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Meet the brand new Hangouts app for Chrome!

The Hangouts for Chrome app is getting a large update today that includes a brand new view. To be clear, this update affects the Hangouts app (the floating bubbles) and not the older Chrome extension.

The bubbles aren't gone, however, and you have the choice to easily switch between them in the settings. I'm finding the new view feels more like a true messenger app, which I've always wanted Hangouts to be.

You can force the update right now by opening a new tab, visiting chrome://extensions, ticking the "Developer Mode" box, and then clicking the "Update Extensions Now" button.

What do you think of the new view? Do you prefer the floating bubbles, or a more app-like design?

#Chrome   #Hangouts  
A beautiful material update to the Hangouts Chrome App is rolling out now. This new design to the Hangouts Chrome App brings along a new option to switch between the 'Transparent UI' and 'Single-window UI' which should please...
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+Gabriel Walsh you should just delete it disable the extension having both is pointless.
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Craig Tumblison

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A brand new look is rolling out now to the official Google Product Forums!

This design brings a fresh look to the support forums that will hopefully allow users to more quickly get answers to their questions. To my knowledge it should be rolling out to all product forums today.

You can head over to Chromebook Central, the Chromebook support forum, to take a peek at the new interface right now:!forum/chromebook-central

Enjoy, and be sure to post a question if you have one! :)

#GPF   #Redesign  
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This makes the forums look so pretty now!
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Craig Tumblison

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TunnelBear has just launched a Chrome extension that helps to protect your privacy on a Chromebook!

TunnelBear is a Canadian company famous for making super easy to use privacy tools. They specialize in VPN services that allow your phone and computers to be secure when using public WiFi hotspots. Their service also allows you to "tunnel" into another country to get around content blocking by governments or media companies.

Today TunnelBear is launching a public beta version of their new Chrome extension. When installed, it will protect everything you do in Chrome by running it through an encrypted web proxy.

For Chromebook users, almost everything you do should be encrypted, making it a great tool to have. For Windows, Mac, or Linux users, please note that only your Chrome connection will be secured - not the rest of your system's traffic.

TunnelBear offers a free plan for those with low data usage, or a very cheap paid plan for everyone else. I personally pay for their unlimited plan and use the service frequently. I've been privately testing the extension for a few weeks now and I have nothing but positive things to say about it.

If you want to give it a try, download it from the Chrome Web Store today!

Interested in learning more? You can check out the help center articles for the new Chrome extension here:

#ChromeOS   #TunnelBear  
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I can now either use the app or under connections choose the TunnelBear connection. I can use either but things get weird sometimes if both the app and chained wifi vpn are used together.

Also, although I am unlimited data, I am guessing you aren't really supposed to use this all the time? I can, but it seems to have issues with youtube sometimes.
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Craig Tumblison

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Another episode is rolling off the press!
Episode 4: Books, Boxes, Bases, and Bits is now available!

On this episode of Chromebooks Today the team takes a look at 13 new Chrome devices, including some Chromebooks, some rugged Chromeboxes, a slick Chromebase, and a Chrome...bit?

- The Newest Chromebox, Chromebase PCs Aren’t For You - via OMG! Chrome!

- Two New Chromebooks from Compal and RGS Emerge Online - via OMG! Chrome!

- ASUS To Launch the ‘Most Affordable Chromebook To Date’ - via OMG! Chrome!

- Acer Announces Tegra K1 Powered Touch Screen All-in-One Chromebase - via Chrome Story


- CTL Launches Education’s Cheapest 4GB Chromebook - via OMG! Chrome!

- ASUS Launches an $249 Convertible Chromebook With a Touchscreen - via Chrome Story

- Tegra K1 Powered Acer C810 Shows Up Online - via Chrome Story

- New Chromebooks from Hisense and Haier Start at $149 - via Chrome Story - Google Unveils a Stick That Turns Any Display Into a PC - via Wired

Join us next week for another episode of Chromebooks Today!

#Chromebook   #Podcast  
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Craig Tumblison

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What happens when you plug two chargers into the new Chromebook Pixel?

Note: Disappointingly, this explanation does not include any risk of explosions.

The new Chromebook Pixel features two USB Type-C ports that can be used for charging, one placed on each side of the device. This design has made many people curious about what would happen if you plug two chargers in at the same time.

Some people have churned the data and come to the conclusion that it will charge twice as fast up until the very second that it explodes (in 4K resolution, of course). Others have compared it to an oven, where doubling the temperature doesn't necessarily mean the food will cook in half the time.

Reality is boring, however. In truth, the new Chromebook Pixel is smart enough to auto-detect which connected charger can supply the most power (up to 60W) and then switch to using it exclusively. At no time should the Pixel draw a charge from both ports, just the one supplying the most power.

