Google's Chromebook Central Forum: The Best Help You Never Knew Existed

This article from +Chrome Unboxed sheds some light on the Google Product Forums, a collection of user-powered support communities for Google products / services and one of the best support resources available on the web.

The magic for these communities isn't a secret - it's the volunteers. The work put into building and maintaining these communities on the Google side is dwarfed by the time and expertise that volunteers contribute on a daily basis.

It's more than just collective expertise though; it's also people driven. The rising stars and top contributors are some of the most friendly people in the world and truly embrace what it means to be Googley. On that same note, I'm aware of at least three top contributors who converted into Googlers - myself included ;)

If you haven't given the support forums a try yet, please keep them in mind when your next software / hardware issue appears.
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