if we can piece together 2 or 3 working laptops for the trade in.
I traded in an old Dell M something, the laptop booted to XP, that is all they needed to see on the screen, and the serial number in the bottom of the laptop. I got myself the HP Chromebook 14, so I can start playing with the Google admin console with my other Chromebook a Samsung. The HP14 feels really nice with the 14" screen and full size keyboard, also the battery latest for 10 hours today. Does anyone has a good tutorial on Google's admin console? Thanks.
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