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Sorry, guys, but Google+ just isn't as fun as it used to be anymore. Regardless what anyone says, 43 million users, 50 million, whatever, engagement seems to be falling. The "newness" of Hangouts has faded. And while search is great, it seems I keep running into the same people in results?

The changes Facebook has made recently have drawn me back into that network in a significant way. I have Timeline now, and keep adding to it. It helps to reflect back on my life, try to make sense of the past and where I want to go, and it generates profound emotions to see so many memories front and center about what is truly important in life -- for instance, family.

It's also interesting to combine friends with those just interested in following me for whatever reason through subscribe, and there's been some fascinating discussions lately. Also, Facebook just nailed smart lists and Google+'s stream is less interesting now that I can see the Facebook activity of so many different groups including Facebook employees.

Does anyone else feel this way? Am I alone? I think +Ellis Hamburger's post articulates most how I feel in terms of the reasons Facebook has jumped so far ahead of Google+.

I'd love to hear what people think and reasons why I'm wrong or should give Google+ another honest shot. Particularly would love to hear from folks like +Robert Scoble +Tom Anderson +Mike Elgan +Christina Trapolino +Paul Allen +Ryan Crowe if they care to comment.
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Ka Wong
it's totally a joke.
My only real problem is that it's a bit like an echo chamber in here at times. The same content being shared around, the same topics being discussed with exactly the same opinions and the number 1 topic of discussion that doesn't seem to go away: FaceBook. It's all anyone talks about.
+Craig Kanalley Seriously? We've got so many cool apps coming now that the API is out. The newness of Hangouts might be over, but the fact that 80% of the best ones are private is why you're not seeing all the great applications they're being used for. They are still in my opinion the absolute biggest step in social networking technology in the last 20 years. Nothing since the advent of chat on BBSes has brought more people connected in a way they've never been before... that is what the hundreds of millions will discover and come here from Facebook for. Many are doing it, but not broadcasting it... it's about communication not publication.
It's not a joke. Just being honest that I'm losing interest in G+ and Facebook has really drawn me in with their recent changes.
it has to be a joke. no sane person would actually think that way.
+Craig Kanalley I believe that when Google integrates Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Music, and more into Google+, you will change your mind...
Really? I've seen some engagement slow down to some extent, but I certainly haven't been drawn into anything facebooky. The walled garden just makes me too mad. It's the same reason I won't buy an iPhone I suppose...
+Sonny Williamson I feel like conversation about Facebook has increased in the last week or two. As you guys know, I use Google+ every day, but I'm started to wonder if I should stop doing that. Kudos to Facebook for garnering so much attention with their recent moves.
I thought that about Twitter too, then I learned I was not educated enough, and so on,. and so on...good luck to you. The engagement with the 'same' people is about whom you engage with, I would suggest. At least for me, quality, and it is here.
No problem +Ellis Hamburger .. I think what's happened in my case is less a case of Google+ being bad and more Facebook just making great moves. Spending more time there.
I agree with much of what is written in that article. So why do I still like G+ better?
Hey +Josh Saunders, definitely not alone. Should show you my real-time stream and all the awesome people posting on Facebook. Careful about generalizations.
For the record, I'm barely able to keep up with my activity feed on G+. In fact, I'm a bit overwhelmed at times.

On Facebook? I have to dig around to find comments on my own posts (notifications rarely work), and all my "friends" are posting 3 word updates trying to get attention. The ones who ARE posting more than that are complaining about the Facebook "enhancements." In the last few days, I hear way more anti-FB rhetoric on Facebook than over here on G+. :-)
+Craig Kanalley If you like FB so much, you'll love AOL. Here, I just sent you a disc with hours & hours of free time included.
We are reading this here, rather than there.
I said almost a year ago that Facebook had jumped the shark and still believe it to be true. They've lost our trust and once again implement changes that show they don't care and won't win it back. I've got 70000 members on fan pages there that will be moving here as soon as I'm able. I stopped all paid advertising there in April and have seen as good or better return by putting it all into ads elsewhere. I expect the ROI to be better on G+ as I trust Google's analytics and perceive the userbase here to be more authentic. I know many people on Facebook who have 10, 20 or more ID's. I can show you a guy who's been playing multiple ID's for years. 750... 850M No way...500-600M... perhaps.
Facebook moves stuff around on the UI once a year. I don't really see the fuss.
Im still very much a g+ convert - left facebook pretty much for good
We've completely flip-flopped! I deactivated my Facebook account today and plan to move all of that type of activity over here. That said, I think we need to wait and see what happens when Facebook rolls out all of the changes they've announced to the (unsuspecting) general public. Either people will love them, or hate them and that's really going to determine the fate of Google+ as either a solid alternative to Facebook for people who want fewer bells and whistles and (arguably) more privacy or to seal G+'s fate as an also-ran that will continue to grow in numbers (albeit more slowly) but decline in activity. I'm betting on former (for now). But we'll see how it plays out.
Bill G
Engagement for me has exploded. I believe whatever you are seeking lies elsewhere, so it is good that you seek it where it is. G+ will miss you, but will probably survive. 
Kam Siu
the problem i have with face book is that eventually you reach a point where you friend all your possible close friends. and once a while you'll add a new friend here or there. but after i start adding complete strangers on facebook commenting stupid things or taking stupid pictures. i really don't care where you check in. i dont really care why you're pissed off at your boss.

all i want is some stimulating conversations
thanks for sharing man! i appreciate it! I realize that it's not necessarily a popular view, but it happens to be my opinion. I welcome rebuttals (as long as they are constructive)!
Engagement is way down? (comment #32)
I don't think you are alone, I'm in the same boat - I think you just can't beat the "full package" facebook is offering. I'd love to enjoy G+ but it's just not got the same functionality. I try to be impartial but I just...need more TO DO on here before I want to spend all my time on here.
I find the best interaction to come from posting comments. I get to have interesting conversations with people I don't know, completely out of my social circle. I don't get that on Facebook. Plus, the concept of Facebook autosharing my navigated links, and adding them to my timeline, at all times, is a bit nerve wracking. 
I don't agree with some of the things in that "top ten" list (and I hate when a site makes me scroll through things like that). If you're seeing the same 10 people in your feed, find more friends. Yes, more people you know are on FB, but there's new people over here I never found on FB or Twitter (um, like you). New smart lists are not better than circles. (I have a friend list for my high school. The smart list is half the size.) You can't actually tag anyone at any time, unless that person's name is unique enough (like mine).

And would you get this many comments if you posted such a thing on FB? It's scrolling so fast while I'm typing, I started this at 2 comments and now there's over 30.
Great points +Adam Schweigert. The upcoming rollout will be a test for Facebook for sure, and however that goes is likely to play a big part in what happens with G+.
Dan O
Sorry Craig... if anything, G+ is even MORE valuable to me as time passes. I really can't imagine what you see in FB, but if that works better for you, so be it! For one thing, I hate all the restrictions in FB... I can do more here, much more easily.
Fail!! google+ rocks...
Looks like there are plenty of rebuttals in these comments +Ellis Hamburger :) My view hasn't changed though, to be honest.
What changes did Facebook make that were so great? Wooo, I can put a big banner across the top of my profile....wheeee.
Ka Wong
I get bored when I open FB these days. I actually stopped using G+ and then got back into it recently, coz my FB feed just doesn't do it for me.
Good points +Banai Feldstein. In fairness to smart lists though, it generated 5 for me, plus I created some more lists, and they're just as good if not better than my circles streams. Right on with discussion though. Nice to read all the comments.
+Craig Kanalley I'm really not sure what you think is so great about Facebook. Its almost as if I am watching it go the way of Myspace.
+Lee Keels , Open Graph? It's kind of a big thing. Links with media providers have moved FB from being a social media platform to an entertainment hub.
"8 Reasons I Prefer Facebook" is a more accurate title, IMO. "I hate scrolling" is not a valid reason for saying something is better. BTW, I say 8 because the last two slides didn't even address the question.
Why one or the other? For me ethics goes a long way. Google has some. Facebook has none. I only post links to my public posts from G+ to Facebook anymore. I've been treated too poorly to continue to support Facebook. My contacts are all that is keeping me around. I admit Timeline is awesome, but G+ is evolving at a pace Facebook has never done.
+Craig Kanalley i'm sorry to say that it seems that you had already made up on your mind on google+ vs facebook right around the time you came back from your vacation in hawaii. you haven't posted nearly as much as you used to and of course, you get out what you put in. facebook is a raging river of content and engagment, i'll grant you that, but that is not necessarily a good thing.. facebook's new motto: sharing is privacy will basically lose them a lot of users either sooner or later.. the ticker has lost all meaning with tons of spotify shares, and facebook-connected app updates.. so they have turned what would have been meaningful updates..into a stream of noise that people will just end up tuning out..i know i have..

