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There are a number of films where in my reality no sequels or prequels exist or ever will exist regardless of what you may have heard. Some examples:

The Matrix
Star Wars IV, V and VI
The Fly
Escape from NY
The Thing

What are some of yours?

PS In a few cases remakes are permissible however, such as The Thing and The Fly. 
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The Bourne Identity (because I want them to live happily ever after)
The Terminator (because as good as T2 is, it messes with the original's purity)
Fletch (because Fletch Lives sucks)
Mortal Kombat
The Secret of NIMH
Batman and Batman Returns
Revenge of the Nerds
Conan the Barbarian
The Blues Brothers
Spiderman and Spiderman II. (Sam Raimi)
American Pie
Superman, Superman II
Evil Dead
Star Trek, Star Trek II
Oooohh  Tron is a good one to add for sure.
It's weird seeing the disdain for Tron Legacy here, simply because I don't know anyone who didn't like it.  In fact, my wife liked it much more than she did the first movie.
I didn't dislike it, but Tron Legacy was just average, while Tron (for the time) was groundbreaking.
Personally I found Tron Legacy to be somewhat uninspired. There were good ideas in there, some awesome graphics and a killer soundtrack, but the sum of the whole was less than the sum of the parts for me. 
Any Disney movie (not including pixar). All the "sequels" are straight to video junk.
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