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A D&D Monster Sketch A sort of - Day 4

Ok, so doing one of these everyday is not realistic. I'll try nonetheless. So this is the Peryton. For years I thought this was one of the monsters that Gygax adapted from a Japanese toy monster like the Rust Monster. In fact, it is a creature from Jorge Luis Borges' Book of Imaginary Beings which has its roots in medieval legend.

Thanks for lookin'!
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Body-wise, that's one of the more 'realistic' perytons I've seen.  Nice going, Craig.
i never imagined them that big, terrifying 
Love the red/ochre tones.
i keep looking at this again. i too draw or at least try to draw a fantasy piece everyday if for no other reason than to maintain and hopefully advance my skill level. these peices are both gorgeous and inspirational. thanks for sharing.
This creature was scary in the The Moonshaes Trilogy (Douglas Niles).
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