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@train delivered a solid version of Ramble On in addition to their own hits tonight at the SD county fair

Niall's BU10 team won their third beach soccer tournament of the season today. Well done boys...kings of the beach this year!

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OK map geeks.  Trove of historical maps  See google maps overlays:

Congrats to the bu10 #cardiffmustangs on their @beachsoccerjam mission bay tourney victory! Well done boys!

Best spring day ever @MammothMountain? Warm, sunny, fantastic spring snow, and 3 kids off the top.  But...#lastdayoftheyear :(

The boys ran 21:14 and 21:57 in the #carlsbad5000 "peoples walk".  On the weekend, they were the 11th and 14th fastest 12 & under, and 3rd and 4th in 10 & under. #fast  little suckers.

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Honk if you want open planning models.  @jmarca and I just posted for @knightfdn...#newschallenge for #opengov . 

Left knee done in on the breakaway by a reckless bump from the beaten and unrepentant defender. Probably MCL damage. Time will tell how bad. #notevenayellow

Alas, in a sacrifice to fashion my daughter will forgo lunch today because the backup lunch box is the "stupid Hello Kitty one"

Goodbye to Arjis, our wonderful flat coated retriever, who succumbed to lung cancer today. Gophers in the hereafter better stay on their toes.
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