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Craig Morrison
Professional game maker, amateur everything else.
Professional game maker, amateur everything else.


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Plague Drones
More Blightwar models completed as I tackled the three Plague Drones that come in the box. The bonus is that these guys can be used for both my 40k Death Guard army, and a generic Chaos or Nurgle army in Age of Sigmar. I tried to replicate the grimy / dirty...

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The Blightwar Commences
With the release of the latest starter box for Age of Sigmar I couldn't resist diving in. The box contains models that will help with both my Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar collections, so it just made sense. The real draw though was the excellent new char...

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Nurgle Helbrute
The latest addition to my growing Death Guard Legion was a converted Nurgle Helbrute, so Dark Vengeance meets Dark Imperium! This one was a lot of fun to tackle, but not without it's challenges.  I wanted to go beyond the original model, and make it feel mo...

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Podcasted - Indie Insider
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with the folks from the Indie Insider podcast and got to chat about all things game development. We talked about a myriad of things relating to making your way in the games industry. You'll have to put up w...

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Trying to capture the stars!
I took the opportunity when in the Alps last week to try something new. Something I had always wanted to try my hand at! Night Sky Photography.  We don't exactly have the best conditions for it here in Southern California, but when we were on vacation up in...

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Sharing is Awesome - Devcom 2017
Last week was the inaugural Developers Conference ahead of Gamescom in Germany. I had the honor of delivering a session as part of the conference. It was a great experience, and it was fantastic to get to meet more European developers and get to share some ...

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The Poxwalker Hordes
When it comes to starting a new faction or force in a tabletop game, I'm usually a little intimidated by those large infantry units with lots of models. It's the reason I've never made an Orc army, despite loving their aesthetic in the Warhammer 40k univers...

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Inbound to Devcom
Less than a week until the Devcom developer's conference in Cologne, Germany, and I'm looking forward to getting the chance to speak.  I'll be giving a session on the merits of creative collaboration, and how to organize teams to build trust. This is a subj...

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Pyre - Why Evolution Trumps Repetition
When the folks at Supergiant Games, they of Bastion and Transistor fame, announced their next game was going to be a magical sports game, there were lots of questions about what that would actually mean. That games is Pyre , and what it has meant is that Su...

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Must Play - July Edition
This month sees a decidedly eclectic selection of games that have caught my attention, and grabbed at my available play time this month. (Which in itself says something in a month I've spent playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm again. Mainly because I am *r...
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