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I had to read this headline twice this morning. I'm guessing that most of you agree with me that Google+ does not belong on this infographic. Thoughts???
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They must have missed the memo that G+ has more monthly than anyone except FB.
Wasn't Google+ the second most largest in Active members? Also Google+ is really the only one out there that is keeping up with Facebook
I think they missed a few memos along the way...
LOL oh we love politics.. perhaps those who have never really joined groups or found interesting people on google plus feel it is failing. However if you like cats, dogs, religious pictures and the likes then facebook is an astounding success. Where the rest of us will be considered 'nerds' and use an aging beast
I view this as one of those "Oh crap, if I don't file a story I will get my butt chewed" pieces of deadline drivel.
they have a nice infographic.. however google search queries do not base user count or current activity. And lets not forget the 100's of thousands of fake accounts on facebook... or the fact that they cant grow any larger and are trying to penetrate the 13 year old market - not taking out of context.
+Craig Smith G+ definitely doesn't belong on the infographic.  That graphic is short on real info and big on broad judgments. It's purely link bait.
+Craig Smith  Part of good marketing is creating controversial articles which get comments, shares, etc.
Someone seems quite biased and obviously never looked at any real data. Google Plus has reached the number two position for active users against Face Book, last I checked.  
I love it when controversy thrill seekers pronounce thriving, high functioning platforms dead.
big kid who wasnt invited to the party makes own party... I had tp laugh on that one. I have been an early adopter of G+ and hell I like this better than FB and a lot of those sites combined, and yeah like what it says already, we #2 in the list of most used behind FB, so I guess if you're a site other than FB it's a fail
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