again, you are entitled to your opinion, but usage has exploded for me and for all the people in my circles.. you can discount '50 million users or whatever', but can you really say that with a straight face and say there is no engagement? how can you fail to engage with so many people on here, craig? in any case, i'm bummed because i enjoyed your content..but there's no way, given how facebook lulls their users into thinking that they are giving them all these cool innovations for their benefit, when,'s a torrential data stream created specifically for their advertisers, that i will follow your happenings on there, no matter how awesome you say it is. the only group of people they really care about is the advertisers, not you.
Now, post this exact same content on FB and report back about which discussion was better.
Also, that comment about the spam on the notifications -- worse on FB. Here, I can mute threads, which I'll have to do for this one. There, anyone in the "close friends" list, you get a notification for everything they do. And you get useless game notifications (yes, for the ones I'm playing -- still useless). And there are notifications for every random event someone invites you too that you care nothing about. And I'm sure there's more I can't think of right now.
G+ is awesome and still as engaging as it was... G+ is new and still changing things. FB is annoying a lot of people but I do think their changes are interesting... but I'm addicted to G+. How many hangouts have you done that it has faded? Search is cool and does weight on circles.. but you can find a lot of cool people in comments and discover cool stuff. I think the new FB changes just got you hooked right now.. for now
Wow. That's quite a surprise +Craig Kanalley. You went from world's No. 1 Google+ fan to losing interest in a pretty short time frame. I don't argue that Facebook has made some interesting moves lately and Google+ looks plain in comparison, but I think it's way too early to declare a winner. And I realize you aren't doing that - you said you are just losing interest - but I still see the value in both and enjoy posting comments in both places. I don't see it as a one or the other ... I post different content on different platforms and am enjoying subscriptions on one side and circles on the other.
Maybe you arent following the right people Craig. My feed is busy busy.
That's not true +Fausto Garcia .. I've been posting daily.. I haven't done any "big lists" like Googlers on G+ or Facebook employees on Google+ like I did before Hawaii. Also, not throwing in the towel on G+ as I wrote above, just losing interest.
+Melony Isaac Nope, I have a ton of people circled, mostly complete randoms, some of whom have turned out to be awesome. The thing is, people see stuff on G+ and hit that share button, then people in their stream do it and so on and there's a lot of overlap in the network. As a result I'll see the same gif, the same blog post and same Google + update twenty times in an hour. It's getting a little irritating.
Google+ is the best. Facebook is full of extremely stupid and ignorant posts and it's the antichrist of social networking.
for me, it's facebook for spotify. g+ for photos. the rest is a mixed-bag of TMZ-like coverage of my "friends," actual news & world events, product promotions, and general weirdness across both networks. I totally understand where Craig is coming from about the timeline. It's quite moving, and nicer to look at than the old layout as well.
+Craig Kanalley Why does there have to be one solution? I'm using both Google+ and Facebook. And I still use Twitter, though it's not part of this equation. I love Facebook's new features, but Google isn't giving up any time soon. Facebook has had years to become what it is, and I believe that one day Google will surpass it. But there doesn't have to be a winner. So long as they're competing, we'll all benefit from it, regardless of which service you use predominantly. And since Facebook is moving towards constant passive sharing with the new Open Graph apps, content here on Google+ will become more valuable because it's all shared by choice. Everything you do here will be more valuable than the noise you'll generate there. But... I'm subscribed to you on Facebook so I won't miss it either way. :-)
I just hate people that post a controversial article just to get a lot of traffic. you are out of my circles.
Sorry Craig, but my smart lists were dumb. I had friend lists already set up. The "smart" ones were useless. It gave me nine. OK, so maybe the "Salt Lake City Area" wasn't horrible, but a lot of people are missing.
Comments like that +Ian Maberry are just wrong. You can't generalize the millions of people on Facebook like that. There are some really smart posts.
One thing that I like about Google+ is the sheer amount of people that love contributing and talking to each other about things besides getting wasted ;) I'm reading all the comments now... Lots of good stuff, especially about Facebook trust (I also feel a bit betrayed).
No prob +Banai Feldstein .. mine happened to be really good. I suppose being in journalism and many of my friends reporters makes things a bit more interesting.. as journalists, we have to use Facebook, so lots of activity.
+Craig Kanalley I love the honest post, and better yet you stayed in the conversation - kudos. However, I have to agree with +Tom Rolfson my personal experience is that I am using the hangouts more from a private perspective - to communicate with family, and we are working on integrating the hangouts into the office.
At the beginning of G+, I said it had all the tools, but FB had the scale. Now, Facebook has made almost all the right upgrades.
I killed my facebook account this week. I simply dislike the new interface AND esp the ticker.

Zuckerberg claims that "people are becoming more comfortable sharing" and although that may be true I am not comfortable with someone else determining for me what I share. That ticker that reports on every single thing I do crosses the line of what I think is acceptable in terms of privacy. Feels a little like "The Truman Show" to me and I'm very sure I didn't sign on for that. In short .. it's like a stalker window inside a stalker window!
Thank you +Joshua Kohn. Being honest. Losing interest. It's a feeling, I wanted to write about it. As I've said, not throwing in the towel on G+, just spending more time on Facebook and wanted to share.
Case in point: I've added three people to my circles just from this thread. 
I think that's right on +Nathan Byrne. Facebook with the right upgrades at the right time. Also, the user experience it offers with Timeline. You can't find that here or really anywhere else on the Web combined with the real-time news feed and chat.
Once upon a time people said Google's search page was plain and boring.

I believe we're on the verge of a shift in the way people use social networking too. Most users go through a start-up period where they find all kinds of fun things to do, then they reach a point where they realize the ROI for their time in games (particularly if paying to play games) is not that great and then look for the more useful things to do with their time online. The next generation... perhaps the last big generation to come online was timed with the growth of Facebook. What happens when these users want a great return? They won't be in Farmville but looking for more rich content... far more creative, intellectual and generally rich content on G+ than FB.
+Joe Smith I agree. I decided to ditch facebook this week, as well. I wonder how many others have...?
+Fausto Garcia Google isn't doing this for free either you know... Social ads and social search have/will totally change the way that we are marketed to and they stand to make a lot from it. Everyone needs to put food on the table.

I don't think you can say when two large, very powerful and territorial companies are trying to outdo each other on a near daily basis that it's unfair as a consumer to change preferences. We've been promised the earth by both and now we see if they deliver. Their offerings are shifting, their target audiences and more. Maybe we'll all end up on one or the other, but when you look at what you had a few months ago and compare it to what you have now - whether you are passionate or neutral, you've come out a winner.
+Alex Garcia (1) I didn't write the article. It was written by a competitor of mine (I work at The Huffington Post), The Business Insider. I linked because I thought it was well written. (2) I'm not trying to cause controversy. I'm trying to be honest with my feelings and see if I'm alone.
If u were on FB during it's first 60 days of existence you would have next to no one to conversate with. All 10K of it's users. I think people are giving up way to early. We get what we put into it.

