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If you have been thinking about Guest Posting, you probably should do the appropriate research before jumping into things.. Instead of starting from scratch, let me help jump start your efforts with these 21 Must Click Links on Guest Posting...

Featuring posts from: +Marc Andre +Adam Connell +Liudas Butkus +Brian Dean +Sue Anne Dunlevie and a host of others....
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Have you ever wondered how easy it is to make money off of your site/blog? You see the big names writing about it, and they make it sound so easy.

Well +Luke Jordan is embarking on a little experiment to see how easy (or difficult) it is to make money from a new site (in just 30 day's). The best thing is, he's writing about it, so be sure to follow along!
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Part-Time Blogger / Full-Time Worker

Trying to maintain a successful blog is a challenge. On top of creating great content for your site, you need to network, reply to comments, comment on other blogs, and maintain all the technical aspects of your site.

Holding down a full-time job while trying to maintain a successful blog is an even bigger challenge. Here are a handful of things that I do to make that challenge a little less stressful.

Can you do it? Sure you can, quite a few successful bloggers are in the same boat. Bloggers like:

+Kevin Duncan +Richard Martin +Luke Jordan +Steven J Wilson +Lisa Sicard 

All of the above are mentioned in this post...
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Frustrated With Blogging?
It can happen to anyone. There comes a point where you just want to throw your arms up and pack it it. Blogging Frustration. 

Before you throw in the proverbial towel, here's 5 things that may help you get over that frustration hump.

Bloggers linked to or mentioned in this post: +Adrienne Smith +Kevin Duncan +Carol Amato +Richard Martin +Derek Halpern 
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Don't Panic - But You Just Lost Your First Email Subscriber

Think back to when you first started your blog. What was your reaction when you lost that first email subscriber? Were you pissed? In shock or disbelief? Or may it was just "whatever", it's all part of blogging.

For those bloggers that are just starting out building an email list, the day will come when you loose that first subscriber. Don't panic, you're better off without them.

Bloggers mentioned/linked in this post include the great +Pauline Cabrera 
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So +Luke Jordan has given me a bit of a challenge in sharing his great post on Search Engine Optimization.

I've been asked to share with 3 other bloggers, so I'm singling out the first 3 posts I'm seeing in one of my blogging circles.

+Rebecca Brosemer +Cendrine Marrouat +Renard Moreau 

Read Luke's post, and leave him a comment letting him know what you think.
Dear Bloggers: It's Time You Learned About This

Stop fretting. Stop ignoring it. SEO is nothing to be afraid of; it's easy when you know how - trust me!

Once you've read the post, pass it on to three other bloggers - big or small! Let's work together and take our piece of the search engine pie away from those big sites :) engine pie is my favourite!

I'll start:
+James McAllister - me and James had a fun chat about the pros/cons of SEO over at his site. In fact, it's where I devised my 'shop in the middle of nowhere' analogy from for this post.

+Andrea Beltrami - Andrea accused me of using 'Jedi mind tricks' to try and get her to optimise her site. Well, now I'm using brute force - stop playing around with Photoshop already!

+Craig Emerson - Craig has been rocking it by getting his first backlinks recently. In time, combined with other SEO efforts, he'll start to reap the rewards of increased exposure. Right on brotha!

#seo #blogging #google #marketing  
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This is not your typical WordPress Plugin review. Be aware of the plugins you are installing on your site.
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Are You A Creeper

Are you a blog creeper? You know, reading blog after blog and never leaving a comment? 

Now are you wondering why you don't receive any comments on your site? 

Don't be a creeper!

Bloggers mentioned or linked to in this post include: +Enstine Muki +Luke Jordan 
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Giving Up On My Blog Helped Me Increase Engagement by 200% (In Just 30 Days)

Yep - I pretty much gave up on my blog at the end of Nov. 2014. That was before I discovered this thing called "networking". Kind of glad I decided to stick with it.

Take a look on how networking helped increase engagement on my site by over 200%, in just over a month.
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