This makes more sense than a tablet.
Why I am trading my Tablet for an UltraBook.

Recently I have come to the conclusion that my trusty old Asus Transformer isn't quite up to the tasks that I need it to be, so for my non-work comupting needs I recently purchased an ultrabook (those thin and light laptops). Really, I wanted the transformer to succeed, but it just came up short in a few areas.

The touchscreen was cool - When in laptop mode I must confess I used the touch screen way more than the track pad. Its a habit I find hard to break. However the UI must be build around fat fingers. On several web pages I either had to un-pinch to get the specific button or resort to the touchpad pointer to click.

Tablets are for consuming content, not creating content - This is ultimately where things began to break down. There are some times I want to do things like post to Google Plus, or I need to manage a spreadsheet. The form factor is wrong without the keyboard dock. When you add the keyboard dock the software is not up to snuff.

The Honeycomb web browser stinks - Props to the android team, the browser is great up to about a 5 inch screen, and it's great for consuming most content. But there are somethings where it lags. Like anything requiring large amounts of input (hello google plus!). Especially if there are a lot of scripts on the page. And it crashes about as often as Netscape did back in the day. What they really need is to hurry up and finish the chromium port.

No decent word processor - What if I wanted to use the keyboard mode to write up some documentation or other stuff? I need to get a real computer at that point. The Google Docs app is merely a thin veil over the web browser. And the mode google docs presents itself in is the mobile phone version, and is really meant for viewing only. And the built suite on the Transformer (Polaris Office) looses data too easily, especially when Android decides to dehydrate the process. And I need spell checking. I really need spell checking.

So since I decided I needed something thin and light that I can actually create content on I realized I needed to spend twice as much on an ultra book. Now the question remains about what to do with my Transformer, do I craigslist it or let my kids use it as a really expensive toy?
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