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Craig Cardimon
"Duct Tape Tech Writer"
"Duct Tape Tech Writer"

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How do I add themes for Nova Launcher? I am running an updated Samsung Galaxy S5. 

Pocket Beta is responding again. Every update causes it to crash and be sluggish for some time. Then it wakes up again. 

Still getting the error "Pocket Beta isn't responding. "

Pocket Beta wouldn't respond this morning and crashed. Was saving an article using Firefox Beta. 

Pocket Beta is repeatedly starting, draining the battery.

Never mind, it seems I'm already in.

May I join the Dolphin Beta testers?

Pocket Beta is working fine now. It is like it was stuck before. Now it's working AND fast.

The Latest update messed up the app. I can save to it, but not smoothly.

Suddenly having problems saving to Pocket Beta on my S5 using Dolphin, Firefox, and Firefox Beta. When I try to check PB, it won't open and I must reboot phone.
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