It's too bad +Craig Kanalley is losing interest. If he abandons G+ then he will lose at least one audience member. I don't know if that affects his thinking. But, for people in his line of work wouldn't it make sense for him to use something like TweetDeck (when it comes along) that would support the API of multiple Social Media outlets? Wouldn't that widen his audience as needed?
+Tom Rolfson Then why doesn't Google+ pivot and become a blogging platform? It can become a great one. A social one. Let Facebook be Facebook.
I'm inclined to say otherwise. To me, Google+ is becoming more livelier!
+Craig Kanalley Maybe it's just me, but I've never been that into FB outside of my personal life. I mean, I have a FB page for the blog but it's not my biggest driver of traffic. And while I'm impressed with the WaPo and The Daily for their new social news products (disclosure on each: I'm a Wash. Post Company employee, and my writer Seth Millstein writes for The Daily's social app), I just don't find myself going there for the purpose of shoving news down my journalistic gullet, or even communicating with others on a broad scale. I admit I've been using G+ less in the past month, but that's because my social media time is limited — not because I'm not a fan. My conversations on Twitter and Tumblr and G+ are still vibrant.

For me, outside of my circle of real-life friends, I'm not finding much gas in the tank for Facebook. That's not to say I don't find the features really cool, though. Timeline is great. But I think that G+ is a better fit for me, personally.
The Truman Show! I didn't think of that, +Joe Smith. I just hope my friends are ignoring the ticker as much as I am.

Wow, I was surprised it let me tag you. I was expecting a long list of names with no matches. Maybe they've improved that. How about that? G+ listening to users and making improvements. You don't find that on FB. I even want to make a clever suggestion and not to complain. I can't even post the suggestion in their help section as a question anymore; they took that away too.
Thanks +Ed Greshko .. I don't want to lose any relationships. You all are great. I'm just losing interest in the platform. I guess the people is a compelling reason to stay. Best I've heard yet. Thanks.
I never got on the Google+ ride but I am really thrilled with what Facebook has been doing and I feel they are light years ahead of Google in the realm of social media. I also feel that Zuck 'gets' what the future of social will be and he is passionate, 110% passionate, about what social media should be and will be. I think he has the balls to make it a reality and that will shock a few of the old timers and conservatives for a while but eventually people will realize that the world is open. That information is open. That people are people and there is nothing to fear or hide. There is nothing to worry open and honest. The world will learn to accept you!
+Scott Kleinberg I remain a fan of the effort behind Google+, how it's created competition, and by no means am I counting it out. Just saying I'm losing interest. Facebook's upgrades are significant and I'm spending more time there.
Craig, "the people" are the only reason a lot of people are still on FB. I have lots of old friends and family on there that aren't here yet. I won't just disconnect from them.
+Craig Kanalley long time, no hangout - pick a topic, and let's do it! A good hangout will change your outlook.
"I admit I've been using G+ less in the past month, but that's because my social media time is limited — not because I'm not a fan." This says something +Ernie Smith. That's how I feel too. Spending more time elsewhere.
As a side note...I STILL don't have the Facebook ticker...why would that be such a slow rollout?
This is the typical "prisoner of the moment" angst you see alot of times in sports reporting...Google+ 'newness' has been replaced by Facebook's 'newness' for you, but I doubt it's a reason to make generalizations or conclusions.

Your post of "evidence" covers an extremely short span of time. And your own opinion might change when FB's newness wears off or G+ comes up with new features. Plus, may other people are having quite different experiences.

Personally, I'm seeing many new people who don't like FB changes or those who just came to G+ when it went public. I've also noticed new celebrities and crossover FB friends more than ever. On recent travels, I was extremely impressed by the increased activity in the "nearby" streams from various locations.

Nevertheless, I'm not going to close my FB account or post that I think it is dying. IMO, this football game is still in the first quarter.

Overall, the facts show G+ is the fastest growing social network ever, and there are alot of people on here now. Individual experience in a short span may show anomalies, so judgments/conclusions should always be tempered by that fact.
+Craig Kanalley Ok, I can't fault your rationale. Maybe I'll give you a little nudge in your technique though. When I produced the first Daria concert and gave you that story, then a couple others. You've still not circled me and thus missed on all the good sh*t that I've shared. You'd not be bored then! ;)
LOL +Justin Brown, you guys are awesome. +Liza Sperling great idea.. we should soon. As +Ed Greshko suggested, I suppose the people -- all of you -- is a compelling reason to stay interested in keep posting on Google+. Should have known by now a comment thread like this would generate.
+Craig Kanalley , I think of facebook as my bedtime story... the stories and relationships are more personal, more real life. I think of G+ as intellectually challenging... I like them both, but am seeing a lot of repeat posts and unoriginal content and so- like you- am losing interest.
I have been using G+ more... Couldnt disagree more
Loved your comment +Jason Messina. Easy to get carried away in the moment, especially when you work with the real-time Web as I do for my day job. The Web never stops. Important to realize it's not a sprint and indeed it's a marathon. Still, Facebook's changes are significant, I really believe. The user experience is incredible for the new profiles.
Wow, over 100 comments. No engagement?
I guess it all comes down to who you are connected to in each respective network. FB has only ever been about my IRL friends and acquaintances so my list is relatively small and I'm actively engaged in what goes on in it. I care about all of them and it has a direct effect on my real life, the actual 'social' part. It is, however, much slower and more insular. I certainly don't go there for news or any real discussion, I just like to see what the people in my life are getting up to.

G+ is more about content and connecting with the rest of the world, branching out into new networks and discovering content from unpredictable sources. In this way it has much more impacted my use of Twitter, which I have used a lot less since G+ came to town.

Each network serves its purpose, each service has its flaws and bonuses, each fills a niche in my online world. The constantly changing developments in each tool only excites me as they hone the environment around its users.

I guess the thing I'm most tired of is the constant partisan, playground bickering between fans of the two. Bitching about FaceBook is such a lame cliche at this point, G+ is hardly perfect. These are free services that provide a hell of a lot of fun and functionality, I'm not sure why everyone feels the need to get so emotional about which one's 'better'.
+Craig Kanalley agreed. It's just tough for me, though… I have a lot invested in a single social network (Tumblr), so it has to take precedent. I think it's ultimately different strokes for different folks. There are probably some folks who still get fulfilling social media experiences out of MySpace or Digg.
whoo! this stream is kickin' +Craig Kanalley, fair enough, you have posted on here every day, though for some reason, you don't pop up on my stream as much as you used to..which is strange. and yes, i realize you are strictly stating a preference. perhaps g+ needs to integrate some additional features that would up the stickiness factor here.. your post just comes across as someone who was really hot for someone at the beginning, but then..meh.. just not that into you, and it hasn't even been 4 months yet.. lol and the reason for my post to begin with is that you are one of my fave people on here.. and so, hopefully you don't leave altogether.. i just can't abide by facebook's matter how whiz-bang their site gets.
I live in the real-time web world of corp. comms/tech PR and totally understand +Craig Kanalley's point of view. I am impressed by both giants. Remember Google+ just launched, so give it time; whereas, facebook has been around since 2004... not a fair comparison just yet ;)
+Brent Payne I don't know if you were being serious or not, but I don't think I would want a stranger to know too much about me. I wouldn't want a potential robber to know if I was vacationing. There are plenty of reasons why privacy is important. I like Google+ because I know I am sharing with a specific group of people and with people I'm not afraid of "oversharing" with.
+Sonny Williamson I see a few reshares, but I have such a diverse group i dont really notice it enough to bother me, maybe try circling more different tyeps of people? idk. I love G+ its almost hard to keep up with but I love it
Google has never had to pivot in response to anything. Why would they pivot to let FB be FB. By entering the social space they are protecting their core product. Search. Not be FB. They don't even need half the users FB has to accomplish that. The future of the web will be presented by these two companies. It is worth sticking around both to see how it all pans out.
"I guess it all comes down to who you are connected to in each respective network" This is a good point +Sonny Williamson. I'm connected to some really interesting people on Facebook! If I wasn't, I'd have different opinions.
Not to worry, wasn't planning on losing sleep over your decision - just saying thanks for starting the thread is all! ;)
BTW, the reason I use G+ so frequently is that my friends from Facebook are not here. People don't seem to realize this yet. G+ is for your interest graph, not your social graph.
All of these comments in 40 minutes? And you think engagement is falling? Um, what planet are you from? Of course, non early adapters will create a G+ account and some will do nothing until friends arrive. It is all up to that fact. But slowly friends are arriving.
Thanks +Susan Beebe! Early is right. Facebook has made some brilliant moves lately though and those have my attention.
+Myko Clelland, i never stated that it was unfair of him to state preferences, and my point was rebutted when he stated he had been posting i enjoy his posts and would be sorry to see him go. i just think that its too early both with fb's new features and g+ overall to say, oh well..i'm just not getting much from this anymore.. but time constraints play a part as well.