That should help to reduce the chance of explosions, but don't allow it to damper your outlook on the charging time of a Pixel 2. The included "fast charge" technology can (under ideal conditions) supply 2 hours worth of a charge in just 15 minutes. That might just be faster than plugging two chargers into an average laptop ;)


This mystery was solved by a Chromium developer in a reddit thread:

Source code for determining which connected charger can supply the most power:

Source code for switching to accepting power input from that charger:

Photo "Explosion" by Andrew Kuznetsov is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. Find it on Flickr:

#Pixel   #Charger  
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Great post. I'm actually impressed with the boring reality. Somebody actually gave some serious thought to the fact that some crazy smart people would plug two chargers in.
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Craig Tumblison

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Let's talk about the Pixel charger.

Yes, it uses the new Type-C design and allows for USB charging. That's excellent! Many reviews seem to have skipped just how generally awesome the charger is though. It's a really cool piece of engineering.

The Pixel arrives with two separate cables. One includes the "brick" and a small plug-in piece for use with an outlet. The other cable is an extension, allowing you to make the cord longer (or use an outlet without plugging the brick in directly - handy for power strips).

It's pretty painless to switch between the two, which means that you could carry both with you in a bag. That way if you need to charge but find yourself facing an outlet that the "brick" won't fit into, you can plug in the extension and roll.

As for heat, the charger does get warm to the touch. It's not "hot" by any stretch, but warm just like many other laptop chargers. I'm hopeful that we'll avoid another HP 11 incident :)

Fast charging is definitely a real thing. I haven't done any timed tests (and don't plan to considering others have), but it's much quicker than I'm used to. I'm going to love that.

Another super cool trick I discovered is that the "plug-in" adapters actually fit into a slot that is standard for desktop computer power (US, anyway). I was able to unplug my Chromebox and plug it's power cord into the Pixel brick directly and begin charging. Those cables may be easy to come by if you need a longer cable than the included extension cord can offer.

It's obvious that a lot of time and energy went into making this design as functional as possible.

Now I just need more devices that can accept the Type-C input for charging :)

#Pixel   #Charger  
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+James Tenniswood No, it does not. Hopefully those will be available for purchase in the future though.
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Craig Tumblison

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Spending some time with the Amazon Dash button: a mini review.

You may have heard about the Amazon Dash button around April Fool's day. It was announced a little early, and many people automatically assumed it was little more than a fun hoax. It wasn't - and the buttons are now shipping to early adopters (clickers?).

Three arrived on my doorstep today, and I've spent some time trying to size them up. These are my thoughts so far.


The packaging is designed quite well. The buttons themselves are small, and the packaging was too. It has a clear plastic window on the front allowing you to quickly spot which button is which before you open them. Each button is marked with a brand name, and from my testing they don't appear to be programmable.

As is common with many Amazon branded products, it comes in "frustration free packaging", which I found to be a correct assessment.


These buttons are WiFi devices. Yes, that's right, WiFi devices. To set them up you need to install the Amazon Shopping app on your mobile phone (not simply the "Amazon" app - it failed without an error message several times until I realized I needed a different app). Once you have the correct app, set up is a breeze. It guides you step by step to activating the button, connecting to your WiFi network, and then choosing which quantity of the product you want to order.

The setup works by connecting your smartphone directly to the button, and then passing along your WiFi network credentials. Chromecast owners will recognize the process.

For those curious about the internals of the device, Matt over at Amateur Radio has a tear down with some interesting details. He speculates the cost to make them are probably higher than what Amazon is selling them for. Are brands making up for the difference, or is Amazon taking the loss?

Canceling an order

My biggest question revolved around canceling an order once it has been placed, because let's face it, if you use of these you're going to need to at some point. The process is the same as any Amazon purchase. It does send you a notification to your smartphone after an order has been placed, but it took mine almost 10 minutes to arrive. Depending on how quickly Amazon can process orders, that may be too long for an accidental press.

There is a setting that prevents multiple presses from registering multiple orders. It can be overridden, but by default it is designed to save you from 30 orders of Tide showing up at your door.


I'm probably not going to be using these things, at least not yet. There is limited brand selection at the moment, but hopefully it will be expanded soon.

I can imagine a future where the inside doors of pantries are lined with these in a vending machine like fashion, allowing us to quickly reorder chips or popcorn when it is running low. Detergent and paper towels are handy too, but they don't appeal to me when I'm hungry, and that's when I'm most likely to press a button :)

Want your own? Stock appears to be low, but hit the link below to keep an eye on the availability of the Tide version:

Here's the official landing page for the Dash button program:

As always, I'm happy to answer questions! :)

#Amazon   #Dash   #Button  
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+Leo Laporte+Mike Elgan+Lisa Laporte+Jason Howell

You all need to get +Craig Tumblison​ on TWIT
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We're making it even easier to tune in to the Chromebooks Today podcast!
Find Chromebooks Today on iTunes!

We just received the good news that iTunes has approved our application. We should begin appearing in search results soon, and you can head to the direct listing page below to subscribe.

