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This is pretty freaking cool. It is amazing how far augmented reality technology has come...
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I realize it's a promo video, but man is it hilariously over-produced. If they would cut out the CG embellishments and let me see the product, I might actually be able to judge if this might be useful!
Totally agree. I've often found that major brands tend to overdo their promo videos across the board. From what I've seen, mobile app developers tend to be the best at demoing their products on YouTube.
Jon Dye
That's actually a heads up display, something which has been around for over 30 years :P
It's too high. You have to take your eyes off the road to see it. The display needs to be integrated into the scene better and displayed further out so you can look at it and look at cars/road through it.
We will soon discover people can have car crashes even while looking at the windshield, because they weren't paying attention to what they should have seen through it.

After all, most distracted cellphone users aren't looking at the phone when they crash their cars. They're staring ahead, but not noticing the traffic around them.
Jon Dye
sort of how speedometers, etc are anyways. just in a MORE convenient location. quit derping you guys
Good Afternoon folks - late start for me. I just got back from the Hospital dentist who's checked out my impacted wisdom tooth and decided to end its days. Another unpleasant fact of life but I got away with this one for 20 years
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