however, i would posit that if he posted this on facebook, he wouldn't have nearly enough responses as he's had here. so the argument that 'engagement just isn't on g+ anymore' is being debunked in real time on this thread. and when you look at facebook's 'brilliant' changes.. there is some dark stuff lurking underneath that time will out.
+Craig Kanalley Exunctly. I see so much hate towards FB and the inane stuff people see on their wall but I all really see is people complaining about their friends, or at least the people who they have identified as such on the site. I happen to pretty much like everyone I've friended on FB (again, I only connect with people I have an IRL connection with) so as a result my feed is just fine. Much slower, yes, but it serves an entirely different purpose.
50 million users... engagement is not a function of number of users, but how often each engages with you. You're connected to just 1700 of those millions. You're receiving comments at more than one per minute just 40 minutes after posting. I doubt you'd see half that on Facebook, and on FB the posts would be clearly inferior in quality content.
To enhance engagement, post to a smaller circle, identify the users in that circle, and get their attention. Like, "Database guys, I have a question..." - boom, targeted marketing, so if I glance through 100 posts my geek eyes gravitate toward geek words.
Third best response I've seen from +Rae Ouzts on a re-share: "I say no need to bash FB or G+. Just enjoy the new technology" Thank you for saying that. Great point.
I'll be interested to see if G+ interest upticks during the political season with candidates using Hangouts. Sure beats knocking on doors...just pop into Hangouts and knock on 9 doors at once. The global reach and high level of viewer engagement that Hangouts provide us TV newsies... unrivaled on any other social network. Today we talked with a guy in England about how he used social media to keep the London Riots from spreading into his town. This from a TV station on a cattle farm in the middle of MO. Who'd have thought? Facebook is where my local audience lives....but with Hangouts, Google Plus might be where my future audience is headed.
I will agree that the stats are a bit deceiving. I for example shared a lot the first few weeks and have settled down to one post every two days or so. But I write more comments now. So overall, my interactions are increasing. The early adopters post more than the newer people that are signing up, so the averages will drop. I have a niece in collage and she created a G+ account, but only a few of her friends are here, so she is not going to do much until she has people to interact with.

The interface is clean and simple here. I don't bother with Facebook because it is too cluttered. On Facebook it is difficult to locate people to follow me and to find people to follow. Here it is easier to follow people and interact quickly, like I just did on this post.

Celebs are just joining and now that the beta phase is over, they are getting tens of thousands of followers quickly. For the past few days, I'm getting 2,000 new followers per day and just a few hours ago, the rate went up to 500/hour for the past 3 hours.

There is momentum here!


I think you should go back to facebook and remain there if you think that 110+ comments 8 shares and 10 +1 are not enough "engaging" for you!
i deleted my facebook account today.
i didn't like the new features that you seem to love, but mainly i think Mark Zuckerberg is creepy and i didn't feel comfortable with the massive amount of information he was going to have about me.

also facebook seems like a mandatory 'Big Brother' while here on g+ you share what you want with whom you want, nice an easily.
Thank you for sharing +Sarah Hill .. have a lot of respect for you and your work. Your opinions mean a lot.
Even when I disagree with you +Craig Kanalley, you're still one of the more entertaining G+ reads. Makes hanging here totally worthwhile, even though I'm doing less of it :P
G+ on the weekdays, FB on the weekends! This is the balance! !!! !
Appreciate it +Ernie Smith .. like I've been saying, not going anywhere.. if I was, I would have written the post much differently. Enjoy connecting with you here too.
La la la, this is the real internet.
+Leo G yeah, I'm a bit bummed none of them have responded to this yet :-/ When people call me out, I reply with a thought/comment!
I'm not sure what you mean by, "I have Timeline now." Your Facebook profile is no different from anyone's.
Why are people hating on someone posting his thoughts? Can we just skip comments like "This has to be a joke" and "Your opinion is stupid"?

I remember when people thought hating on Microsoft was cool (lol M$ windoze sux), basically when alternatives to what used to be pretty much a monopoly in the public eye started gaining popularity. Then everyone suddenly sort of realized that it just sounded juvenile... I wonder if the same thing is starting to happen to Facebook?
+Oliver Jensen not everyone said that kind of things about microsoft... just a small group of linux geeks mostly. i hate facebook but i always though it was stupid to say those things about microsoft, even though i was 16 at the time.
+Craig Kanalley, I think we agreed a bit ago that our fb and g+ (and twitter, and LinkedIn, and and and...) communities were different from one another in ways that made them noncompeting; rather, they were complimentary. Why, may I ask, is that no longer the case for you? I, for one, am happily receiving notification after notification (seriously, phone is blowing up right now) that I've been circled on G+, likely because of my inclusion in +Carter Gibson's LGBT circle, and hopefully in part because of my latest post requesting data about DADT and the medical field. I posted the same call to arms on both Twitter and fb and have recieved very little feedback thus far.
I have been able to find enough people on here to keep my interest. I am on G+ more often than Facebook lately. With Facebook I go to check status updates to see how friends and family are, then log off. I am never on my friends profiles or care much to keep an electronic history of myself on Facebook. I have other options if i wanted to do that. I like the layout of the new profiles, and the ability to use their apps (netflix and spotify) within Facebook...But if I have no control over what I share and who I share it with I won't be too happy. +Craig Kanalley The Newsfeed layout will stay the same, right?
+James A Woods It is different. I have Timeline. You can't see until it's rolled out to you too. Everyone should have it soon. Here's a screenshot of what my page looks like with Timeline:
Thank you +Oliver Jensen! Everyone should have the right to an opinion. And since we're human, our interests can fluctuate over time. That said, as I've said repeatedly in this thread, not going anywhere or throwing in the towel on G+ yet.
That's a great point +Kirsten Griffith .. I need to think about it more. One difference is now people can subscribe to me on Facebook without being friends, and they launched lists like circles, so Google+ isn't as unique anymore. But they still have different communities. you're right.
I don't agree with your statement that FB is ahead of G+, but I know what it's like to get excited about something new and later get bored with it. This can happen with social networks like G+ and FB, or devices like iPads, tablets, Androids or Blackberries. You can go from thinking something is going to revolutionize your world to it just being part of your world.

Then, something new comes along -- a new iPhone, a touchscreen Blackberry with a keyboard, a Timeline on FB -- and interest is revived in something "old". Maybe now, as you're filling in your timeline, you're in that stage of excitement about FB again.

