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The Gary Jules version of "Mad World" itself is so incredibly melancholy all by itself. Add in scene after tedious scene of pointless warfare, explosions, and destruction, and you have a poignant reminder that war is humanity's ultimate failure as a species.
A video made by a U.S. Marine of the Sangin Valley, Afghanistan.
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+Lewis Young​ Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Sorry to hear about your brother. Many didn't make it back at all. There is no point to war. No one wins. Building things that improve our infrastructure instead of maintaining things that fall apart would be the answer. But none of the federal money went into any projects to improve our country's infrastructure, just maintain the decaying portions that will need repair again. What a waste. This is what happens when your leaders are lost! 
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Got to take the kids to Universal Studios and visit Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and Diagon Alley. Wow...they did a terrific job. The staging and physical setting was thoroughly superb. Hogwarts was mind-blowing in terms of both the scale and level of detail you get to encounter in queue before the ride. Costuming overall was decent, but not a lot of variety and some staff weren't even costumed (just Universal polos, which seemed odd). The interactive wand concept is very creative, and there were tons of little surprises that constantly made the whole experience seem fresh. Walking through an area the umpteenth time, you notice details that you didn't before. Even the blatant merchandising was creatively executed in many instances (although not all). The staff who were out interacting with patrons were generally upbeat and in character. My only criticisms had to do with food (it generally ranged from mediocre to poor, and it was crazy expensive) and the proportion of fake facades there were, especially in Diagon Alley. It seems like you could make the second-tier shops enterable, even if it was nothing but a static display, to add realism and variety. I suspect that a lot of those facades hide the backsides of operating shops and/or backstage areas off-limits to guests. All told, if you're a fan of the Harry Potter books and can at all make it to Universal Studios Orlando, definitely check it out...IMO, it's worth a day to experience it.
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I've taken my kids several times, and agree pretty much with everything you've said.

It's a total shame about the food. I know that the concept of mass dining on the scale Universal has to support is difficult, but the food was really pretty wretched. It's really not great in the Disney parks either. I'm not entirely sure why it's so bad in the parks, as they seem to have solved the problems for the most part in Downtown Disney, and Universal Citywalk, albeit with horrendous wait times. Probably the only way to eat a decent meal is to stay in one of the on property hotels with a multi day pass into the parks. That way, for instance, you can go to Universal, skip out to the hotel restaurants in the Hard Rock Cafe (or similar). Otherwise it's either eat crap in the park, or put up with the wait for better food. And the wait can be lengthy. I've had to get on a list for a table at the Rainforest cafe (downtown Disney) that took 3 hours.

Of course, all of it is expensive. What are you going to do? The parks are tourist cash harvesting machines, with rides and entertainment tossed in to keep us distracted. Still you can't complain. It's what you've decided to pay them for.
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This is the definition of "plutocracy."
Just 158 families donated nearly half the money to the Presidential campaigns so far.
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without an enemy image you cannot have an oligarchical society..":
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More evidence that a guaranteed minimum income might be the ticket out of perpetual poverty for many families?
Spoiler: when the parents have more money coming in they are able to better provide a home environment that encourages kids to learn and instills behaviors in them that lead to success in their adult lives.
Because imagine that. When people aren't constantly working to survive they actually like to better themselves and their kids.
Incredibly, the change is the most pronounced in the children who need it the most.
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+Steve S Everything can be preyed upon. Services get cut, many times permanently. A UBI payment may be stolen but, will replenish itself within a month. Which, yes, opens them up to the same abuses SSI recipients encounter. I really don't have a clue how you can reduce fraud to zero.
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What the hell is up with Indianapolis??

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+Bob Calder Two words: keyboard, shortcut.
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Craig Froehle

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Even 5 years in prison seems ridiculous for what amounts to stupidity that didn't actually produce any real harm. 30 days in jail (at most) seems more in line with the seriousness of the crime.

"By comparison, a man in New Zealand recently received 12 months of supervision and no prison time for nearly the same offense." Or that...that seems about right.

