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In an ongoing effort to improve accessibility, work has started on a new virtual keyboard app for Chrome OS.

The app will be coded in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, which is standard for most packaged apps. Unfortunately, there is some ground work that needs to be addressed first. The team has already committed changes to the Ash Window Manager to allow this new keyboard to "float" on your screen.

Eventually this new app will live at chrome://keyboard/ and a flag will soon be available in Chromium OS builds to enable it (--enable-virtual-keyboard).

Attached image is of the old keyboard :)

Main Ticket:
Changes to Ash:
Pending Review:


Disclaimer: This post, as with the majority of content I share, is to be considered alpha information. While I won't share anything that isn't explicitly mentioned in the tracker / code review / a commit, Chromium is a quick moving project. It isn't uncommon for new features to drastically change or even get scrapped entirely before making it into a stable build. My intention is simply to catalog changes to the project code as it happens, not to predict future features or speak on behalf of the project.
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I bet that this has stopped tablet maker's from dumping windows 8 and replacing with Chrome OS. Hopefully this will change soon.
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