I don't think it's necessarily as shallow as it sounds. It may be human nature to become interested in new things, especially with tech and websites. People's patience levels vary, though -- some are easily bored and require constant stimulation, while others are content with a slower rate of change.

I do think that all this "reflexive" talk on G+ about G+ and FB can get tiresome. (Did Google really start a social network to talk about social networks?) Luckily, I'm starting to see more posts about other stuff (maybe not a Truman Show narrative of people's lives, but that's ok).
I don't agree with you. I don't know who you're following and interacting with but my G+ experience is getting better each day. Facebook and its farms are horribly boring.
+Craig Kanalley - I definitely think you're right, and wrong. As much as we want to chalk this up to being a war (only one can win! one to rule them all!) the truth is that there's room for both services despite each one's unique advantages over the other. But here's what it really boils down to: Facebook is "a place for friends" and Google+ is for collaborative communities (+Kirsten Griffith alluded to it). Think about it, all those docs, Youtube, Hangouts, etc. It all comes back down to a highly glorified Twitter...and that's a good thing. For me, Facebook is for my friends. Conversations like this are for Google+, and there's room for that.

It's actually ironic - today I wrote a rebuttal to this exact sentiment. Take a read if you like sir:
Do you have an Edsel in your garage?
I think that's fair +Kirsten Griffith .. I mentioned earlier, my views are likely to be influenced by the fact I work with the real-time Web as part of my day job and many of my friends are journalists and we are all on Facebook and use it often. cc +Mimi Passalacqua
Great point +Carter Gibson. Chalking this up as reason #4 to continue to be interested in G+ (other 3 reasons above in comments). Facebook for friends/chatter, Google+ for collaborative communities. There may be something there.
+Craig Kanalley half the people in my Intro to Digital Communication class today were switching back and forth between Google+ and Facebook. Pretty sure your parade still needs to sit tight a bit longer, its still way too up in the air. And, there's room for both too remember.
Let's hope so +Craig Kanalley, or else we've all wasted a lot of time.

But something tells me we'll be fine ;)
Look if people enjoy posting the story of their life online for everyone to see and no guarantee of privacy, then I guess FB is awesome. Frankly, that's not what Social Media is to me. (IMHO)
Why can't you use both? I'm using both. I even have my FB feed embedded in my G+ stream so i dont have to keep two tabs open.

I still use Twitter most though. One thing I've heard said about Twitter is even more true with Google+: Google+ makes you want to have a beer with someone you've never met; Facebook makes you want to pour a beer on someone you've known all your life.
Here is the litmus test. If you posted on FB that you were leaving because of their changes and were moving solely to G+, do you think you'd receive this much interaction or thoughful comments?

Probably not. Instead you could look in your ticker and see drone-generated thoughtless quible about who just visited amazon, or who likes sprinkle puffs, or who just flushed their toilet.

You can go to facebook, and see where they take you. I say it that way because you'll have no part in shaping where it goes or how it's used. At google+, I feel that the users have provided good feedback and play a critical role in developing the future of this product. G+ people actually allow the users to make suggestions and they implement it. Imagine that. YOu'll find no such thing at FB.

Good luck whatever you decide . . . but I have a feeling we'll see a fun "I was wrong" post in less than a year.
Someone who gets bored so easily with a service that is just starting up isn't worth following either here or on Facebook.
Good point +Jim Gwilliam .. want to say once more, not throwing in the towel on G+ by any means. Just losing interest and spending more time on Facebook. Will continue to use G+.
+Craig Kanalley Glad you're not throwing in the towel just yet. It's only been what, 90 days? ;-)

Have a feeling this place will look just a tad different at this time next year. Be patient. The best is yet to come!
I can admit honestly that I'm biased. I feel that google's future is very tied to G+. If G+ failed it would be catastrophic for google. Frankly, my life's activities use google all the time when you consider all the services they offer. Part of me can't help but feel facebook and google are in the ring together, and this thing is scheduled until TKO. Frankly, I'd much rather FB fail than Google if I had to choose, because I depend on google for so many things. I guess that's why I perhaps jumped to the defensive so quickly. And I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way, amongst others who rely on most of the google services.
I haven't played with timeline yet, but it sounds like an overreach to me. When the masses see what is being posted up about them I think they are going to lose trust. To be sure, google needs to do more to improve g+ but they have an angle they can play about not changing the rules and releasing your data at a later point. They are all open about it up front and you have control over everything. I don't think g+ has to catch up to facebook in numbers to survive. If it ends up being the social network for nerds that's fine. We run the internet anyways, we could use our own place :)
Ohh +Craig Kanalley :-P Say it ain't so!! I'm just gettin' started here... Big big big hangout stuff coming from me... Hope you'll be here for it. And I find that every day I'm meeting more and more amazinG+ people. Talking with them face to face... It's a game-changer and a life-changer.

Where else can you so effortlessly meet people from all around the world who you didn't know before?? That certainly was not the case for me on Facebook. I'm not sure about everyone else but my life was screaming for NEW people! Not people I already knew. Talking to scientists from CERN, brilliant photographers, tech G+niuses, and new fans of my music in nearly every country. Yea. That trumps Facebook any day, all day.
+Craig Kanalley don't take this the wrong way, but I felt you posted more interesting content when you first arrived than you do now. Or at least content that this audience cared about more. Which is why you had more engagement. Just my opinion though - with more interesting people to follow perhaps as other journalists embraced the service our engagement could only be spread to so many people.

Your two-week hiatus or so I think might have made a difference. I actually feel like I miss out when I take a couple days off on G+. No other social media site makes me feel this way.
+Craig Kanalley Given both Google and facebooks recent reachings for entertainment content (music, movies, videos, including live streaming celebrities), Is it possible we're seeing the emergence of new competing networks, much like the ABC, NBC, CBS battles of old? Apple being the third network if they ever did get serious about a social network. MySpace would be like FOX in this analogy. From that perspective, it's easy to see how they could co exist and that our individual interests in these networks would wax and wane based on their most recent offerings.
+Craig Kanalley, I hear ya and agree. I have the new timeline as well and I love it. I've followed over 1,000 people on here, and yet I only see posts from the same 20-30 people it seems. I do owe G+ for my sudden fame, but I genuinely feel "at home" on Facebook. I know those people over there. Here, people are mainly strangers that share information with me. I highly doubt any of us are going to go to a hockey game together or see a movie.

Only 30 or so of my Facebook friends and contacts are here on G+. 30 out of 600+. I still have very engaging conversations with them. I plan events (my 40th Birthday is coming up.) I visit groups which are home bases for people to post to. The timeline let's me look back and find old posts and events in my life and my Facebook life.

On G+ I feel like I'm in a library. News and knowledge flashes by. Sometimes when I comment, I get a reaction, more than likely not though. Comments get lost among a sea of other comments. I rarely see +1's on other people's comments.

The biggest turn off over here is the hatred for anything Facebook and or Apple. I use Facebook a lot. I own an iPhone. If either term is mentioned, it lets loose a deluge of animosity towards the original poster or anyone who sides with them. I can see a ton of it here in this thread.

People got their "Utopia" here on G+. Why are they so interested in bashing the place that they left on a daily basis? I will admit, their hatred has fueled something for me. Sales on my Etsy shop.

