Today's Ticket to Watch: Chrome OS Drive API

I've had a good feeling about this "feature" for quite awhile now, and I'm absolutely floored to see it finally suggested by a Chromium Team member. The concept is simple: allow 3rd parties to hook into the Files.app and present a "Drive" in the left navigation. The possibilities are endless - every major Cloud Provider could be integrated directly into the default Files.app. Dropbox, Box.com, MEGA, iCloud, Skydrive, SugarSync, SpiderOak, the list goes on..

It's worth noting this hasn't yet been started, or even assigned rather simply logged as a feature request. I can't confirm whether this is a team decision or just a single member's idea either.

If the idea has you as excited as it has me, star this ticket, you're going to want to watch the progress: http://crbug.com/226233
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