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Makers of Spycraft, Fantasy Craft, the Mistborn Adventure Game, and other fine RPG products
Makers of Spycraft, Fantasy Craft, the Mistborn Adventure Game, and other fine RPG products


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We're running a contest. Win Mistborn: House War promo cards! Details here:
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We're running a contest. Win Nosh promo cards! Details here:

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We released this late last night. The physical book should be in stores shortly after Gen Con.

Nosh hits in September, and Mistborn: House War releases in October. :D

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Everything or nothing indeed.

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Coming out to Meltdown tomorrow for the High Voltage event and/or the Faster than You demo? Here's some helpful info!

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Mission Update: GMs still needed for Gen Con 2017

The deadline for submitting events to go into the Gen Con 2017 program book is just a week away (25-Mar-2017), and we'd love for you to run our games at the show. We've also made a few changes to the program to make it easier for you to get involved. All these changes apply to anyone who's already submitted events. Thank you very much, one and all! The show will be much cooler for everyone because of you.

First, submitting events can earn you a free GM badge from the show. Check the link posted with this for more information.

Second, we reward anyone who runs our games at the show with free product from our booth. This doesn't have to be product for the same game line you run, either. You could run events and score a copy of another game you want to try, or one of our board or card games.

Here's everything you need to know...

1. Submit your Event(s)
Head to and click on "Submit an Event." Follow the instructions there to get your event(s) in the system.

Remember: the deadline for submitting events to go into the program book is one week from now: 25-Mar-2017, and the earlier an event is submitted the better the chance it will be accepted.

All games currently in print are eligible for booth credit. This includes the Mistborn Adventure Game, Fantasy Craft, and Little Wizards.

For more information, visit

Be sure to read the Event Host Policy at

2. Once your events are accepted, send us the details at Include the date(s) and time(s) your events will run, plus the games you're running and the title(s) and blurb(s) for each.

3. At Gen Con, stop by our booth before your event. We'll hand you some promotional items to hand out at your event. If your event starts before the booth opens, let us know in your email and we'll work something out.

4. Collect tickets from the players at your event and turn them in to Gen Con HQ in the envelope the show provides.

5. Come back to our booth and let us know how your event went. Tell us how many players you had, and for each player you'll get $5 in booth credit. This credit has to be used at Gen Con 2017.

Any questions? Email us at and we'll chat.

Thanks for your support! We look forward to seeing you at Gen Con 50!

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We love team-driven RPGs and player-initiated missions. Dating all the way back to Classic Spycraft, our roleplaying games have let players take the reins and plan their ideal approach.

We also love indie-style design and created yet another team-driven, player-initiated RPG with indie sensibilities in the Mistborn Adventure Game.

Our friends at Scratchpad Publishing have put together something that operates in the very same space, and it looks pretty great. You might even recognize some of the art! (They hired the incredible Waclaw Wysocki, who produced the Luthadel panorama for Mistborn: House War, to do their cityscape.)

Check out Dusk City Outlaws at the link below, and let 'em know we sent ya!

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Greetings everyone,

Crafty Games is looking for folks to run sessions of our roleplaying games at Gen Con 2017!

Any RPG currently in print is fair game, so the Mistborn Adventure Game, Fantasy Craft, and/or Little Wizards.

For each session you schedule and run that goes four hours or more, you'll earn credit at our booth.

Early Gen Con event submissions are now open and remain open until 19-Feb. Ideally we'd like to get events for all our RPGs submitted before then.

If you'd like more information, please drop us a line at and we'll get you all the details.

Stay Crafty!

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Only a couple more votes and we'll break below the Top 60 mark:

With only a few days to go to get into the Top 50, we're hoping are the #Mistborn fans out there will help us out....

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Art from +Brandon Sanderson's #Mistborn House War: 'Coinshot' by Anna Kay!
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