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Your ignorance and perception about the Paranormal,is pure and simple the result of your on reality.The one you have created, surround by scepticism. All will be revealed to you at the right time.
I only hope it is not to late. For a medium and psychic, your knowledge about the occult and the Spirit world is very poor, otherwise you wouldn't say that orbs are water or dust formations.It is with respect that I am given you two opportunities for you and your group to consider taking .
One - I recommend that you open your mind and give yourself a chance to discover what reality is without scepticism. Read one of the books from ALLAN KARDEC.
Two - take some time, go to my page on G+ and try to watch, some of the videos I posted, in particular for people like yourself. Read and watch with an open mind.
I am 52 years old, my journey in to the occult and Paranormal started around 14 years of age with my parents (mediums). I also was a sceptic, until one day my life reality changed.
That was the moment I start to ask questions, wanted to know more and why. I start to challenge people, traditional existence, religion, faith, etc. I find out, that sometimes an open mind, can give you access to info and places beyond what we learn from the so called Drs, and EXPERTS a like.
Never assume the impossible is not possible, or what you see is or isn't real.

Roy Paredes
I suggest you read the book on my website about Myths and Misconceptions about Spiritualism. This was adopted by spiritualists as a guide for under developed mediums and people who speak without any authority, mediumship ability or training. I was also the researcher for the Movie 'White Noise' and other movies so have spoken to most of the leading experts from around the world on this topic. Orbs are created by dust and particles - I have spoken to the cameramen on 'Most Haunted' for example and they showed me how they produced them for the show. You would probably be best learning about 'Spirit Lights' - these are phenomenon at Spiritualist physical mediumship circles and still sometimes appear though not been captured on camera so far. I have read most of Kardec's books and written about him extensively in my own books for Barnes & Noble publishers. I'm not a skeptic as such - I've been a working medium for 30 years but just try to stop misinformation and with silly ideas. hope that helps.

Again, your knowledge and research is limited by others consepts and believes. The research that you have seek and the people that you talk to doesn't necessarily mean that they are correct. What made them leading experts in this topic? For example, most of the so called paranormal investigation groups are simply not educated in the field. No real convictions, credibility, knowledge, or any kind of experties. Now, because one may aquired experience in this field all is life, doesn't mean he or she have the capacity to talk and identify as a qualified expert in the subject. There's ORBS and made ORBS this fenomena has more to be found and discuss. Don't just agree and settle so quick in qualifying this fenomena as simply caused by dust particles, water drops, or bugs.
You mentioned the UK programe Most Hunted, one of the most despicable paranormal show transmitted on TV, for obvious reasons and also ratings. It is my view you are avoiding to find yourself the answers to this fenomena at your one. A real spiritual medium should have a deeper preception and ability to see with clarity.
There is no need to refuge or right about based on others afirmations,views and findings. Regarding about 'Spirit Lights', I have experienced that in different levels, it is not new., sure not yet captured on camera. I am glad that you perhaps accept the existence of this incredible fenomena.
Roy Paredes 
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