I wish you luck with whatever you may choose to do concerning G+. :)
Not taken the wrong way +Rotimi Oyewole .. I also spent much more time on G+ when I first arrived though. I would spend hours on lists like Googlers on G+ or Google+ tips. But maybe your larger point is I need to spend more time here to get more out of it again.
Thanks +Aaron Wood .. again, nice to know I'm not alone. Appreciate you speaking up. That said, there seems to have been enough reasons in this thread to stick around. I wasn't actually considering leaving, just saying I was losing interest, but you guys gave me plenty of reasons to still be interested.
Of course +Craig Kanalley! Seriously... you know it changed my life and it is more and more everyday. And I'm passionate and loyal and I'm carrying the torch right into the heart of the music biz... Did you get a chance to see my post about Hanging Out live from Broadcast Music Inc in NYC last week? (Post here: )

I'd love to talk to you more about it... Maybe a lead up article before my 4th Hangout Concert? It'll be BIG and different, and I've got a lot more exciting events lined up! ;-)

Also did you see my Global Classroom Hangout!? Can't do that on Facebook! (Post here: )
+Craig Kanalley, no worries. :) Sometimes I think I should keep my opinions to myself on here when it comes to certain social media topics, but hey, we're all here to share, right? lol
Exactly +Aaron Wood .. I think it's healthy to have such conversations and constantly evaluate where these tools fit into our lives.
No, it's the advertisers who are winning on Facebook. The users are annoyed about "frictionless", non-permission sharing of everything they do online, rogue apps, and phishing exploits. Facebook will die an ugly death as they continue to try to take over the internet with their stupid portals to Spotify and other partner services.
Hey +Craig Kanalley I'm following you here and on FB so whatever you decide I'm with you. Most people are going to defend the social network of their liking. FB has done great with their new updates and I'm a witness that those changes has brought about some great discussions there also.

I also know that whoever you add to either network determines the quality of the content. I have some lists on FB that I really could care less about, but same goes for Google+ circles. The difference for me is that I actually know the people on FB whereas I do not know most of the people on Google+

To compare platforms FB beats Google+ hands down. The fact that I can subscribe to the same people here over there just makes this topic mute. Google+ is boring me now, when I can get the same content plus a variety of other info on FB.

FB has been posting the same information about people's likes and friendships, etc. for while now. If people do not like the ticker, maybe they should adjust their account settings.

The users on FB are used to using the social network as a billboard, while Google+ users are enjoying having a discussion board. The updates will force FB users to learn how to hold discussions as well.
If FB wins, or G+ wins, or neither does, it won't change a thing. You will always get supporters for every network, as it suits Their needs.
+Craig Kanalley I appreciate your honesty and although I am very hooked on G+, I can understand you using FB more. Especially because of the family and IRL friend thing. I still use FB, as well as Twitter for that matter, but G+ is my home for a couple of reasons.

1. Google built this with the user in mind and is rolling out great new features every week in part because we ask for them. FB spent years ignoring its users and only making "revenue enhancement" changes.

2. I actually hate the timeline thing. It's giving way too much personal knowledge to a company that has a track record of not caring about my privacy, just how they can make money off of it.

3. Google is more integrated in my life with my use of docs, gmail and more. Plus +Daria Musk sings me songs and +matthew rappaport tells me jokes and +Jonathan Langdale provides me science updates and +Mike Elgan gives me great tech updates and hundreds more (most definitely including you) who make G+ a treasure of new people sharing their passions. And bacon. :)

If you spend more time on FB because it gives you more joy, then I'm happy for you. I'll ping you once in a while over there and hope you will do the same for me over here.
Thanks +Colin Lovett .. just being very honest and family is important to me! Family isn't active on G+ at this time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts too. We all can have our own opinions.
I guess we'll just have to get used to missing you then, Craig. :-(
Great point +Peter McDermott, however speaking of the average user (not techies and journalists) they do not want to put effort into a social network. They prefer for the information to come to them. Google+ makes them search for content, followers, etc. Who has the time or desire? just techies and journalists. FB's frictionless sharing is going to win big with its users.
I'll still post here +Mark Loundy .. just losing interest a bit, but this thread has helped me get some of that back.
I must admit that I didn't read through all the comments above. Yet, part of what +Brent Payne wrote struck me as odd considering what I see floating around on Facebook.... In his post he said:

That people are people and there is nothing to fear or hide. There is nothing to worry open and honest. The world will learn to accept you!

and I have see many of these posts on Facebook:

‎_Do me a favor: please hover over my name here, wait for the box to load and then hover over the Subscribe link. Then un-check the Comments and likes choice. I would rather my comments on friends' posts and photos not be made public. Thanks_

Aside from the fact that following the instructions doesn't do what people think it does....there seems to be a fair amount of people that do worry about what they've said. :-)

I get the feeling that we will know G+ has "arrived" when false rumors are spread and hoaxes are perpetrated here. :-)
I have never liked FB no matter how hard I try - and I have tried. But I stay there because that's where everybody else I know is. I don't like FB's new stuff. It's the worst they've come up with. The new design is pretty. But it is so nonsensical. I feel like a dog chasing my tail. That said, I have to agree with you that Google+ is pretty boring. I think even though a lot of people have signed up to use it, that is all they have done. I stay here in hopes that someday people will leave FB and come here.
Craig you're not alone in opinion that G+ can feel stale. I don't understand people who can criticize someone for having an opinion about their personal preferences for a social network. Don't all of you have a personal preference for G+? Does that make you wrong according to Fb? No, it makes you different. And that's OK.

While I disagreed with a lot of the points in the article, I have sometimes felt bored or fatigued by G+. But unlike you Craig I'm less enthused by Fb's new layout and very suspicious of their promiscuous view of my precious privacy. I agree it's a nice looking UI but I've never felt a strong bond to Fb or any attachment to their vexing updates and features. Personally I prefer G+ for it's straightforward settings and clear honest policies of who can see what.

If you like the new layout, I'm glad for you. Enjoy it! It seems it's brought new value to a service you love so kudos to Fb for giving their users something they like. But just remember it's new and maybe you'll think differently after that wow factor wears off. Maybe if you try a change of scenery from G+ you might rekindle what you loved about it in the first place. I know sometimes I get bored and just ignore G+ for a while until I feel that excited curiosity to see what's new. And I constantly finding new content and new people to follow by just hanging around and seeing what's out there on G+. Hopefully you can do the same and find a breath of fresh air again. But if not then that's ok. We'll be here either way, and I know personally I've enjoyed your posts and the sense of community that you've played a big part of on G+. Thanks for sharing with us. Please keep us updated on your thoughts about G+ AND the new Fb layout :)

ps: sorry to everyone for the long rant. Read this post in a separate window and my fingers went crazy after seeing all the open space.
I was hoping you'd weigh in, thanks for your insights +David Morcos. I do like the new layout! I'll continue to post here btw too.
Good advice +Robert Scoble. Not leaving by any means. Just losing interest. I think "less passion" is another way to put it.. as you say. I'll continue to spend time on both FB and G+.
+Robert Scoble The community is definitely growing and I think a lot of the 1st Generation users are seeing that tonight with large following spikes due to circle sharing.

+Craig Kanalley I'm glad you partially agree with my post about only getting what you put into it. But, what are your plans for Google+. Are you going to use it as a Ron Popeil type service? You know, set it and forget it? Or do you plan to engage your audience on a consistent basis or schedule?

In the beginning of my membership +Robert Scoble earned some serious street cred by reading my posts and interacting. And I understand that as the network grows he won't be able to do that on quite the noticeable scale he was, but the clout he gained from doing that early on speaks volumes about his personality, writing style and opinions on certain matters.

+Craig Kanalley I definitely liked the way you were engaging before, but I have definitely noticed a dip in your posts. Do you enjoy Facebook and Twitter more because they are easier to deal with when you don't feel pressured to interact?
+Peter McDermott I'll keep posting here. I continue to engage in the comments, as you can see. That does take time though, and so does putting together a thoughtful post and those seem to do well on G+. Facebook and Twitter are indeed much, much easier to update. Just not enough time in the day to post everywhere and that's probably a factor too.
Fair enough, +Craig Kanalley. I think the people that are going to prove very successful on this network are not going to be the ones you would expect from Facebook and Twitter that have already gained their popularity from other things. I think Google+ is going to prove to be a network that defines people much in the organic matter that YouTube has. Posting here will take time and effort and for people to really ground themselves here, I agree that it will have to be a focus.

