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So, there seemed to be a lot of interest in this Googlers on Google+ list: Facebook employees are also on G+ and can make for a very interesting circle. Here we go!

+Mark Zuckerberg

Executive Team
+Christopher Cox (VP, Product)
+Lori Goler (VP, Human Resources & Recruiting)
+Dan Rose (VP, Partnerships & Platform Marketing)
+Sheryl Sandberg (Chief Operating Officer)
+Elliot Schrage (VP, Global Comm., Marketing & Public Policy)
+Mike Schroepfer (VP, Engineering)
+Bret Taylor (Chief Technology Officer)

+Kate Aronowitz (Director of Design)
+Ethan Beard (Director of Facebook Developer Network)
+Peter Deng (Director of Product Management)
+David Fisch (Director of Business Development)
+Debbie Frost (Director of Comm./Public Affairs)
+Justin Osofsky (Director of Platform Partnerships)
+Blake Ross (Director of Product)
+Alex Schultz (Director of Growth)
+vaughan smith (Director of Corporate Development)

+Paul Adams (Product Manager)
+Eric Antonow (Product Marketing)
+Will Cathcart (Product Manager)
+luke delorme (Product Manager)
+Rohit Dhawan (Lead Product Manager, FB Pages)
+Naomi Gleit (VP, User Feedback)
+Adrian Graham (Product Manager, FB Questions)
+Cat Lee (Platform Product Marketing)
+sam lessin (Product Manager)
+David Recordon (Senior Open Programs Manager)

+Keith Adams (Software Engineer)
+Aditya Agarwal (Engineering Director)
+Arjun Banker (Software Engineer)
+Jing Chen (Software Engineer)
+Brent Goldman (Software Engineer)
+Benjamin Golub (Engineer, Platform)
+Adam Hupp (Software Engineer)
+Pedram Keyani (Engineer, Site Integrity)
+Tobie Langel (Software Engineer)
+Justin Mitchell (Engineer, FB Photos)
+Zach Rait (Engineer, Infrastructure)
+Arthur Rudolph (Software Engineer)
+Yariv Sadan (Engineer, Mobile)
+Luke Shepard (Engineering Manager)
+Mike Vernal (Engineer, Platform)

+Nathan Borror (Product Designer)
+Eric Fisher (Social Design Strategist)
+Rob Goodlatte (Product Designer)
+Drew Hamlin (Product Designer)
+Greg Hoy (Design Recruiter)
+Francis Luu (Product Designer)
+Adam Mosseri (Product Design Manager)

Partner/Developer Relations
+Jeff Bowen (Platform Developer Relations)
+Jacqueline Chang (Strategic Partner Manager)
+Andy Katzman (Platform Partnerships)
+Vadim Lavrusik (Journalist Program Manager)
+andy mitchell (Strategic Media Partnerships)

+Erick Tseng (Head of Mobile Products)

+Pete Bratach (Technical Writer)
+Sean Bruich (Monetization Analytics)
+Cameron Marlow (Data Scientist)

+Kevin Colleran (Sales)
+Todd Miner (Head of Sales IT)
+eric toda (Ad Ops, Global Marketing Solutions)

+Richard Cho (Recruiting Manager)

Though not currently at Facebook, cofounders +Chris Hughes and +Eduardo Saverin also appear to be on G+.

Did I miss anyone? Please let me know in the comments!

(BTW, the reason URLs are used above instead of +'ing each person is I'm having trouble +'ing them all, getting an error message. Will try to change it later.)
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Love your attention to detail, are you a Virgo by chance?
anyone want to condense it or mark if anyone actually posts anything? I randomly chose 5 people and found one person posting.
If you did them as +names then someone could follow them all on one page. Just a thought for an updated version.
+Brett Reasor I recommend you make a circle with them all. Lots of them posting actually. I'll try to switch to +'ing each one later so it's easier to hover and circle.
Craig..I find this soooooo interesting. In fact so seemingly strange that I may shut off the ability to email me.
+Atom McCree Yup, I mention at the end, Google+ is giving me an error message when I + them all. In fact, I tried posting this list 4 times today before I finally said, I'll just use URLs to get it up. I'll try to switch them all later.
Maybe they are going with the can't beatum, join them way of thinking. Or, spying to steal ideas. Dealers choice.
That's very interesting. I see Mark Zuckerberg is back. I thought I heard he removed his account. Not much on his profile, but still interesting that he's back or still here.

