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Mmmm. Nothing like the smell of alcohol puke.

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So many drug dealers on the train. Every stop more get on and rap out with this one guy. They don't know him but he keeps giving out his number and tells them to text him when they are out his way for a smoke out. I'm not making this up. First group of guys had a big boom box blasting hip hop. They got off at N. Concord and then more got on at Concord.

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Today is 4/20. Explains everything.
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Oh yes!!!
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As it should be.
Add a comment... When was the first mail delivered via the Pony Express? 155 years ago today.
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Droid Life: Stars Wars Arrives Digitally April 10 on Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes.
April 10 was supposed to be the day that you all ran out and bought the Galaxy S6, but as it turns out, another arrival may tempt you instead. Star Wars, for the first time in history, will be available digitally in HD at your favorite spots like Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes.
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Replacing cable my way.

With only a few hiccups, mostly due to poor WiFi signal, my current set up is working very good. Here is my what I have and what I plan on doing in the future.

1) Chromecast in each TV. I feel the Chromecast is one of the most innovative devices for streaming content. Its a swiss army knife. If I can't send video from an app I'm using, I can just cast my whole phone. I can walk into the house, open any app I want to watch video or listen to music or a podcast with and the TV turns on and switches to the correct input automatically. I can adjust the volume and now even use the TV remote to play and pause.

2) The content:
First I had to find apps and services that would replace as many shows as we watched previously on cable while saving the most money.

We already had a Netflix account so I don't really count it in the savings. We were paying $165/m for the mid tier cable package HD with a second extender box for another TV and internet connection. No extra movie channels. No HBO. No sports. Netflix is $9/m.

We found that Hulu Plus offers most of the shows we watch and only added another $9/m.

We have an original Apple TV but never use it anymore.

I keep adding more free apps to my collection. They must offer something I find interesting to watch and have Chromecast support. Here they are...

Pluto TV
Pocket Casts
TWiT Cast
Play Music
Play Movies

Next up, I plan on something more difficult. Combining an HD antenna with one of my old Mac-minis and a few apps. One app needs to be able to record the incoming stream from over the air live feeds, while the another app needs to serve those recorded shows to the Chromecast. So far I'm thinking of using Plex for the server but still haven't found a good recording (DVR) app.

Or, purchase a 2 dual tuner box that will take in the live feed from the antenna, record any show into external hard drive and cast it to the TV with a nice looking app. I found the box on Amazon used for $50 and the antenna I want is around $70.

#hometheater   #cordcutter  
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Oh dear god. Someone help me!
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Anyone else think the "Okay Google" dialogue overlay should clear itself when you are done using it? I can see the last app I was using in the background but I have to tap on it to get rid of Google Now voice prompt. When I used to use iOS over a year ago, Siri would bring you back to what you were doing perfectly. It seems only half thought through. 
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Yes! I've been using gnow voice more and think it is great. But leaving pages up after the action hasn't served me any purpose besides having to clear recent apps to get rid of them. Maybe there is a reason to keep them but I haven't found it. If there is a use for keeping them up then a configuration option to leave open/close would be nice.
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Cello player on BART today. His stool, backpack, amp, and case takes up enough room for 5 people. He's pretty good though I don't think its a proper place to practice. Then again its better than the woman yesterday holding a sign and mumbling while pushing her baby from car to car. Just running people over. 
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Really a pain not hearing anything and just last night the mic stopped working. Installing an audio routing app has fixed the mic issue. Seems like the software is not instructing the OS to switch back and forth between headphones or bluetooth to built-in speaker and mic. Always knows when headphones are plugged in. doesn't switch back when they are unplugged or bluetooth disconnected. Please fix this Android team.

#micnotworking   #speakernotworking   #nexus5  
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Does anyone know of an app that places Google Now as your main home screen with a recent apps bar overlay at the bottom? I want to live the dream.
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There is SF Launcher 2 which is OK if you place Now widget at the top and tweak some of the setting.

Bento (I'm beta testing) is doing it's own cards with no widgets yet.

I wonder if it's even possible (without a ROM) to see Now first thing after unlock and with Home button press.
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They should have used MLBAM

Mashable: The streaming services that faltered during 'Game of Thrones' premiere.
Game of Thrones fans who used Sling TV on a Roku device had a difficult time loading the episode.
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