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We're getting closer to Google Now on Chrome - but it isn't live yet.

I have a gut feeling that someone is going to spot this and assume it is now live, so I just wanted to quickly clarify it. What happened below was the Chrome Team adjusting the Google Now Flag from disabled by default to enabled by default.

That does not affect the stable channel, the beta channel, or even the dev channel until it is specifically merged into one of the branches they're built from.

Additionally, the server URL needed to make Google Now work doesn't appear to have been committed. (Side note: if you know this URL and want to make me as giddy as a schoolgirl, please pass it along.)

In other words, yes, this is progress, but no, it hasn't launched yet. Soon though, maybe. Don't get too excited. There probably isn't an event scheduled for it yet, and if so where are the invites?? ;)


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Maybe when Google announces the next Nexus devices and Android KitKat they will announce this too. 
Pretty cool but honestly I kind of want hands free voice recognition more than I want Google Now cards.
+Derek Traini It's certainly possible, but I wouldn't want to imply that will be the case. From a factual standpoint, all I can say is that this change didn't make the feature go live, but is it a critical step on the way to doing so.

All theories are welcome of course :)
+Matthew Garbett I agree, hotwording is on my personal "want" list. I don't have anything related to that to share right now though.

Edit: Fixed the typo. "Hotting" is not a thing.
+Craig Tumblison oh I understand. I just would think that could be a possible time for reveal. Who knows though :)
Yeah idk why that's taking so long seems like they already have it working. The other thing I really want is Google Voice texting integrated in Hangouts for Chrome.
+Derek Traini Definitely, especially if the Google Experience Launcher features a lot of Google Now integration. I can easily see a theme going on there with Now being made available across platforms.

+Matthew Garbett Without the server URL for testing, I really don't know how far along it is. The ticket tracking progress has been a pretty steady stream of updates for weeks now, so it is actively under development. How close to being out the door it is, I have no idea.

I completely agree on the Voice / Hangouts stuff. I really hope that an updated Hangouts extension is on the way to match any updates to the Android version.
+Craig Tumblison Well iOS has Google Voice calling and Android will have regular SMS. They really just need to integrate Google Voice sms now and honestly I don't see how it's that hard not to add it in hopefully see it before the end of the year.
+Craig Tumblison Question is this to enable Google Now by Default in Chrome or just Chromium like what release channel is this on?
+Matthew Garbett Great question. As of now, this isn't in any of the channels. It's a bit complicated but I'm going to try my best to explain it. Tip: think of trees, makes it easier.

The Chromium Project uses a handful of "trunks" for each major aspect. Blink has its own trunk, but Chrome browser, Chrome OS, Chrome for Android, and Chrome for iOS all share a single trunk of the tree. Any changes made to any of those projects are added to the trunk first.

According to a schedule set by the developers, every so often a copy of the trunk is made and is given a branch number. It is then assigned a milestone number (30, 31, 32). From there, it is promoted to the dev channel. From then on, changes made to the project are committed to the trunk and not that branch, unless a change is specifically merged into that branch. This is how things are kept stable without slowing down the ongoing project development. Each branch is allowed to grow slowly, while the majority of development stays on the trunk (and the trunk grows past where the branch happens to be).

So in other words, this will become available in the other channels when one of the following happens:

- It is specifically merged into them.

- One of the channels ships a build that is cut off after this change was committed.

Chromium OS doesn't have a channel system, so all changes are constantly available as of the last time you "built" it. If you build Chromium OS now, it will contain this change. If you had built it 3 hours ago, it would not have.

Just to be safe, here's a visual representation:

In English: It's only available for Chromium at the moment, but will be available elsewhere "soon" (I really can't be more specific with that time frame, sorry).
Well seeing as Chrome Dev is currently broken on Windows 8.1 for me and many other I've been using Chromium (with Pepperflash and PDF addons copied) full time until it's fixed.
+Matthew Garbett In that case it should be available to you the next time you install a build that was created after the change was committed (shortly before I posted this).

Though again, it won't actually work until Google launches it :)
Side note: if you know this URL and want to make me as giddy as a schoolgirl, please pass it along.

This isn't a technical item but I do hope you'd share such giddiness in a youtube post. You can title it Now, Giddy Up.
Ugo Ano
+Matthew Garbett , if you want voice activation on chrome you might want to take a look at my Cyman System voice assistant. Cyman Mark 3 is in the Chrome store and Cyman Mark 2 is an android app which is synced with it provided you use the same Google login.
Ugo Ano
Oh and you can change the hot word from "Cyman" to whatever you like by giving him a nickname
Yeah I think I tried that out and it was a bit lacking. But hopefully whatever Google comes out with is much better.
Ugo Ano
That's fair enough :) Made a ton of improvements over the last week though - and up to a 4.7 rating :) Cyman Mark 3 HUD/dashboard  But if you got feedback about it do let us know in our Cyman community. Very much user-centric.  But back to topic, no doubt Google will release something pretty darn awesome
I just would like to add to the theory of launching it with Nexus that this is very very suggested
As we all know iGoogle is closing 1 November and without users will be left with no homescreen to use in their desktops, making Google Now the ideal choice. So it will supposedly launch before 1 November
And Google's next event would be perfect!
I got the Chrome message center enabled for me in stable Chrome today -- it's coming!
Thanks for the Heads up.  I got a notification on my computer today telling me that Google Now was being enabled at startup (I'm on the Dev channel).  No clue on how to trigger it though.
+Tylar Overturf +Matthew Garbett It appears the authentication method has changed somewhere along the line, something I hadn't noticed when I first posted this (sorry!). The server URL no longer appears to be how they're allowing access, but rather something else (might be oauth, but admittedly I didn't look too much into it once I noticed it changed).

What this probably means is that a larger group of Googlers are dogfooding it internally now.
+Matthew Garbett Great question. Off the top of my head I suppose you could edit the manifest file to remove the bit that makes it hidden, but that seems excessive. I'll look into it more tomorrow (unless anyone else happens to know). 
The flag  --show-component-extension-options used to work but I don't think it does unless it's ignoring it in my shortcut.
+Matthew Garbett I checked yesterday but didn't find any method to force them to show that is currently working, sorry =\
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