That is a huge list. Doesn't surprise me though.
+Aidan Phoenix Mark Zuckerberg removed the ability to see his circles, but he has yet to quit the service.
Craig, cool list, whatever gave u the idea for it?!
+mark mayhew When I did the Googlers on G+ list, some told me they'd love to see something similar for other companies. Here's Facebook.
+Craig Kanalley I initially included Facebook employees in my circle, but in the end, these guys are only here to recon Google+ and will not have positive contributions to this community. They are the real Trojan Horse.... So, I deleted every one of them from my circles.
+Monty Montz Maybe true. It's been an fascinating group to watch IMO. With all in one circle, it becomes more interesting. Isolated, their activity is sparse.
Craig ... I do appreciate your great effort in coming up with excellent lists ... especially your work with the Google staffers. Thumbs up for a job well done buddy.
I just added everybody on that list to a "Facebook Employees" Circle.

Do you have a list of Twitter or Yahoo or (gasp) MySpace employees that are on G+?
Craig - you should do apple next - maybe we could find out what they're doing all day instead of approving the G+ app!!!!

Seriously though thanks for your Googlers and FB lists - my stream has grown in interest due to your contributions!
+Trisha Babineaux I can't wait for the G+ app on iPhone/iPad! For some reason, I think Apple folks will be harder to find on here (not sure why), so probably will do Twitter next. Maybe Apple after that. And no prob, happy to help!
+Craig Kanalley - Good work there. And maybe now one for Twitter, unless they are not generally interested in the latest show in town! :-)
+Raja Mitra I'm sure they're around! Likely will do Twitter next. Already have a prelim list for them started.
+Craig Kanalley - Pity Facebook doesn't allow one to check out easily the Google+ guys who are on it! :)
This is an impressive list, it will be interesting to see how + influences facebook in the months to come.
Aaron, wouldn't be surprising at all to see Facebook add a bunch of features from G+, just as the site was "Twitterized" in months past.
This will become the list of G+ new hires. lol
+Craig Kanalley - Given your test-drive & insights of g+, what's the easiest way one can approximate closed /secret groups in Facebook here? Is something like a 'Public Circle' around the corner?
Raja, it can be as simple as an ambitious circle creator forming a more "public" group.. inviting everyone he/she wants in one circle and + mentioning them all to connect them. Does that make sense?
Added them all. Looking forward to some interesting reading.
+Craig Kanalley - I was looking more at something like someone building up a school alumni circle - it will not be open to others and guys will need some kind of vetting / approval process from the creator / admins. to be able to join & start following.
Ah, I see now, Raja. Not sure we'll see that here, but it's an interesting suggestion. You could send as feedback.
Alicia, just want to share.. some people are looking for new people to circle and there's been quite some interest in Mark Zuckerberg on here. Fact is, he's far from alone, and just wanted to show how many FB folks are here and allow people to create a Facebook circle if they want to watch how these guys use G+.
Definitely a circle to watch ... I can see this as somewhat front-ending forums and usenet for the web at large with the way this interface works
the only difference between FB and G+ at this time is direction of integrations,
G+ is exported into the Application where FB imports the whole Application into their platform.
The point of it for me is that I just find it interesting to see what Facebook employees are saying about G+.
Oh, my, Craig. Thanks for sharing. I got all of you guys at Huffington Post added and people at Mashable. Now I get to add Google and Facebook people. That's very cool. The question now if how I'm going to find time to write stories about Google+ or anything else if I'm spending all my time adding all these people. Sure do wish Google would make an "Import all people from this company and put them in the same circle" button. It would make it a lot easier, wouldn't it? Keep sharing all this great info. Thanks!
No prob, Ann! Glad it's helpful. I'll try to post similar lists in the future. Hopefully in time it'll get easier to share lists like this and put them into circles.
Hello Craig, Anyone out there in charge of Systems, Servers and Networks?
I'm a Network/System Engineer, so it would be cool to share a bit and read about them.
Hey Francisco, Sorry haven't seen anyone working on that at Facebook. The list above is the full group of folks I was able to find. Hope you still found it interesting though.
Something tells me the Mark Zuckerberg profile is a fake. Looks like a canned photo, has only lived in Palo Alto, and "makes things."

