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Craig “Tezrak” Hatler
An explorer of games, STEM, education, sci-fi and fantasy fiction.
An explorer of games, STEM, education, sci-fi and fantasy fiction.

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And Davison quit Twitter because it's "not fun anymore".

I certainly don't wish outrage on anyone, but perhaps "I lament a loss of a role model for boys" isn't exactly the right thing to say when boys have had a man role model for over fifty years. Like plenty of people are saying, why can't women be role models to boys?

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The Library of Congress has made 25 million digital catalog records available for anyone to use at no charge. (via The Conversation)

Pro crafty tip: spray paint causes styrofoam to disintegrate. Coat with varnish before spray painting.

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Craftiness for gaming update
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Clearly it was an unpopular opinion.

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Public reshare for +Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi
I couldn't find a link to this exact image, so I cheated and saved it with Snipping Tool.

Does the Night Hag's Etherealness ability mimic the effects of the Etherealness spell, with the strictures that are listed (e.g. heartstone)?

Is there going to be a "beginner box" the same way there was for Pathfinder? Or some sort of quick start when the core book first drops?

Can anyone recommend good sources online of homebrew content? I'd love to own Kobold Press' Tome of Beasts but even in PDF $30 is outside of my (practically nonexistent) gaming budget. Maybe in September for my birthday. In the meantime, I'm looking for custom construct monsters and/or conversions of older material, even if it's in DM's Guild.
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