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Craig Eddy
Living on the bleeding edge and loving life. I get to be a geek and help people make their dreams come true!
Living on the bleeding edge and loving life. I get to be a geek and help people make their dreams come true!

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Often we see unclear and even cryptic conditional in our code bases. We need to think well what they are doing, or we need to ask a colleague what this code is doing. A good approach to improve this kind of code that is hard to read, is to extract variables from the conditions. This refactoring technique is called Explain Variable.

Read below about this technique:

On existing code we first need to cover the code base with some tests. But you can see how to do that in my previous blog posts.

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What inspired the Galaxy Edge's swooshing shape and second screen? We got an exclusive interview with the phone's designers.

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Here is a photo, taken from the online edition of the Wall Street Journal, of a series of news headlines highlighting the conflicting and confusing statements released from the White House regarding the Bergdahl Swap.

Friends, blame is easy. You and I both know that when we fail, and we are seeking an avenue to excuse us from having to take any responsibility, excuses are easy to find. But this is not the type of behavior we expect from the President of the United States. We are a forgiving people and we are willing to overlook occasional mistakes, but this administration's pattern of repeated mistakes and constitutional violations, followed up by abdications of any responsibility and then the spineless blaming of others, is rapidly wearing down the patience of this great nation.

Please, let nothing keep you from the polls in November, if not for you, for the country. 

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Writing separately, Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito concurred in the view that Bond's conviction should be overturned, but argued that Roberts' narrow ruling did not go far enough. In contrast to Roberts, these three justices argued that the chemical weapons law did cover Bond's conduct, and therefore the law should be struck down on constitutional grounds. "As sweeping and unsettling as the Chemical Weapons Convention Implementation Act of 1998 may be, it is clear beyond doubt that it covers what Bond did," wrote Justice Scalia. "So we are forced to decide—there is no way around it—whether the Act's application to what Bond did was constitutional. I would hold that it was not."

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Disgusting...but definitely not surprising

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Part 1 was excellent. Looking forward to part 2.
Join us this week for part two w/@martinfowler, @kentbeck&@dhh. Keep the conversation going at  #IsTDDDead

"TDD as One True Way" versus "TDD as devil-spawned tempter" is not a productive contrast. Most of us have similar goals for development: confidence, impact, challenge, belonging. Test-driven development is one path toward these goals, but there are many other paths. This conversation in six parts explores tradeoffs in development, places TDD in those tradeoffs, and gives you perspective with which you can decide for yourself how you want to program.

Martin Fowler
Kent Beck
David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH)
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