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No. 119 was not the only locomotive at Promontory Summit on May 10, 1869. Also joining in the party was Central Pacific Railroad's Jupiter. This replica sits opposite of  No. 199, just as it's predecessor did so many  years ago.

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Connecting A Nation

Is #TransportationTuesday still a thing? It's been a while since I posted anything for it, but I'm pretty sure this fits well.

We visited Golden Spike National Historic Site in Utah. This is the place where the railroads met to connect the nation by rail. There is a lot of history to be learned there, plus the steam locomotives are awesome.

This is just a phone shot, but will have to do as I have not edited the ones from the camera yet.
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My apologies for sharing such an extremely low resolution version of this last night. I'm giving it another try to see if it works better.
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Thankfully I missed ME for the most part. It came out right at the end of the time that I was doing tech work, and I only had to work with one computer that had it. Vista was pretty much ME2, but still was better than 8.
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No. 119

This is a replica of Union Pacific Railroad No. 119. It's sitting at Promontory Summit in Utah, the same location that the original No. 119 was on May 10, 1869 when the first transcontinental railroad was completed.

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Lightroom Mobile Help, Please

I recently acquired a new phone, the LG G4. The camera features appealed to me, including the ability to shoot in RAW.

This is where LR Mobile comes in. I set it to import new photos into a collection, but only the RAW, DNG, images. If I'm going to edit JPGs, I'm going to do so with Snapseed.

So, some questions/quandaries that I have:

1.) LR Mobile also shows another collection, which is basically all the photos that were on the SD card from my previous phone. It does give me the option to remove the collection, however, the dialog that pops up makes it seem that it will remove the photos themselves. Can I safely tell it to remove the collection and expect my photos to remain on the card?

2.) LR on my desktop synced several photos from my phone, however it doesn't appear to have synced any of the DNG files, just the JPGs. Is there a setting to get it to sync these that I might be missing? It would be nice to be able to work with the RAW files on the desktop, but I really don't care about doing so with the JPGs.

3.) When sharing photos directly out of the LR Mobile app, such as this one here, they seem to nearly always be a very small image size. Is there a setting in LR Mobile to change this, or it is something with the phone itself? It seems useless to share if it's always going to end up this small.

In summary, is it safe to remove a collection from the app, how do I sync my DNG files to my desktop, and how do I share the images at a decent image size?

I have other questions, that perhaps I'll raise in another post, but they really are not LR Mobile specific.

Thank you for your help.
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Snack Time

An older photo, but thought I would throw it out there. Isn't is #SquirrelSaturday or something anyway?

A Question:
My wife has so wonderfully volunteered me to put together a photo slideshow later this year. Do anyone have suggestions as to which software to use?

I have Lightroom, so can use that without much issue, but I'm wondering if there might be something else worth checking out.

It's best if it's free, as I don't want to spend money if I don't have to. I'm cheap that way. It would be nice to be able to incorporate videos along with stills, but not a necessity. Music may, or many not, be involved as well. Simple is good, as I don't want something with a steep learning curve, nor do I need the end result to be super elaborate. I would like to have the option to output to a video format for the purpose of creating DVD or posting to YouTube, etc. I know that some slideshow software creates only .exe files for use on the computer only.

Okay, go...
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fabulous #squirrelsaturday  picture
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Advice, opinions, knowledge, etc. requested.
re: smartphones

Next month I'm due for a phone upgrade. We don't necessarily always do so right away, but plan to this time due to issues with my wife's phone.

Currently we each have the Samsung SIII.

I'm thinking that I want something with a larger screen. I don't really use it as a phone that often, and would be more apt to use it more as a tablet than anything, hence the larger screen would be nice. The wife would still prefer something close in size to what she has.

Some of the models that I've considered for myself are:
Samsung Note 4
Nexus 6

To me, one big plus of the first two is the ability to change batteries. Another is the ability to add an SD card for additional memory.

Am I crazy to think those are valuable features, or are there advantages to the completely closed phones with no method to change batteries or add memory?

The major issue with my wife's current phone is that it won't charge. We have a 2nd battery and external charger so that she can still use the phone, although she has to change the battery a couple times a day.

Are there any other 5+" screen phones that I should consider? Possibly the HTC One M9? We're currently on Verizon, and intend to stay, unless another carrier truly has the coverage area and reliability that we've experienced with VZW.

Also, what smaller phone would be a good choice for my wife? The S5 perhaps, or something else entirely?

Okay, release the opinions. Thank you.
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Momma, wait for me.

We headed down to visit the redwoods this past weekend. Figured it would be a little cooler than the forecast temperatures at home. We were mostly right.

While heading back yesterday, we stopped at an elk viewing area, which was empty. As we were heading out, we just happened to get to see this mother and baby appear out of the tree line, cross the road intersecting the meadow, and disappear into the opposite tree line.

Sometimes timing really does work out perfectly.
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Husband, Father, Photographer.
Born in California, raised in Illinois, educated in Texas, I'm now living in Oregon.

First and foremost I'm a husband and a father. My passion is photography. I have shot a number of weddings and portraits, as well as a plethora of other subjects. I'm been taking photos for more than half my life (of course, my 9 year old can say that too.) For 10+ years I worked for a local camera store chain in various positions such as sales clerk, store manager, and processing lab manager. Now I'm trying to concentrate on my photography as a business and hopeful source of income while otherwise dealing with unemployment.

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Clean, good breakfast, and friendly staff.
Public - a month ago
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Window was not clear for our ocean view. Bathroom door did not latch. Otherwise seemed clean, but aged. Price not really in line with amenities.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
I normally like Red Robin, and my family has eaten there on several occasions. Last night we decided to go again. I went inside to see how long the wait would be, as it was obviously quite busy. I entered the restaurant and stood near their little station, whatever it's called, while they were calling out a few parties. I was there for several minutes and absolutely no one acknowledged me in any way. The final straw was when another lady walked in, and within 15 seconds someone was asking her for her name to add it to the list. We didn't eat there because, apparently, I'm invisible and the staff couldn't be bothered enough to find out that there was a party of 5 wanting to eat. For what it's worth, this is not the first time this has happened, although it has been quite some time. Will we be back? Most likely. Am I upset at their extreme lack of customer service and common courtesy? Absolutely.
• • •
Public - 2 years ago
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5 reviews
Clean and comfortable.
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
Food is decent, but definitely not great. Wait times are a bit much, especially since it was a Thursday night and really not too busy. How long are we supposed to wait for them to bring the bill anyway? Certainly not a go to place when we're wondering what is for dinner.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago