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Let's talk unified messaging.

I think I've just found the first partial legitimate screenshot of the new upcoming messenger service. It comes directly from the Chromium Tracker (http://crbug.com/175603) and the following logic rules out it being the current Chat for Google extension:

1) There is no Chat for Google Icon.
2) There is a G+ Messenger Icon.
3) There is a display photo in the launcher that suggests an open chat window.
4) Looking closely at the chat window screenshot, Chat for Google does not display photos like that.
5) The most recent rumors indicate that the service will be available on Chrome.

With that in mind, I feel confident predicting that the upcoming messenger service will be a Chrome extension and will be loosely based off the current Chat for Google. 

By way of other evidence, I present the following collection of screenshots that feature the G+ Messenger Icon: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aj4v7vSiHBD9dHBQRVRTem9qQ20wOGVKRWF5X29fM1E&usp=sharing

Am I crazy? :)
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Yup, I agree. Definitely a messenger type app.
This reminds me of when +Florian Rohrweck found hints about Google+ in the source code of Buzz pages. Once he published his findings, he soon discovered that his name was mentioned in the comments of the HTML. They hired him shortly after that :-) 
lol @ the unread Gmail count in the screenshot
My unread count is 3,809. I will never catch up :)
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