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When Your Boss Is Coming
Always have a plan.

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Craig Chamberlin

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Want To Get Noticed?
+Robert Ryan shows how to separate yourself from the crowd. Circle him. You won't regret it.
Have You Experienced Some #GooglePlus Serendipity Yet?

This platform continually surprises me with seemingly random acts of serendipity. I'm still somewhat new to the platform, maybe like you, but have gotten lucky on more than one occasion when the likes of +Christine DeGraff chose me as one of her #31People or when +Craig Chamberlin gave me props for my branding  or more recently when +martin shervington from +Plus Your Business! & +Plus Your Life! fame got in touch..

Martin got in touch to see if myself and +Elena Montes Casado could design a co-branded infographic for him. Martin has the guts of about 350,000 circles  (about 175 times more than both myself and Elena combined!) and is stand up gent so needless to say we were only too happy to oblige..

Now, that the dust has settled on that infographic I'm trying to understand how you can increase the likelihood of serendipitous events happening for you..

You can check the full post here:

After mulling it over these are my deductions and some important things to consider to try increase your serendipity:

1) Be A Pattern Interrupter - before serendipity happens they, someone,anyone, has to take notice of you. If you don't leave a mark then chances of serendipity decrease.

2) Reach Out And Touch Fate - if someone has started to interact with you make sure you interact back. You don't have to send daily love letters or anything like that but just stay on the radar so that if there is a chance of something serendipitous happening you'll be in the running.

3) You Reap What You Sow - over the last few months I've focused on trying to come up with some semi decent infographics in the hope that something like this chance to work with someone like Martin would occur (really). By putting out (hopefully) good stuff in a niche/topic/sphere that you're interested in you'll attract leads for that niche. That's the beauty of the Google Plus serendipity.

Now those 3 points might seem a bit straightforward but I think that's the beauty of serendipity - once you create the right environment the leads come to you!

Anyway, you can check the full post here:
and if you're inclined to share this post then I won't stop you!

If you've any tales or tips about your own Google Plus serendipity then comment below, would love to hear them!

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There's this circle of G+ aficionados that are all promoting their content back and forth between each other. And in doing so are hearing white noise and assuming it's a good strategy. This type of content does not travel far. There is no multiple growth rate. 
And, you are targeting the people that do what you do.
If you're a writer, build an audience of readers. There are many more readers than writers in the world.
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Keep At It!
If you're not failing, you're not living.

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Craig Chamberlin

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Be Yourself. Be Genuine.
We live in a world of superficial relationships, people are hungry for transparency and trust. +Wade Harman, a great person I've gotten to know on Google+ shares his thoughts on building relationships. This is real. The #truth is often what you wouldn't expect, it's something a little dirty, and a little beautiful. Keep up the good work Wade... and remember, quite often, those who get "ahead" are burning people in their path - perhaps we should be satisfied with where we are at, not where we think we need to be.
You can't make everyone happy
As much as I'd love to be everyone's friend here, sadly there are people that just won't allow you to cultivate that relationship with them.  Whether they are too arrogant or self-indulged, they miss the point of the relationship and what a good friend really is.

Pin the image:

Being in the relationship marketing industry, this question gets asked of me all the time, and +Jay Baer put it into perspective for me in Relationship Marketing- The Pretend Friends of Social Media

Sadly, there are people that will pretend to be your friend here.  People that will use you as a stepping stone rather than give you a helping hand.

This is really a hard question, and I was asked to answer in a blog post but I thought I would make this my post for the week.  +Craig Chamberlin said it best when he said to trust your gut instinct.  I know, I know, I'm the relationship guy and everyone is supposed to flock to me....wrong.  More often than not I receive "tests" from people to see what I'll do in a situation so they can "out" me later.  

The one answer I have for those of you that have asked me Why can't everyone be in my corner? is this:  Watch how these people act in public.  Are they genuine?  Most of the time you can tell and it's pretty easy to pick up on.  Also, when everything is crumbling around you, it's not the people that are running away that you should pay attention to, but the people that run towards you!

As the great Jeff Foxworthy said, A REAL friend would be sitting in the jail cell with you saying, "She didn't look like no cop!"

A follower turns consistent turns acquaintance turns a friend.  That's the evolution of a relationship online.

You can subscribe to my blog here

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lol Love your thoughts better than wades's. just my opinion. I'm entitled even if I'm wrong. lol
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Craig Chamberlin

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Thank You Chris Pirillo, We're Not Alone.
+Chris Pirillo is, hands down, one of the main reasons I'm here. I've followed his work for years. This video is a perfect example of why I love and respect his work. Chris has always been Chris. Love him. Hate him. He is who he is. The only thing I regret is not having the time to watch and support his content as much as I used too.

Chris Was Ahead Of His Time
Chris understands what it means to build community. How to build relationships. How to connect with people while being yourself. It's all about transparency and trust. "We are walking Venn Diagrams". This is one of the many videos that made me a fan for life.
What is Community?

Chris recently setup a way for fans to become Patrons, and it's high time I've put my money where my mouth is.

Keep up the good work Chris, and remember, you're not alone with Entrepreneurial Depression. I deal with it regularly, as do many of my peers here on Google+. If you're not failing, you're not living. There are many of us out there rooting for you.

Oh, and thanks again.
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+Craig Chamberlin Thank you for this post! I've known and followed Chris Pirillo since his "Locker Gnome" days! He's awesome!
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He  #nailedit   #likeaboss .

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for those of you who have read divergent HE'S DAUNTLES OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG
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iPhone Craig Isn't Happy...
I've officially drank the Android Kool-aid. Say hello to my HTC One M8... and to Craig 2.0.

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nice phone! I've got a Nexus 4 and it does me well!
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Gary Busey.
Face it, the man has taste...
Check out our spoof: The Craig And Chris Show - S2:E4

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always liked Gary Busy!
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Craig Chamberlin

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Enjoy Some Funny!
We have too much fun harassing one another during Ryse...

#ryse #xboxone #videogames #letsplay
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u r right. 
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As a result, I started getting many questions from people on how to fix their computers, so I decided to start my own website to create video tutorials. I could then, relay those people to the tutorials. It has worked out great so far!

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