And lest you say "But he could've downed the helicopter!" Yes, but he didn't. We don't (or at least shouldn't) punish people for outcomes that could have happened, but didn't. Otherwise, every person caught speeding on the highway should be sent to prison with the same sentence as one would receive for causing a fatal accident.
"There is no evidence that he was trying to interfere with the pilot."
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So, if I shoot at a person but miss, I should not be prosecuted?
The difference between an attempted murderer is not that one is better, or less violent, only that one is a better shot.
Yes, "attempted downing of an aircraft" should carry a lesser sentence than "Downing an aircraft (plus killing the officers on board) but as both acts carry the exact same malicious intent, both are pretty serious.
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A world-first global analysis of marine responses to climbing human CO2 emissions has painted a grim picture of future fisheries and ocean ecosystems.
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The price of a wretched excess is extinction!
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I am terrible at adulting. 
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I am so bad at adulting, I can't even break this adulting code.
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Based on how things are going in the GOP primary so far, my only conclusion is that one of the candidates will claim to have personally attended the Last Supper. And that candidate will be rejected for not being conservative enough. 
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Like so many other aspects of delusional Republicanism, Republican Jesus, which was always supposed to be a joke, is apparently really a thing. Apparently, the Pope is too much of a socialist climate changing commie. The next Republican candidate is going to have to figure out how to appear extra holy, while still embodying all the hate, fear, and greed of the Republican base. I think the only person who would be satisfactory to them is a prosperity gospel white supremacist. And he can't show any compassion, that's a liberal trait. They are looking for some kind of twisted Last Judgement Creflo Dollar who can really lead the pogrom against the Mexicans. I'm really trying to avoid Nazi comparisons here, but, it's difficult. They want a charismatic, Dominionist Christian, free market capitalist,militaristic xenophobe,

I think they are really looking for the Antichrist.
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If there was any doubt remaining that Fox News is a hate group, this should remove it. 
Dr, Keith Ablow has penned what may be his most despicable column yet.
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Big, big mistake for Fox. Jews don't play around. They are not amused by assholes who talk shit about about the Holocaust. Fox and the fascist branch of the Republican party just dug their own grave. 
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Volkswagen, amidst all the fuss
Threw engineers under the bus.
With feet to the fire,
And feeling our ire,
Execs said, "It's them and not us!" 
"The company's word isn't worth a dime," said Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) .
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It may be that the limits that had to be reached made them all crazy and time forced a big boo boo.
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This isn't just quoting some Internet meme... Huckabee fabricated elaborate quotes and then attributed them to various American founders. It makes you wonder if his religion supports the idea that the end justifies the means. 
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sliding? he's sprinting! 
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I want to like this place since it's right down the street, but I've never really enjoyed going there. The food is only so-so (at least the things I've tried, which are what the wait staff tend to recommend, like the fish and chips); no one in my family prefers their food. While the beer selection is decent, I've never found the service to be more than passable. It's nice to be able to sit outside and have a beer right on Hyde Park Square, but that seems to be about the extent of this C&B's attraction.
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It's impossible to cram more childhood delights in one tiny store than they do at Patty's. Shave ice, ice cream (soft serve), a huge variety of candies, a wall of Jelly Bellies, and more different kinds of popcorn than you can shake a stick at. Definitely stop in and'll walk out with something delicious.
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Wild Ginger is a mid-scale dining experience. Cloth napkins and attentive table service accompany high-quality Thai fare and sushi (or, alternately, Japanese hibachi). The Thai selection is excellent, with dishes being both generous and tasty (although inconsistently spiced...a minor quibble). Sushi is excellently prepared and delicious, with a variety of rolls and sashimi to choose from. The hibachi experience is great for groups, but plan on at least an hour for the entire thing...90 minutes is safer. Prices are pretty reasonable, IMO, and they offer a 10% food discount if you pay with cash. We are regulars there, and they offer consistently good service and food to keep us coming back.
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Like stepping back in time to a soda shop from the 1920s. Wonderful ice cream, fantastic candies, and an unparalleled atmosphere. Should be a must-visit place on anyone's list.
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29 reviews
It's your basic neighborhood tavern. And that's a good thing. Unpretentious and generally good-tasting food served quickly and at reasonable prices, plus a terrific bar if that's more your scene. Friendly, competent wait staff is the norm. Outdoor dining is a bonus on nice days. Known for their hamburgers (which are quite good). It's not elegant, but it's quite satisfying. Good for kids, adults, and groups, but expect a wait on weekend evenings. Parking in the lot behind or across the street is pretty convenient.
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When I had my Subaru, TIC was THE place to go for service and mod advice & parts, and I heard the same thing from BMW & Mini Cooper owners, too. Their new shop (as of mid-2014) next to I-71 is incredible! Great guys, very knowledgeable, and work hard to make sure their customers get the results they want.
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Marion's is my favorite pizza, and it's not an uninformed opinion. While I can't argue that it should be yours as well -- we all have different tastes after all -- I hope you'll give it a try. Marion's is classic Dayton-style pizza: cracker-thin crust topped with sauce, cheese, and toppings, in that order. They're particularly known for their sausage, which is finely ground. The restaurants themselves are a bit anachronistic, with separate walk-up counters for ordering food and drinks. No tipping is permitted and it's generally inexpensive. Seating can easily accommodate large parties, so you'll see lots of sports teams and family celebrations there. Give it a may end up loving it like several of my friends have.
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