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OK this is doing my head right in.

Why when this code runs does it not run the function I am calling on line 53 before moving to line 54?

Here is the codepen:

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Any of my google Plus contacts out there have access to the new Youtube messaging feature yet? Would be most greatful if you could help me get in on the action by messaging me via said feature! ;)

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Hi guys and gals, hope your all doing well.

I have a bit of a quandary... here is what I am trying to do:

Here is what I want to do:
Using .each() I want to target all elements with a class of "ui-wrapper" inside an iframe. my problem is that, targeting elements in the iframe, I can't work that out. (see image as to what I have done).

If it helps here is the back story.

I am building a CMS. As you might expect this contains an area where a user can imput content; text, images etc. I have built in the functionality to upload and insert an image. I have now added functionality to allow them to resize those images using jquery's .resizable(), it could be a little more elegant but that I can work on. Doing this has undesirable results but this is resolved once they are done resizing as they switch off the resizable function.

My concern is that they might save the content with the resizable property still in place so I am including the same code that switches off .resizable() in the save content function. The thing is enabling and disabling this on a single image is easy as I do it by clicking on the image which passes itself as the dom element to the variable with in the function. When I save the content I want to hit all potential elements.

The new Google+ maybe lacking some of the features of the old Google+ (really don't get that) but it is one of the most elegant user experiences I have seen to date.

Loving the new animations as you move from one screen to another even the opening/closing images looks pretty neat.

...but there is always a but, as I write this post the pop up post window harun out of run and as such the top of the window is disappearing out of view with no way to scroll up to bring it back into view. It feels a little to rushed with little things like this and the fact that they launched it before all the features were ready. Which has very much become Google's MO of late (Re-launch an old product, half baked and relaunch missing features from the old one when they have been reworked at a later date).

Hi, jquery gurus.

A query, terminology is even escaping me tonight which is probably why I can't quite work this one out.

if I fire a function of from page **
can I update (without reloading the page) the URL with get so it reads*

function somefuntion(){
     Do some stuff
    Update URL

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+Google Photos​ used to do this automatically when it was part of Google+.... Bring it back elgoog?
Your Pictures Will Never Be The Same

Please Follow : +Creative Ideas 

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OK TC's this may or may not totally fit here.

As a Google Apps user (I am not a business, I thought way back when Apps accounts were free, it would be cool to have such an account) is it normal that when creating a collection it is only visible to members of my organization unless I choose public?

If I choose "Davison" (my organization), it is visible only those in my organization, this is desired and expected.
if I choose "Your circles" it is visible only to those in my organization that are in my circles, this is not desired or expected.
if I choose "Custom" then specify a circle/s it is only visible to those people in those chosen circles who are also in my organization, this is not desired or expected.

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Welcome to the future Marty Mcfly. A playlist inspired by Spotify.


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A welcome new addition to Google maps.
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