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Craig Kempson
I'm sorry, my conscience called in sick again.
I'm sorry, my conscience called in sick again.

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So... front page of BBC News and we have some gems:

"Four held in sickening filmed attack"
"My Mom's partner tried to kill us"

There's a lot wrong in the world. :(


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Without sounding like an advert... Becca bought me a OneBlade for Christmas. Have just had my first shave with it.

Jesus Christ, it's magical. I actually enjoyed shaving, which - let's face it - is a big step for me.

Credit where credit is due +Philips, its a nice bit of kit. 

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Saw the +Wileyfox​ Swift 2 Plus review at +Stuff​.

Key quote comes towards the end: "Let’s not forget this is a budget phone and is a worthy of consideration on those merits alone."

I've been really pleased with what I've seen of my wife's and think the review is completely fair. So many reviews compare it to flagships that are two, three or four times the price and that's complete misrepresentation.

Am convinced my next phone (once my 5X is done) will be something "cheap" like this as opposed to spending money on that year's flagship. There's so much competition and so many phones are now "good enough" that I'm starting to lose interest in the market leaders and their next-iteration-of-their-last-iteration. 

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Great article; the problem with Nintendo is they haven't moved with the times and seem utterly clueless as to how to modernise.

If I buy a game on my account, I expect that I can take that game and its saved data to another console. If my console fails, I don't expect to have to send it to the manufacturer (with its replacement) to have the saved data migrated.

Finally, if I buy a console, I expect to be able to buy some games for it. How many third party developers have ditched Nintendo because of their ineptitude?

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Great giveaway, already own FKU but Focus looks good whilst 5217 seems like it might work for me at work.

Happy holidays!

To celebrate this festive period FKUpdater will be on a 30% OFF sale until the 1st of January. Get it here:
It recently added support for the Pixel, One Plus 3 and One Plus 3T and has a boat load of features to help you manage your rooted device with FK (and with some other Kernels too), and more to come!

But that's not all! Up until the 1st of January you also have a chance to win a bundle of promo codes containing some of my popular apps, worth at least $10/10€:
- FKUpdater
- 5217
- Focus

You simply have to re-share this post and I'll randomly choose 25 users from the re-shares pool. I'll announce the winners on the 7th of January, 1 week after this sale ends.

Xmas icons made by the one and only +Liam Spradlin, follow him for more of his magical work.

Post ID: kJ8vvM3P+7Xju?LnKq^5

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Note to family and friends:

Leave Yahoo! now. They've had more than enough chances to get this shit right, and they persistently keep fucking it up.

There's more than enough ways to migrate your data to Gmail (or Hotmail or something else if you prefer) that saying it's too difficult to switch is simply not an excuse.

"Who are you going to marry then Harry? Emma?"








"Who are you going to marry then mate?"


Ok then!


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"cyber physical systems"


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Theresa May was a massive advocate for this when Home Secretary. I remember moaning about it then.

She's PM now, and in it comes. Utterly disgraceful, we're supposed to be an example of a civilised society, not an example of how to out-do China and Russia at their own games! 

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Yeah, OK hell freezes over etc... but look who's joined the .NET Foundation as well! 
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