If you already have successful presence on two other networks, (Twitter and Facebook), then adding this to your menu of networks will certainly help you pick up a few more followers. But, for those of us like me, trying to make a name for ourselves, it is going to take a whole lot of focus on Google+.
Have been impressed by Facebook integrating with Spotify ... it's in early stages, and I know it has music marketing at the heart. Still wish G+ had done it first.
Yeah, I sure don't see much engagement in this discussion. ;-)
Rush BC
I think the "New & Shiny" has worn off of Google+ for a lot of people, +Craig Kanalley . For me as well. That being said, I still prefer G+ to Facebook. I still post here and check up/check in here more than I do FB. Of course, you and I and everyone else never quit using FB entirely, or Twitter for that matter. I will continue with Google+ as my main social network, but I can understand why people would go back to using FB as their "go-to" social network of choice. I still have more friends and family there on FB, and yes, you are correct, FB is adding some very cool stuff. Facebook really is making a better Facebook. But I never would have gotten to talk/engage/meet with cool and amazing people like you or +Robert Scoble or +Mike Elgan or +Guy Kawasaki on FB or Twitter. For that reason alone, I will always prefer Google+.
I do not understand, what people like on the fb "timeline" feature. It is just a profile view in a new design. Have you ever tried stalking a profile that exposes a lot of information? The timeline design does not help to easily find the most useful information quickly, since it just bloat and not collapsible. Big hype for nothing.
Rush BC
Plus, I got to go on vacation to Hawaii with +Craig Kanalley by proxy via G+. I had a great time!
+Liz Tufte Very little... lol

+Slayde Van Wulf My problem with Facebook is that it is engineered for people you already know which I think is the antithesis of Google+. I feel that this network is all about discovery and sharing new things with new people. That is something you simply cannot find or easily do on Facebook (as I understand) and something difficult to do on Twitter. In terms of engagement though, Google+ wins by 1000%
I have to agree with +Slayde Van Wulf +Robert Scoble and +Craig Kanalley

While there is hardly a bigger google+ fan than me, it's clear that google has pushed facebook to improve immensely and quickly. it's definitely drawing me back.

For the time being, we still have the social graph vs interest graph. So the quality of interactions is much better on google+ but facebook shines in the realm of the personal.

Rush BC
I agree +Euro Maestro & +Peter McDermott , I have seen more cool stuff, and been exposed to wonderful new things here on the G+ (music, video, humor, art, photography, poetry, technology), that I would not have seen anywhere else.
Yes Craig. It's interesting to see how this will play out because Facebook is now trying to go after the interest graph and google+ may end up becoming more facebookesque as the nature of the interactions is likely to change as the number of users increases dramatically. Google+ has a tight balancing act ahead to maintain its current advantage while increasing its user base and not turning into either facebook or twitter. We will have to see how scalable it is. 
The only things google+ needs is people, then will be perfect, you didn`t see how much potential you got with this google+? You control your social network and not the reverse. But if you`ll like to be controlled and sold without even notice it well in that case keep FB because they are very good in that (selling your info)
I feel quite the opposite to +Craig Kanalley having enabled the Facebook Timeline no such deep feelings emerged. The new features on Facebook have caught my interest and yes I will be spending a wee bit of time at Facebook to road test. However Google Plus far from fading is increasing my interest. The ability to share circles is a welcome addition. I realize Halloween has not yet arrived but Facebook scares me. The discourse around the new Facebook suggests some sort of Cradle to the Grave religious cult.
dude, are you like crazy ? once the new car smell wears off on facebook, you will be back :)
+Craig Kanalley, I wonder what level of response you would get if you made a similar post on Facebook.
I still don't find myself sharing as much on Facebook. I try to do it, I really do, but I find it very difficult to share with others that my friend ate poached eggs for breakfast. Here on Google+, even an anti-Facebook post is worth sharing if it means engaging in a meaningful debate/discussion.
Timeline is creepy..... who wants pictures of their ex-girlfriends end up in ones profile?? Also your own timeline is only interesting to yourself... I doubt people will want to see pictures of their friends 5 years ago!

But the bigger problem with facebook is its blatant disregard/dislike of privacy. This automatic sharing is just another symptom of that!

I read today that facebook tracks you now even If you are not logged in!
I just don't want that from a site I just want to use to be connected to my friends!
+Craig Kanalley IMHO, just post the same link to FB & compare the active participation at both platforms. Judge it yourself :)
iThink, both have +'s & -'s. BTW It is the competence of G+ that we are seeing so much rapid development at FB. :)
Wow. "as it used to be"?? Really Craig? It hasn't been around nearly as long as Facebook and already you're judging it based on a limited release to a select few people? I'm so sorry you have SNADD (social network attention deficit disorder). Don't let the Google door hit you on the ass on the way out.
I'm not leaving +Patty Remmell, as I've said several times in these comments. I'm just losing interest. But I'm not throwing the towel on G+ by any means.
No doubt that the recent FB changes are intriguing and a welcome change, but I won't be leaving G+. As many have said, the release of the API's will bring new apps and data sharing opportunity. I am sticking around. This is just the beginning.
Google+ is for grown-up discussions and interactions. We follow our interest here. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all do different things. You can't migrate from one to the other--THEY ALL CO-EXIST. Stop with all this whining about one not providing something the other doesn't have.
Facebook have effectively announced that they would really rather take the annoying human software out of the system and have their software make your social interactions for you via automated updates. Call me unusual but for me 'social' should at least contrive to involve the person in the process, otherwise it should be honest and label it a monitoring and data collection service. Plenty of engagement here on Google+, seemingly involving actual people. ;)
I don't mind that what I share is just read by my wife and a couple close friends. But I really don't need to know that some random high school classmate whos face I can barely remember on facebook has a tummy ache right now.
I think this is quite normal, in the beginning the aspects of a new social network seems deeply interesting, google found some new ways, but then interests decrease, important matter is that Google does not stand still and keeps innovating, otherwise.... look at myspace, a desaster!
240+ comments, wow! Here's mine.

+Craig Kanalley - I don't see anything wrong with you spending your social network time however and wherever you get the most out of it. What works, works.

Although I've tended toward commenting here on g+ instead of posting (a little shy), I've been drawn in and have been enjoying my interactions with total strangers from the beginning. I couldn't figure out what to do with or in this place, and I had couple of friends here who didn't stay past a week. Instead of bailing, my inner geek made me google some "how do I" questions. Thanks to the likes of you, +Mike Elgan, +Christina Trapolino, +Natalie Villalobos, +Ryan Crowe, +Jaana Nyström and other enthusiastic & helpful souls, I got answers, tools, circles, and enough interesting stuff to keep me engaged here. One of your Hangouts was my first one. If I haven't said so before, thanks for helping me find my way here.

For me, it turns out I LIKE interacting with total strangers and not always with people who have known me forever. Nothing wrong with that, it's just different and interesting to me. I also love that the tools are available but I've gotta build my own house and village here - doesn't just get handed to me. Regardless of what I do or don't like about any social network, I currently feel no need to leave one. I just use each as it suits me. Sometimes I'm totally happy interacting with my old friends and family, and sometimes I want to be more curious about the unknown and engage here. I think all the changes in each place make us better users, by helping us define what we do and do not want.

