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This bad boy is updated for February. You know a list is getting long when you have to use ctrl-F to find an item you need to update...

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What about all those charts last week saying plus passed twitter? 
crap thanks. I just updated the G+ total. I had it bookmarked. Not sure why I missed it. G+ is ahead of Twitter in active users but a bit behind in total users. Not that that makes a huge difference.
Feels like this list is best as a guideline rather than a meaningful ranking--there are way too many different metrics.
+Catherine B. oh ya, I definitely never meant for it to be any sort of ranking. It is purely a "who has what" post. I sort it loosely by totals primarily to make editing and updating it a bit easier for me. I have been toying with the idea of just making it alphabetical to eliminate any confusion, but just never got around to it yet.
Just posted this and am referencing it in a talk I am giving in NYC next week. thank you!
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