If you don't use iTunes, we make it easy to find us in other ways.

- Pocket Casts users can find us using this direct link:

- You can also subscribe to our RSS feed using our direct feed URL:

- If you don't use a podcasting app, all of our episodes are available for instant playback on Youtube:

If you can't find us in your favorite app, let us know and we'll apply to their directory as soon as we can.

Thanks for listening!
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Great! I love pocket cast, thanks for adding it.
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Episode 5: Stable Update and Ample App Coverage is streaming now!

This week James and Craig share some of their favorite apps and extensions for their Chrome devices.

Show Notes:

The Chrome OS Stable Channel has been updated to M42 - via Google Chrome Releases

Chrome will be supported on Windows XP through the end of 2015 - via Official Chrome Blog

Apps and Extensions:

One Click Extension Manager - via Chrome Web Store

Pushbullet - via Chrome Web Store

Cloud9 - via Chrome Web Store

Codeanywhere - via Chrome Web Store

[Non-Chrome App] Brackets - via Adobe Brackets

[Non-Chrome App] Filezilla - via Filezilla Project

Center Image - via Chrome Web Store

Imagus - via Chrome Web Store

Screencastify - via Chrome Web Store

Techsmith SnagIt (Craig's Screencast Tool) - via Chrome Web Store

Mini Mirror - via Chrome Web Store

Bubble Mirror - via Chrome Web Store

[Non-Chrome App] LICEcap - via Chrome Web Store

MiniLock - via Chrome Web Store

Data Saver (Beta) - via Chrome Web Store

Pushbullet Channels:

Find this episode and many more at our website, www.Chromebooks.Today!

#Chromebook   #Podcast  
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+Jo Welde Glad to hear! :)
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Craig Tumblison

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The files app now has support for WebDAV thanks to a new app that makes use of the fileSystemProvider API.

+Yoichiro Tanaka, the man behind the popular Dropbox, OneDrive, and sFTP apps, has just released "WebDAV File System", a simple app that mounts WebDAV shares directly into the files app on Chrome OS.

For power users, it is worth noting that the lock operation isn't supported, and only basic authentication is currently supported. Hopefully the app will expand to include those features soon.

Curious about WebDAV? Wikipedia is happy to provide background reading:

You can install the app from the Chrome Web Store:

You can also find the source code on GitHub:

Check out some of Yoichiro's other apps on the Chrome Web Store:

File System for Dropbox:

File System for OneDrive:

SFTP File System:

#ChromeOS   #WebDAV   #FilesApp  
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Does anyone know if this will work with 'OneDrive for Business' using ADFS
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Craig Tumblison

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Want to help make Chrome OS better? Try the Chrome OS Beta Channel!

The stable channel is alright, but everyone knows that beta channel users have more fun! Rolling out soon to the beta channel are some really cool new features:

Chrome Launcher 2.0

The new launcher is the best way to start new activities on Chrome OS, like performing a Google search or launching apps.  It's fast, simple, and helps you get things done. We've enhanced search to help you find what you are looking for faster, put the apps you most often use right at your fingertips, and brought the power of Google Now to your Chromebook.  Rolling out to Beta within the week.

Password-protected ZIP support

You can now unzip password-protected ZIP files in a snap!

Timezone Autoupdate

Users travelling with a Chromebook are now in for a treat!  Chrome OS will automatically detect a change in location and update your system’s timezone.

Material Design

Files App is the first app to get a fresh coat of paint. Be on the lookout for others soon! 


Spot an issue while using the beta channel? Head to the unofficial Chrome OS Testing group to report it and share workarounds:


Want to upgrade to the beta channel? Get started here:


Warning! If you switch to Beta, and it’s too bumpy for you, you can switch back. Just know that switching from Beta back to Stable Channel will delete all local data on your Chromebook, such as downloaded files, photos, owner permissions, and saved networks for every account. It will be like getting a new Chromebook: all users will have to re-add their Google accounts.


You can find more information about the Chrome OS Beta Channel here:


Happy beta testing!
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+Olivia Jeffries Great question!

The new Google Now cards will start rolling out soon, likely starting early next week. 
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Craig Tumblison

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Chrome OS Testing: The known issue of the wallpaper app's icon not displaying correctly has now been fixed!

As part of improvements to M42, a new icon for the wallpaper app was added. Unfortunately that process didn't go smoothly, so there was a short period of time where the default "no icon available" icon was displayed instead. Once a fix was created in M43, it still needed to be merged back to M42. Thankfully, that has now been completed and the icon should be working for everyone.

A major thanks goes out to everyone that helped to track this. You can find the full thread on the testing community:


What is Chrome OS Testing? Chrome OS Testing is an unofficial community for people that use the Chrome OS canary, dev, or beta channels. If you want to check for known issues, report a new problem, or just stay up to date on what's new in these builds, check us out!

#CrOSTesting   #WallpaperIcon  
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