Sorry for the long read! In either internet playground, I'll check in with you :-)
Thanks +emma rivera.. Great comment! Glad I could be part of one of your first Hangouts. It was amazing to hear your 9-11 reflections.
Maybe I'm too old or something but I find the idea of the Timeline creepy and also the way Facebook is moving towards controlling and sharing your access to other media. It reminds me of the closed wall portal system of the 1990s. I want to be in charge of what I share and what I don't. I keep thinking of dropping FB but haven't done so yet. Would like to have more RL friends on Google+ but they are slow to migrate. I realize that Google has a vested interest in keeping you tied to Google products but for some reason, I trust them more. Maybe because I have the sense that FB is run by kids and Google by adults.
I kinda agree with you +Craig Kanalley to the point i do like the facebook timeline to a point their is privacy concerns still there. I'm not a Facebook fan at all they never care about user's privacy. I am only on facebook because all my friend's are. I've tried to get them to sign up with Google+ and ditch Facebook they are slow to change and i'm afraid with this new feature timeline will make it harder for them to come to Google+. If Google+ came out with a similar verison of timeline with more filters for privacy that will help draw the users to Google+. And also when they intergate Google calendar and docs etc will also help bring user's.
Hey +Jan Blundell, fwiw you can control what is shared and what isn't on Facebook (and with who, including custom individual lists). That includes Timeline.
Thanks +Billy Haven.. Important to point out FB Timeline is completely customizable for privacy sake. Share all or nothing.
Yea +Craig Kanalley your right all or nothing but users like me want in between doesn't have to be all or nothing. I want to filter some of my timeline but i can't. Their is past posts on my timeline i wish to change to were only my family can see and i can't because their is no option i can hide it or delete thats it. And maybe i only want certain friends to see all my timeline or some of it. Maybe i want my friend's only to see back to a certain point let's say to 2009 but i want my family to be able to go back farther so yea their is privacy concerns. Also the date month bar on side of my profile disappears and reappears when it wants lol.
It is customizable, post by post. Can you set a whole month or year to private?

Anyway, regardless of whether you can lock down the timeline to your satisfaction, the real play here is to encourage as many people as possible to have apps auto populate the data collection stream in real time.

The timeline aspect is am effective lock in strategy as it highlights the amount of time you have invested in the platform but it is also an attempt to persuade people to fill in the data gaps. It will be interesting to see how successfully it achieves this. 
+Mark Holmes Not that I'm aware of, but you can change settings individually by post or do more at once by changing setting for all photos for example.
That is a lot of posts to alter permissions on. Facebook are counting on inertia preventing most from changing from the defaults. I just find the way they do this at every update to be incredibly negative and mildly insidious. After years of fighting to lock down privacy, I have reached a point of total fatigue with the platform. It shouldn't be that hard.
+emma rivera Thank you so much for including me: Always glad to help! :-)
FYI: I keep some good links for newcomers on my profile's 'About' page.
+Mark Holmes I agree with you; they never get the privacy issues right. I am planning to jump ship there soon if I cannot globally opt out of some features.
Exactly +Mark Holmes we should be able to mark a certain month or year private on timeline if we should want to. Nobody going to take the time to do this individually takes to much time that what facebook is counting on. This +Craig Kanalley is what i was meaning when there is privacy concerns with timeline. Facebook should set up timeline where we can make a certain month or year private. They also should have your timeline set to private when they switch you profile so u can look at it and make changes before your friends and family or whoever see's it.
What a debacle this article is..
"None of our friends are using it, which makes the service irrelevant."

Subjective to the person because all my friends use it. Also, with the hangout app on my phone I can instantly get them into conversations (whether they like it or not; hah).

Most of the points made are really subjective. "Isn't condensed enough" & "we hate scrolling". As for the point that it takes longer to "see what's up with friends" just get more organised. If you really want to know what's up with friends then try ringing them! Instead of reducing your social activities to the internet; filling your life with these so called 2000 friends when the majority are acquaintances!

Social networking sites are a nice tool for certain things, and Google+ is a lot more savvy. I wouldn't go back to facebook again. It's merely an advertising network with lots of cheap gimmicks. I'll stick with Google, thanks.
Wow, what a great comment stream.
I still say - Google Plus is the next big thing and as +Bradley Horowitz pointed out in a recent article Google Plus IS Google

Its NOT Facebook and I hope they will both remain two different avenues of expression, connection, and outreach.

Hangouts are great tools - they will only continue to get better.
Everyone and anyone can now reach out to the world - Live via broadcasts... I hope that feature will be turned on soon.

The Google Plus Page is about to change big time - think Google Products - all you do through anything Google will be integrated into one super high tech socially integrated page that you spend most of your day on whether that's through a pc or a phone or tablet. Google Plus is much more than a simple Facebook page.

+Craig Kanalley don't leave FaceBook - and certainly don't leave G+ keep both and watch as both of them change and open up endless opportunities to connect worldwide as we have done in the Longest Hangout for over 71 days with well over 5000 people of all different backgrounds and cultures. There are still countless numbers of us here who are ecstatic about the potential of G+ and the seemingly endless ways it will become part of our online lives.
Thanks +Mark Olsen .. good advice .. I don't plan to leave either. Will stick around for sure.
I agree with +Mark Olsen and I think the geniuses who are developing Google+ have just begun to amaze us. I tested their preliminary API's and am very pleased with how easy they are to use, compared to FB's API.

As others have also said, I think Google+ is becoming an ecosystem and I am excited to see how many of my fellow pluskins are already building businesses on it.
For google+ to be able to compete with facebook, the major way to do this is to create a new niche of of interest-based personalities that are advertised on the main page. For instance: comedians, psychologists, biologists, gardeners, etc...could be highlighted.
different strokes for different folks...
not only are the strokes always changing,
but so are the folks

guess I gravitate towards one or the other depending on mood... but, sometimes I am multitasking both for or against one or the other..
wish I was employed!
Suckerburg is def not 1 of the reasons!
You are crazy... I closed my fb account week ago.... i know few more people did it... in g+ i have more control over wall...
+akmit lakremov that's cool man, I use both G+ & FACEBOOK.... Because I am afraid of negatively effecting anyone by committing FACEBOOK SUICIDE !
I hope you didn't hurt anybody when just trying to do what is easiest/best for YOU! (I know I do that all the time.. but, trying harder not too)
I heard the song "ya got to be cruel to be kind (in the right measure)" last night... freaked me out..
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"lots of people still delete their Facebook accounts"??? Please tell me of one, just one person that managed to do so. I´m still waiting for the email to download my data. When I prompt the delete it says something: " We will delete your account and keep your data, for when you want to get back, everything will be here."
Correct me if I am wrong... but this is not delete is it?
Craig, as a Digital Marketer, Let me give you my opinion:
Facebook is indeed getting a lot of talk, but it has been ever quiet? Google is more discrete when launching new features, they don't need the circus attention that FB needs.
I still have my FB profile... With less that 50 friends, who indeed are my friends. EVERYTHING that FB is launching is not to please the user or to empower, it's becoming a little heaven for companies that use FB as their main social media channel.
You lost engagement here? Yeah so did I... And it's totally Mea Culpa. It's because others are not engaging... It's me!
What you have to do is to look at what you want from your social networks and chose and use those which serve your goals.
Hangouts loosing interest? Try and join the hangouts of my dearest friend +Julian Davies on his hangouts, they're always awesome things happening...

It seems that you made your mind. One thing I can tell you.... FB will not wipe the floor with G+
Hi +Helena Martins - this post I made was from 2011. It is very old and my opinions have long since changed :) But thanks for your two cents anyway
I feel the opposite Craig. I'm the owner of one of the most popular social media Communities on Google+ with over 2,000 members. The engagement has never been better ... It's what you make of it. I felt the way you did in the beginning, but I no longer do.
And I just saw that this is an old post. Ha!!! I'll just wait until you update it :-)
or close the comments with a link to an updated opinion
Variety is the spice of life. What works for you may not work for me.
And visa versa
haha +Ellis Hamburger  -- this is very very old - posted it in 2011 -- and someone commented on this thread so it bumped up again apparently for many .. oy
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