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Today's Ticket to Watch: Chrome OS Drive API

I've had a good feeling about this "feature" for quite awhile now, and I'm absolutely floored to see it finally suggested by a Chromium Team member. The concept is simple: allow 3rd parties to hook into the Files.app and present a "Drive" in the left navigation. The possibilities are endless - every major Cloud Provider could be integrated directly into the default Files.app. Dropbox, Box.com, MEGA, iCloud, Skydrive, SugarSync, SpiderOak, the list goes on..

It's worth noting this hasn't yet been started, or even assigned rather simply logged as a feature request. I can't confirm whether this is a team decision or just a single member's idea either.

If the idea has you as excited as it has me, star this ticket, you're going to want to watch the progress: http://crbug.com/226233
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Could this really mean that Sugarsync files would be easily transferable to Drive??  I would continue my subscription to Sugarsync when my annual renewal comes up if this were to come about relatively soon.  Any guess on how long it would take to implement?
Maybe they have been looking at +Jolicloud 

(Google should just buy them......)
Please also add NAS filer support; at least WebDav. This is awesome news. Thanks for sharing +Craig Tumblison 
That would be great since I have 50GB free in Box that I've yet to use.
It would certainly show 'world+dog' that Google isn't as "Evil" as some claim and not trying to lock customers into 'their' eco-system.
Not adding the feature would in fact prove the opposite, so I hope they make the right decision. It's a crucial one for the future of ChromeOS and Google IMHO.
I submitted a similar ticket a few months ago. I guess it's good that this is coming from a @chromium.org email though.
+Matthew Phillips The email address alone doesn't necessarily signify that said user is relevant to the roadmap. There are thousands of people working in the Chromium Project that have privileges, and not all of them are Google employees. Many commiters are Opera employees, and many other folks are just volunteers.

The key here is the "Project Member" tag next to the email address - that shows they are an individual working directly on the official project.
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