Be cool if Google+ had a "verified" option, similar to Twitter.
Caspar, Mark Zuckerberg has admitted it's him. The list of Facebook employees above was partly formed by seeing who circled each other amongst themselves, and many of them circle Mark as well.
Right on.. satisfyingly corrected. I just get weary when it comes to profile creation in social media. Definitely one of the things I love about Twitter verification service.
oh Craig, thank you anyways. I did found the list very interesting, some quite unique folks there. I hope I can learn from them, lol and maybe get entertained from others?
Haha, yes, Francisco. Glad you liked the list.
Too funny. Wonder if you'd get a better response to feedback here.
To me, it's the same thing Gates did to Jobs back in the 80's..working on reverse engineering and implementation..brilliant..I love competition.
Very useful and insightful! Really amazing!
I mean, really? What's next? List of Apple employees on Google+ Perhaps, a list of Microsoft employees on Google+ Don't forget your list of LinkedIn employees on Google+
Like Google employees with Buzz, most of them created a profile and haven't been back since.
Facebook employees are desperate to join Google+ :P
Google+ make more "social'' facebook employees .. .. .. maybe!?
i would like to see a list of Google+ employees on facebook :)
Who among them are active here in G+?
There is no better way to evaluate competitive product offerings than first hand usage and having a G+ profile suggests that they are taking the threat seriously.
+ Henri moissinac Director of Mobile Facebook
You forgot me , but it's all good. Make a list for our Microsoft and Apple buds .
You forgot me too, I want to be one of FB members in future
I wish +Craig Kanalley would update and was wondering what is your (Facebook employees) purpose for being here. Just curious. Is there a similar list of Google+ employees on Facebook, would love to get there opinion. Thanks
I don't trust monopolies. So better we have the facebooks and googles to compete and maybe later with Baidu, tencent, Amazon, Yahoo, Softbank, alibaba to compete. With google's dominance, they are arm twisting the world.
Mon compte a était bloqué sans aucun avertissement, du jour au lendemain, aucun support français, impossible d'avoir un email de contact. Toutes mes photos perdu...
Are there facebook Claim agents? or do i need to look out for scammers who say they are?
I keep getting these contacts about being awarded so much money from facebook . Every time I am told that I have to send a money gram to receive the funds . These people keep insisting that I have won at random $ 500,000 to $ 700,000   all I have to do is send $350.00 dollars to have my winning check sent to me !! No credit card, pay pal , personal check or post office money order !! I believe this is a complete scam !! Please, help out by putting a warning out to facebook users !! I am shore Mr. Mark is not giving away millions of dollars to facebook users at random !!
I am interested in knowing if a felicia marie gissendiner, an arnold marc or a Carlos Santos work for facebook? are they scammers too? I was contacted by them to tell me that I had on 300,00 in their lotto and I had to send 285.00 for fees to receive my check. Carlos even called me by phone to ask for the money. I told them all no!
 It is christmas and my family comes first. They did not care and kept insisting and asking for the money. I have read tons of articles on scams likes this but none of them mention these people. Can someone help me? I can not find a working facebook  number or chat room either. I thank the man that graciously posted the employee list for all to see.
It's a scam. If Facebook ever asks for money, its a guaranteed scam. 
Thank you for responding to me. I believe I will send Mr. Mark Zuckerburg a nice e- mail letting him know about these imposter employees and their new lotto scam. Thanks again and have a very merry Christmas and a safe new year!!!
Thank you for responding to me. I believe I will send Mr. Mark Zuckerburg a nice e- mail letting him know about these imposter employees and their new lotto scam. Thanks again and have a very merry Christmas and a safe new year!!!
Colleen Raymond Walker Billingslea says she works there.
what about cindy hogan ? do you know her. we got a message saying we had won money from her
What about robin Meyer we were told we had won 500.000 on the Facebook lottery all we had to do was money gram $300 
Lori sparks saids she is employee with Facebook. She is a CEO and Facebook is giving money away. My name is Katherine McDonald. Mail me by winnings.
Tracey Alvez also says I have won
Someone always calling saying i have won money but i would have to send back money.
I never send any money.
I just want to know if you all have a Lucas John Patrick. Working there. He said I won a sweepstakes on fb. .
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