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What do you think? Will #Instagram change their social share feature in the future and kick out the other networks?
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I doubt it because that is the whole allure of the program to begin with. If Instagram under Facebook removes the multiple service sharing it will be replaced by something else. You can find photo apps that will take a picture and apply a filter everywhere. The social nature of the instagram product and the ability to quickly and easily share that photo with multiple services is what makes it useful and special to begin with. Changing that will just mean it won't be the go to photo sharing app any more.

A better question is was the Android release a condition of the purchase? They go from being available to roughly half the smartphone world to almost 100% with the Android release. The timing seems more than coincidental.
in all honesty no idea.

according to the BBC News report on fb buying instagram it says

"Facebook's chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has pledged to continue to develop Instagram as a separate brand, allowing it to post to rival networks."

but, fb could very well turn round and say no and turn it off.

I do think that it lessens the chance of the feature being added so you can share directly to g+ like you can already with fb, tumblr, twitter and foursquare
+Jim Wall well that is moot anyway until Google releases an API that allows for that kind of integration to begin with.
but, even if google released the api today i reckon the chances are less now that fb own instagram that the feature would be added
+Jim Wall that would be an interesting tell for Facebook's truthfulness about the subject, I challenge Google to call their bluff! :)
I don't think they'll stop seeing among other networks. It would limit the spread of the program.
From my perspective Facebook is still the network. Though plus is busier now, I still dont see the same daily life integration. People have not immersed themselves with plus, nobody is going around and saying "+" that. They say like, or thumbs up. 
Not sticking around to find out. I deleted my account. I just started using instagram, so not a hard decision.
Well so far my instagram does the same thing it did yesterday and I'll use it as long as it does and as long as I enjoy using it. If it stops being useful or interesting I'll stop using it.
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