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Why the white middle class is dying faster, explained in 6 charts
The toxic cocktail of right-wing economic policies that consolidate wealth in the hands of too few, job-replacing automation, and an underinvestment in education and preventive health care have lead to the collapse of the American middle class.

Why did it take me 47 years to realize how awesome banana plugs are??

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Playing Super Mario Run? Friend me: 0354-1969-1259

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This just floors me every time I see it. These are big chickens, but this one seems like it'd terrorize a city.
When your chicken is a direct descendant of a T. Rex.

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Trump is quickly turning DHS and its various agencies into his very own Schutzstaffel.

(Look that up if you need to.)

At this point in the history of mankind, given all the amazing technology we have, including satellites orbiting the Earth and taking incredible photos of it from every angle, I have to wonder just what the hell is wrong with people who still think our planet is flat.

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Now that's exciting! I suspect that, even if this is widely accepted, our understanding and categorization of dinosaurs will continue to evolve (ha!) for a long time...there's just so much we don't know and finding it requires lots of time-intensive, painstaking field work.

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These are some crazy gorgeous homes!
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